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[NSW, ACT, QLD, WA, SA, VIC] Strongbow Original Cider Cans 10 Pack 375ml $16 (with Coles Docket) (Was $22) @ Liquorland


1 docket per customer, per day.

Not valid in TAS or NT.

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  • Do you have to spend $30 for these to appear on your dockets like the fuel voucher?

    • I don't think so because I purchased something that was under 10 dollars one time and I got the liquorland offer on the bottom.

      • That's weird because I spent around $15 today and there's nothing on the docket

        • Maybe they changed it

          • @Joshminey: Possibly, I looked at older dockets laying around (as little as $5) and they all had offers on them

      • I think you have to buy something fresh food or something like that. I've spent$2 on a salad and had them.

        • One that previously had the offer I bought just hot dog rolls, milk and yoghurt with. Also got milk today but no offer. Does bakery count as 'fresh food'?

  • Spent $39.83 today on broccoli, carrots and other groceries but no Liquorland offers :(

  • -2
    • Uh for a start it's $6 which is 37.5% more expensive and secondly there's no DM near me.

      This also happens to be Liquorland's regular price. What is your point?

  • Docket issued in Melbourne on 15/09/2021 also has Strongbow cans for $16. Other deals (but cheaper than OP's docket ) Heineken for $12 and James Squire for $46. (Spend was over $30, also got 10 picnicware credits as well as petrol voucher)