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Logitech G915 TKL (GL Tactile) Wireless Mechanical Keyboard $274 + Delivery @ MightApe


Update 21/09: All variants are out of stock

Received a notification of this from my wishlist. Already had one before and forgot that it was still on my wishlist.
The deal link is for the black version, for the white here's the link

The TKL version has been great IMO, I've used it both for gaming and work.
The last low price for this was from Scorpi, if you've missed out on that one this might be for you.

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Mighty Ape Australia
Mighty Ape Australia

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  • +1

    I bought this for 251 yesterday from Afterpay ebay sale!

    • I managed to get it for 243 but Linear, amazing keyboard

  • +2

    Truly one of the best keyboard. It's perfect.

  • If this had full-size decent switches I'd snap it up. Seems the combination of features I want doesn't exist in a single keyboard. :(

    • customkbd.com

    • I had the same sentiment as well until I started looking into customised setups. I had a few requirements since my Anne Pro 2 broke after 11 months of usage:

      1. 2.4 GHz connectivity
      2. Bluetooth 5.1
      3. 60% layout with key rebind capacity

      Found a decent enough compromise with a TM680.

      What features are you looking for in your keyboard?

      • The TM680 looks awesome, nice.

        I'm after:

        • Tenkeyless
        • Full height
        • Quality tactile switches
        • Low latency USB dongle for FPS gaming (the biggest constraint)
        • Bluetooth
        • Long battery life (while we're dreaming, I'd much rather AAs over built-in rechargable batteries that can't be replaced)

        These features all exist but not in the one board, as far as I can tell. If Ducky came out with logitech-like wireless tech I'd be over the moon.

        • Look into the NJ 80, seems to suit your requirements out of the box

          • @bossmode: Ooh that looks promising, thanks. I can't find any information about the dongle's latency though - sometimes they're rubbish, sometimes great. Do you know of anywhere that would have that info, or have done testing?

            RTings always does but it seems Keydous isn't mainstream enough for them to have reviewed it.

            • @Fuzzy Toaster: Both NJ 80 and TM680 are essentially pioneer products trying to compete as a budget variant of the GMMK Pro.

              I believe they're both relatively new to the game, TM680 is barely a month old, so you'd be buying a fairly unvetted product.

              Best bet is potentially /r/mechanicalkeyboards, I have seen some reviews floating around for both. General consensus is that the NJ 80 sounds and feels fantastic straight out the box, no customisation required. No issues with connectivity, either.

              • @bossmode: Cheers, yeah I found the reviews on /r/mk but no mention of latency. Can't see any official info either. It's probably fine but I'm wary of getting one without confirming.

  • "Tactile" or scratchy linear?

  • I haven't had a good experience with Logitech G boards. My first one, a Logitech G810, had a chattering issue with the W key. I bought another board, a Logitech G613, and I get a chattering issue with my A key. Not fun, considering both retail for over $100. The 'tactile' switches also aren't very tactile at all, especially compared to some other switches.

    • I've had the same experience. I have three now all with a key that chatters each. Very annoying.

      • My G913 tactile had chatter on the A key too, seemed to go away within a few months though, it was nearly to the point where I was going to return it. Haven't noticed any key chatter in a while now.

        I use the lightning for my desktop and bluetooth connections for either phone or laptop, blouetooth pairing is fairly painless so I usually pair it to my phone if I want to type something out a bit quicker.

  • This keyboard has been amazing for me, I've been able to switch from my desktop using the receiver to my work laptop using bluetooth. It's so quick and beautiful. I did get linear as I am not a fan of the bump but highly recommend

  • I bought this in March for $239.20. It is the best keyboard ever I used.

    I also posted the deal at that time


  • Great Keyboard

  • Love this keyboard. Got the 815 clicky. Best KB I’ve had.

  • I love my 915 TKL and also love that my wife thinks it cost "over $100" 😊🤣

  • +1

    It's a magnificent keyboard. Grab it. I have the numpad on mine as I am an accountant

  • +1

    I was just about to buy this from PC Case Gear using the Klarna deal a month or so ago.
    Was all set until Klarna unexpectedly cut the deal short.
    Would have been ~$225. Spewin.

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