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LG Nano91 Series NanoCell 86" Smart 4K TV with AI ThinQ $3588 + Delivery (Limited Areas) / $0 C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


An 86" TV that won't break the bank.


It has HDMI 2.1 too!

Freesync and GSync

4K at 120hz

Doesn't have the best report on Rtings.com and is a 2020 model.

Pretty sure this is the USA equivalent

The 2021 model is $5495 at JB

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  • Can anyone comment on real world experience with this model? Very tempting price. Mostly for watching sport and basic gaming. Thanks in advance 👍

    • I have the 75inch, Rtings are spot on with their review, great for gaming etc but has down sides of blooming and so on, it is very noticible especially If you have a better TV like an OLED that your used to.

      The software is ok but has bugs like wifi disconnecting and you have to do this moronic work around every single time, and 3 firmware updates later its still an issue… I also have a small Samsung Serif as well (based on lower QLED)and I would recommend that over the Nano any day, more reliable software and I prefer the picture quality… That has one hdmi2.1 whereas my 75ing 91nano has 2, so if one is enough id got for a QLED model samsung.

      They are average TV's and won't blow you away in anything… Do everything well but have some downsides. I'm not sure how different the panel on 86inch is to the 75 so my experience is based on the 75inch model.

  • Click and Collect makes this hard. How big is the box?

    • +1

      At least 86"…

    • C&C only is wrong

      It was added by admin

      Free delivery is included in the price to me in Soldiers Point NSW

      • https://imgur.com/6KRryzC

        Shows up as Item(s) unavailable for delivery to 2611.

        • Fair enough. Seems delivery is working in some postcodes, not in others….

          Definitely free delivery included in the price for me….

  • IPS panel ….