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40.5% off Select Hoka One One Shoes + Shipping (Free over $150) @ Running Warehouse


Same deal as a couple months back…

30% off select Hoka shoes. No code needed.
Add the coupon code SUNSUPER15 to get the additional 15% discount.

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    Thanks op
    But be sure to check Hokas own site because some sale items are cheaper on there.

    • Some styles and sizes, yes.

    • This was excellent advice. Got some nice looking hiking boots on special. Thanks mate!

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    Love my Bondi 7's. Fantastic shoes. My plantar faciitis has vanished mostly thanks my Hokas.

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      +1 for the Bondi 7's. Easily the ugliest shoes I own but it's hard not to grab them every time I go out for my slower >15k runs despite having way too many running shoes to choose from 🤦

    • Same here

  • Will never any other shoes after using Hokas. Perfect fit for me flat feet.

  • SUNSUPER15 code doesnt work. Says invalid code

    • Check the cart anyway. I got the error, but then saw it had applied anyways.

  • Code doesn't work. Checked the cart and price stays the same.

    • I just tried again. It gave the same error, so I went back a tried again, and then it worked. Weird. https://imgur.com/a/NFqY4XX

      • Thanks. Just tried and yes it works. Now trying to decide between the Clifton 8 and Carbon X2. Not really a runner but trying to get into running to lose some weight and improve my overall heath.

        • The Clifton or the Bondi are good for starting out or easy running.

          • @pedrov: Thanks mate. Will get the Cliftons then. Had both added to cart while I was researching. Cheers and have a great day.

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    Interesting trivia: The company that owns Hoka are the jerks that own the UGG trademark in the USA and have screwed over a bunch of Australian companies in the process!

  • Love hoka shoes. I will be buying a new pair

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    $178 for the Carbon X2. MUST RESIST! 😬

  • Is there an 'Ultraboost' of Hoka? New to the brand but have heard great things.

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      The foam on all the Hoka's I've owned is firmer than ultraboost but much better to run in. Someone posted a deal for the Saucony Triumph's earlier today, they're probably closer to boost than anything Hoka make. Ultraboost is more of a "lifestyle" shoe these days anyway, I wouldn't recommend running in them.

      • Ah sorry, I should have been clearer. Is there a specific style that is the go-to when everyone says that Hokas are good for running?

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          The Clifton seems to be everyone’s introduction. It’s their “daily trainer”. If you just want one shoe to run in everyday, that’s what I’d get.

          Here’s a pretty good roundup:

  • Thanks OP! got new clifton 8's and Shorts

  • Got the rocket X for a great price. I'm interested to see if they can compete with the saucony speed 2 which are my current favourite. Already have Clifton 7 and 8 and Rincon 2 in hoka. So tempted to get Bondi 7 but too heavy, not to mention ugly 🤮. Clifton 7 is enough cushion and much lighter.

  • Thanks! Was able to order some Bondi 7 shoes, one of the few rocker soled shoes which enable me to walk

  • New to brand and new to running.

    Any specific Hoka shoes recommended for beginner who has been running for last three months only and looking for shoes for daily runs around 3-4km (more like jogging, my watch says I do it at 6.5 to 7.5/km pace with around 160 avg. cadence)?

    • clifton is your gateway drug, then u get everything else, lol

      • Thank you for the recommendation, I read the comment above about Clifton as well after I posted this.

        Thank you OP, bought a pair of cliftons.

  • i bought some sweet hoka trail running shoes just before covid, haven't been able to go to the trails since lockdown living in the city. rotating between my road running hokas, clifton, carbon, and rocket.

  • Did anyone’s order got confirmed and or shipped?
    I ordered it yesterday evening but still have not received any order confirmation, just the automated email saying order will be reviewed by the staff.

    • They aren't as quick as Amazon/other stores but you will get it. Mine were delivered all ok.

      • Oh! Ok. Let’s see with this one.

        Hate when retailer does that, kind of defeats paying extra for express shipping.

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          I've ordered many times from RW, great store. The only con is sometimes they take few days to send the product and yes that does defeat paying for express shipping.