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ToolPRO Dual Action Polisher 720W 150mm, 21mm Throw $79.99 @ Supercheap Auto


Noticed the ToolPRO Dual Action Polisher is on sale again and stacked with MYGARAGE coupon $10 cheaper than previous deal

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    I have had one of these for a couple of years, and find it quite good.

  • Can this one be used with Meguiar pad? which is 150mm, same like this one.

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      You can use any pad as long as the size isnt smaller than the backing plate

      • I've watched a dozen tutorials on fixing paint but haven't seen any mention when you need to change the pads

        Would it be fine to use the one pad for multiple panels or cars?

        • https://www.youtube.com/c/AMMONYCdotcom/videos

          Lots of tips to be had from this channel.

          • @Tg147: I've already watched a bunch of his videos, they're awesome even if you're not into car detailing

            But yeah I see him with a fancy air compressor for cleaning out pads and well, I don't really need that

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          You basically just change them when they gunk up with too much product. You will notice by then that each pass is much less effective.

          On average for me I go through 2-3 pads of each type per car (regular sedan), but this can vary by 1-2 depending on the defects to correct, type of polish/compound used, etc. If you want to use fewer pads, look for polishes/compounds that are known to not dust up too much. Blowing out the dust with an air compressor can also help but in my experience not by that much.

          You could get away with a single pad per stage but you would need to blow it out constantly and maybe even completely wash it out during the job. Much more time consuming.

          After the job is done you can wash and re-use the pads for the next car.

          I'd recommend around 3 of each pad you plan to use to not have to worry, or 2 if you are being careful.

          • @Soothsayer: Man your doing something wrong or your buying the shittest pads, 1 pad lasts me easily 6-9 cars (sedans) medium cut

            I rinse the pad with water after every use

            • @Bretttick: Nope, lake country pads mostly

              I'm not talking about about how long they last total, I'm referring to continuous single use. Its common to use multiple pads (of each grade) per car, some even use one per panel to save the most time so I don't think my usage is excessive.

              Unless you're saying you use the same pad continuously for 9 cars…??

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                @Soothsayer: Yeah I use the same pad for 9 cars. I only use medium cut as it's good as a one step and will get out most defects

          • @Soothsayer: Awesome, thanks for the detailed advice! Looks like I'll be buying more pads then

  • Could this potentially also be used as a sander?

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      I don't think it will be as powerful as a dedicated sander, and the backing plate will stop spinning if you apply too much pressure on to it.

  • Is there any use in polishing a white car?

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      In my opinion, yes.

    • yes

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      Of course. White paint also loses it's shine and goes dull.

      If it's not reflective anymore, use Meguiar's Ultimate Compound with this polisher, it'll come up sparkling!! Then apply a wax by hand to finish.

    • White is the best car to polish, it usually fades fairly quick and loses its shine. A buff will make it look new again

  • Are these pretty much identical??

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      It's the general consensus with these lower-priced machines that if they look the same, they come from the same factory.

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    Great price! Been waiting for it to drop below $100 again. Just realised I also got a $10 credit in my email that needs to be used by Sunday. Win!

  • Did the MYGARAGE deal finish yesterday? I can't get it to work, says 'coupon not valid'.

    • Just worked for me a couple minutes ago.

      • Thanks, I tried again by removing and re-adding to cart and it then worked :)

        • Just tried this and it's not working for me weird.

          • @c1mple: Maybe log out and log in? Have you added your vehicle to garage?

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    Thank you OP, Purchased

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    It is ironic that SCA carries various model of polishers however the polish pads they offered are garbage.

  • should I get a 5” pad or 6” pad for this machine? Thanks for advance

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      Says it fits 150mm pads so 6”

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    Don't forget, Suncorp customers can get 8% off gift cards, bringing the price down to $73.59

  • will this also work on conditioning and polishing my r.m. williams boot collection?

  • Damn just bought from Autobarn

  • I thought polishers are bad for the clear coat

    • Everytime you compound or polish a clear coat you remove a very small layer. Using a DA (like this tool) you would need to do this hundred of times. Using a rotary you can damage the clear coat in seconds (especially on panel corners).

  • Where and what pad are good to buy?

  • What’s the benefit of this SCA one over this battery powered DA for $30 at Autobarn?:


    • You'll need to add a battery pack ($80) and charger ($30)

      • Yes, if you don’t already have one for the other tools in the line (though Aldi batteries also fit, and for far less).

        So no actual benefit in performance?

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    I've had this polisher for a while and used it on a couple of cars. Its a pretty good polisher for a beginner. We mainly use shine mate at our dealership, which is expensive. But the toolpro does the job. If you buy good cutting and polishing pads (rupes have decent & cheap pads at Sydney Tools) then you'll be able to get the job done.

    • Does it work well with Rupes Bigfoot foam pads?

      • Is that a 6 inch pad or smaller? Because the toolpro has a 6 inch backing plate. So pretty much any 6 inch pad will work. I've used it with the Rupes DA 6 inch cutting pad and the fine pad. Works pretty well. The cutting pad did fine, I tried the meguiars 6inch cutting pad from repco and it worked amazing. The meguiar's cost a bit more though.

  • Use of MYGARAGE invalidates the cashback sites (the code confirmed working for me today 19 Sep), so better pay with a gift card. Macquarie sells on their online banking portal at 5% off.

  • Anyone have the backing plate changed to 125mm?

    I was hoping it can fit the universal backing plate with M14 screw however it does not. Already bought some 125mm pads and on the way so looking for compatible backing plate on ebay/aliexpress however unable to find this type with 3 holes in triangular formation.

  • Bought this and was about to use it. But realized that they gave me the wrong product (They gave me the 69$ one which comes with 180mm pad). Have called in to return and get the correct one.

    Any links to backing plates and pads that go with this model?