[PC] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order $7.49 + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ EB Games


Physical edition with Origin download code in box.

Might be eligible for free delivery if you are in NSW or ACT. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650107

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EB Games Australia


  • Looks like it’s $10 delivery to ACT

  • Great find, thanx for the heads up OP.

  • $14.95 delivery to Port Melbourne :(

  • No free delivery for me where previous items were.

  • +5

    I thought I'd make the shipping worthwhile by adding something else to my cart, but it claimed they would ship from different locations so it wanted me to pay two lots of shipping, one for each item. This made shipping significantly higher than the things I was buying.

    I'll wait until it reaches that price online or in a store I can physically walk into.

  • +1

    Great price, but $14.95 shipping to metro Adelaide killed it for me. Too bad click and collect isn't available.

  • +2

    great price if you can pickup. wasnt my favourite game but worth a play through

  • Yeah, $14.95 delivery to metro Brisbane is a no from me dawg.

  • I realise I might be in the minority here but this is about all it's worth. I hated this game.

    Too repetitive and frustrating game mechanics

    • Fair enough. Did you end up finishing the game? I found out after the fact that some challenges in earlier parts were designed to be frustrating. It's part of the genre and plays to the game's narrative and themes.

      • Yep I finished it.

        Had some cool sequences but it won't be getting a replay.

    • I also tried to give this game a good shot but the jumping mechanics were horrible.

  • 6 bucks delivery for me, but this activateson origin

    I don't want to deal with yet another launcher .

    tempting but has been as low as 20 bucks on Steam

    few dollars savings and Origin launcher


    • +9

      You'll need to launch Origin every time you run it from Steam anyway.

    • +6

      FYI (for anyone who didn't know), even buying from Steam requires you to go through their light Origin launcher.

      • +1

        ahhh dammit

  • +6

    $14.95 delivery kills it.

  • +1

    In Sydney. Still $14.95 delivery

  • Not free delivery

  • +1

    Played this with Game Pass. One of the few games I've actually played through to the end.

    Thoroughly enjoyable.

    • For me.. I'm a very patient person usually with flaws in games but I rage quit this after about 12+ hours, so was quite far into the game. Badly optimised game, loads of bugs and just not designed well. I hated having to track back to the same areas at different times. Just give me all the objectives/missions on the first planet and then move onto the next one. The combat was very exciting for a good few hours or so and then just got old real quick. Don't even get me started on the save system lol. I have so many bad things to say about this game. They say Battlefront 2 had a bad campaign well that game looks like it was made after Fallen Order it was that much more polished.

  • delivery is 2x the price of the game haha, but damn thats cheap

  • fml was available at Chadstone but forgot to check out yesterday

  • ah in Sydney it is 14.95 delivery. the stock is coming from the regional stores like Lithgow. all metro stores ran out. But Desperados III is cheap.