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Dune Ridge Setting Sun Frankland River Syrah 2019 12×750ml Bottles $60 (RRP $180) + Delivery @ Dan Murphy's (Members Only)


Member Delivery-Only Offer:

  • Plush Syrah from Western Australia.
  • From WA's cool climate Frankland River.
  • Vibrant dark fruits with elegant finish.

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  • +2

    Frankland River Syrah

    Que Syrah Syrah?

    • That's actually quite good jv 😊

  • +2

    Classic Dan's promotion of a wine you have never heard of and with no independent reviews to be found. No thanks, I have have been caught out by Dan's before.

    I will concede it is incredibly cheap $5.83 a bottle delivered and unless a total dog many will be happy.

  • +2

    Nice looking bottle and label. Must be decent!

  • +1

    Tried Dan's similar del only deal, was ok.. exceeded value for the price. There's nothing's to loose at this price. The producer/ the DM, possibly, may be looking for a review for the launch of the new wine.

    • +2

      Nothing to lose except the extra 'o' you placed in that word you loose renegade.


      • Thanks for getting to too micro stuff,learn by experience. Writttting isn't fun ..cheers

    • +1

      I just received my case, sampled and straight away ordered two more! Even worth it at full price but definitely a steal at this price.

    • for 2016 but this is 2019

      • +1

        Some are actually for 19 vintage. Tagged 2019 and everything. vivino for whatever reason does not list them under 2019.

        • ah sorry I did take a quick look

    • +1

      this review is for the syrah-cabernet

      Not just the "syrah"

      So it isnt the exact same wine, but maybe it could give a reasonable indication???maybe?? at a stretch?

      • +2

        But if you click to see the photo of the wine the reviewers took (for the 2019 ones), it’s actually for the syrah, FYI :)

        • :)

  • +1

    Thanks Dan bought two, consider the price, it won't be any worse than the wines on eBay

    • +2

      I like the $60 for 12 mixed bottles delivered from justwines!

      • +1

        Mate, I do think they are not bad, bought from them quite a few times now.
        Just afraid if I say so will get dislikes from the real wine lovers.

  • +1

    I’ll roll the dice I’m sure for that price you can’t complain.

  • Ordered one to try..

  • Just received my Shipment and sampled it straight away to see if it would be worth while ordering more. And I will definitely order more. For under $6 a bottle delivered you cannot go wrong in my opinion.

    • Just ordered two more cases. A steal at this price!

      • +1

        Yeah, great wine very happy.