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2 & 6 Month Waiting Periods Waived on Most Extras @ Medibank (New Customers)


Just noticed that Medibank extended this offer again.

Join eligible extras cover by October 31 and we'll waive your 2&6 month waiting periods so you can use extras like optical and general dental.‡

‡ For new members on new memberships who join and start eligible extras cover from 1 September – 31 October 2021 and who have not held Medibank health cover in the previous 60 days. Must quote promo code EXTRAS and set up direct debit when joining. 2&6 month waits waived on extras: 2&6 month waiting periods on extras waived. Other waiting periods apply (including 12 months on some dental services). If switching funds, any waiting periods you've already served for comparable extras will generally be recognised if you join Medibank within 2 months of leaving your previous fund. Annual limits on extras apply. If you’ve reached your limits from a previous fund you may not be able to claim straight away. Excludes Corporate covers, Accident Cover, Ambulance Cover, Overseas Visitors Health Insurance, Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC), Working Visa Health Insurance, ahm covers and other selected covers. Not available with any other offer.

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    Did you waive back?

  • -1

    on Most Extras

    Can't use 'most extras' due to lockdowns…

    They should be giving refunds to existing members…

    These funds are making a fortune from the lockdowns !!!

  • What stops people from joining, using a few hundred dollars in extras and then cancelling straight away? How do funds make money with these deals, just hope that people don't cancel?

  • I’d highly encourage milking the extra component and then churning. You don’t need to hold extras for tax purposes, nor do you need to hold a combined cover.

    • Bear in mind that the amount used on your extras will carry over to the new provider, at least that's what happened to me on PeopleCare anyways.

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        That's if you mentioned that you previously had health insurance cover. Nothing stopping you from not declaring.

        • Yeah. Just don’t declare. They don’t need to know.

    • I’d highly encourage milking the extra component and then churning.

      And drive up the prices for others who actually pull their weight and contribute.

      You don’t need to hold extras for tax purposes, nor do you need to hold a combined cover.

      Health insurance isn't just about avoid paying tax.

      • +3

        Health insurance is a shocking proposition. If you ever have a heart attack / urgent cancer care, you’re going public. They literally milk you and try to avoid paying out on as much as possible.

  • Do they have 4 or 6 weeks free? As well

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      Hey frodo!
      Nit sure they will cover damage from having to carry the ring

      • +1

        I laughed way too hard at this exchange. Well played.

    • +1

      All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.

  • Make sure they aftuallly do put the waiver thru.
    Mate joined and the online idiot hadn’t processed it and he had to pay full price at the dentist of $1200. Then after 30 mins on phone they claimed it was fixed but it still wasn’t. Nightmare of a company to deal with if things don’t go to plan

  • +1

    Initially read the title as "Mouth Watering Periods"

    Otherwise, I'd say I'm a pretty normal person. Apologies in advance.

    • Its too late to apoligise

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    This reminds me that I need to cancel my extras cover. What a waste of money.

  • Does it mean I can start claiming on optical glasses today?

  • Unfortunately dental is a 12 month wait.

    • Is that not just orthodontics? Or you can see specifically dental somewhere else?

      • Minor and major dental I'd a 12 month wait. Scroll down and under Ambulance is the dental parts.

    • I joined in July. And there’s no waiting period on General Dental Services and Preventative Treatment.

      • Good to know, cheers.

  • -1

    I only hope other insurance companies start doing the same thing.

    I am sick of paying for my Car insurance, then having a crash 5 months after I paid for coverage and them saying sorry it was within the waiting period. No cover for you.

    Or when I pay for my home and contents insurance and my house burns down after 11 months after paying 11 months worth of cover and them telling me that I would have to wait another month before I could claim so bad luck.

    The sooner these insurances companies catch up the better. It is hard paying for a years worth of coverage and not being covered.


    • The waiting period for Car insurance and Home insurance are never that long, are you being sarcastic here? :O

  • how about existing customer?

  • +1

    Anyone recommend a health fund that does well with dental, including major stuff like root canals and crowns? Medibank really doesn't seem the best cover there

  • Nice

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