[PC, Steam] Deathloop ($58.26) + Service Fee ($5.03): $63.29 @ Obsidian Codes, Eneba


Key : $68.25
Service fee : $5.03
Discount code "Looper": -$9.87
Total: $63.29

Price on Steam: $99.95.

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    Good deal, but sounds like Denuvo can significantly dull the enjoyment of the game. Will probably just get it on PS5

    • +1

      Doesn't seem to be a Denuvo issue according to one of the guys at Digital Foundry, especially since the issues practically vanish if using a controller (and Dishonored 2 has nearly the same issue we're seeing in Deathloop, even after it was removed)

      I haven't noticed any issues either when playing myself, but I always seem to avoid the worst of the issues everyone else has. It's a shame that a good game like this has to suffer these issues.

    • This is why I don't buy games on release.

    • you cant play FPS games on PS :)
      PC all the way

  • good price, thx

  • Code not working?

    • nvm.. its case sensitive 'looper'

  • Just wanted to say I purchased a PSN code from them and it was invalid, they asked me to send PSNs reply which I did and they confirmed the code was activated 2 days beforehand the sale. I give the proof to eneba and they say the seller some how managed to get proof stating the code was used after it had been purchased. Funny thing is it took PSN 5 days to get back to me while this seller magically got a reply in less than 24 hours. It had been 2 weeks and eneba took forever to reply so I hopped into the discord support server and the reps are not helpful and deceiving. I told them about my issue and the proof that the seller contacted an "inside source" in sony to confirm the date it was redeemed. I told him this was bollocks and they will not assist me. Worst part he said he will look into it because he has a "secret way" to determine when it used and refused to share it with me. Another terrible thing is they send weird gifs when a customer has been scammed from their money. Not helpful and completely disrespectful

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    Has the code expired? Can't get it working, tried lowercase as well.

    • I cant get Looper or looper to work.