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Post Your Sales for $5 Flat with Sendle using eBay Label Platform @ eBay


Received this email offer from eBay to only pay $5 for shipping if using Sendle via the eBay label platform. Pretty good deal if you have been targeted! Looking at the T&C's it doesn't look like there are any exceptions which is great especially if sending rural as generally they are way more expensive than Australia Post. The eBay label platform is just arranging postage via eBay and not through your Sendle dashboard.

Even if you haven't received the email, check the promotions section under your seller account.

Note items postage under these categories don't apply to this offer… guess I won't list my caravan for sale just yet…

Businesses for Sale (11759), Aircrafts (63676), Boats (26429), Caravans/Motorhomes (32633), Cars (29690), Motorcycles (32073), Trucks/Commercial Vehicles (6049), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252) and Vouchers/Gift Certificates (172008)

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    Not sure if they have improved lately, but I’ve had nothing but headaches with Sendle. I’d rather pay the extra to have a better chance of it arriving. Aus post definitely aren’t great, but Sendle are a nightmare compared. YMMV

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      Not sure if they have improved lately

      Not by much.

      Of course, Sendle is just the reseller, the real fly in the ointment is Couriers Please who are utterly useless.

    • I've sent hundreds of parcels through Sendle, and generally have had good experiences… from my experience it has been mostly good with a very small number of poor experiences.

      My issues have mainly been when there are delays with pickup, but they refund postage if the courier doesn't collect within 2 days. I haven't had too many complaints from buyers and if they have, it is around a delivery delay but again, it isn't very often from my experiences.

    • I have 2 items missing atm via sendle (one I sold, one I bought). Seems to be related to the current high parcel volumes - as they are OK in the past.

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        No were never any good.

    • Totally agree. Couriers must have to meet a certain target and "futile pickups" are enough for them to meet the requirement. Multiple separate occasions they didn't pickup my parcel for delivery despite me being home all day (during lockdown) and the parcel waiting on the front doorstep. The excuse: pickup attempt futile… Complained twice. Generic response. Never again

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    As a buyer, Sendle has been absolute crap (multiple occasions - imagine a small package from Melb to Sydney taking a month!)

    I would actively avoid buying from a seller that uses Sendle.

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    Never had a good experience. 1 Package took Sendle 8 days to deliver from Newcastle to Sydney, then left the package at the wrong address on a different street (luckily, someone we knew and who brought it over). Another took 5 business days to deliver from the northern beaches to the CBD, I could have ridden my bike and picked it up in less than 6 hours total!

    Sendle? Cheap because it's shit. I don't buy from any company that uses them.

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    Getting the aeropress delivered from that deal a few weeks back. I think it has been in transit for about a week from Sydney to Canberra and now they can't deliver because the postcode is bad (might he an issue when I checked out on the site, but still painful).

    It stopped for about 3 days to be weighed too… been on a bit of a journey.

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    I’d avoid at all costs…… unless I wanted some extra negative feedbacks on my account.
    If you do decide to use them however I advise you to state very clearly on your listing that Sendle will be used and make sure to provide an alternative choice of courier for the buyer🙃

  • I really like Sendle, they've been great for me. I prefer it.

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    It's a mixed bag for me. Either super fast, or super slow.
    Only worth it for shipping items valued < $300. Insurance doesn't cover anything above that.

    • You can purchase insurance up to $1500 from their website and I think the rates are better than Australia Post.
      However, obviously you won't get this deal.

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    Sendle is like swift and shift couriers but IRL.

    • Nah Swift and Shift actually try to do the job.

  • I just used Sendle first time, gumtree item in Cairns, the guy bought a medium box for $3.50 from a drop off point (storage place) and then I paid $31.50 and got it shipped (It was the largest size Sendle offers).

    Took about 8 days from Cairns to Melbourne.

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    I really like Sendle, I've sent many with them and had none go missing (including international). But as some mentioned, they are just a third party and ultimately its the couriers that are responsible for how good/poor the service is. Anything with Couriers Please or Fastway for example, as a buyer has been a nightmare for me. Terrible customer service. If using Sendle I guess you run the risk of having those companies get used for your delivery.

  • As a seller, Sendle is really quick with delivery when the subcontracted couriers pick up the parcels on time. On eBay you don't get charged the delivery fees until after the parcel gets delivered.

    My recent experience with 2 parcels with Sendle pickup service is subpar however. Couriers Please didn't ring the doorbell or knock but tracking showed "pickup attempted". I couldn't be stuffed ringing them to rebook so cancelled the shipping labels and printed new ones. Second time round left the parcels on the doorstep from 8am to 8pm. Again, didn't pick up but tracking showed "pickup attempted". I guess to avoid Sendle refunding the fee as per their pickup guarantee: https://try.sendle.com/en-au/pickup-guarantee

    Gave up, cancelled and printed new shipping labels for drop off service. Still took Couriers Please 2 business days to pick up the parcels from the newsagency, but the actual delivery from Sydney to SA and VIC only took 2 business days.

    This is compared to 2 weeks for regular post at the moment. AusPost have been absolutely hammered by ecommerce.

  • Anyone else having issues generating a postage label for $5?

    I get the message "Something went wrong and we weren't able to generate the label", but it does not tell me what the something is.

    I have made contact with Ebay customer service, who after 10 minutes said they will report to their technical department, and that it is happening to others also.

    • It's not a parcel locker address or PO box is it, because Sendle can't deliver to Australia Post locations. I don't understand why buyers with those addresses are allowed to select Sendle services. https://support.sendle.com/hc/en-au/articles/206511088-Why-c...

      But even then, the label system shits itself when it's not a standard residential address. I had this error last week when the buyer chose a Sendle HUBBED location (system generated address) for click and collect. Broken for both AusPost and Sendle services.

      eBay support livechat is hopeless; they only ever type out copypasta and tell you "there is a technical issue" and will "lodge a report with the technical department".

  • Extended until 30/9/21.

  • Extended until 11/10/2021

  • Absolute nightmare promo , couriers are refusing to deliver
    as labels are either underweight undersized

    ebay promo is flat rate $5 for up to 25kg and I am sending items under 5kg in auspost satchels

    if you do use this deal MAX the KG / dimensions out
    sometimes I have to tweak labels multiple times to get the same courier that has items being held @ depot so they can swap over for larger lables

  • New promotion seems to be back now, 50% off Sendle labels until 13/11/21.