Five Guys Coming to Australia (Penrith, NSW)

Just had a read of this and Five Guys is opening up here on Monday in Penrith. Going to be takeaway only for now because of COVID.

Thoughts? I've never been to Five Guys unlike some of the other US food chains.

What were their prices/food quality etc like if you've tried them in the US?

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    I've had them in the US and they were pretty good, depending on how fussy you are. It's really basic smash-burgeresque type of foods. It was actually my first stop when I last landed in the USA lol (2018ish I think). I'm jealous it's not in QLD!

  • Whenever I hear the name I just think of GamerGate. Sounds cool though, lord knows we need another burger chain to add some variety to our UberEats options.

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    Shake Shack or In n Out needs to come to Australia.

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      In N Out definitely needs to come to Australia but they seem to busy suing all our local chains instead and doing the occasional one day pop up to keep their registered names active

      • fun fact - the one day pop up is also sponsered by Tourism California

        • I agree with the above, I was largely meaning the Down N Out case which imho was not right at all.

          However, all the publicity seemed to end up working in their favour.

        • He said the In & Out name was actually used at five locations, not four as In-N-Out’s lawyers suggested, and the locations were not owned by him.

          This guy is one real bright spark.

  • Yeh, they are quite good. Sorta like the "milkbar" type burger you can get in the suburbs. Prices are not expensive. The burgers are more the hand-made-to-order style rather than the Maccas or HJ mass produced factory burger.

    • How do you know how much they'll cost here? I imagine it's going to be around Grill'd pricing.

  • Would really love for Shake Shack to come to Australia. Also, why does Penrith get all these places first? lol
    I think the first Krispy Kreme store in Australia was also in Penrith.

    • you do market research and you position your product to the target market

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      Blacktown was the first Sydney store for Taco Bell xD

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      Cheaper rent and generally this style of Fast food does better in working class areas.
      American culture/brands aren’t as aspirational to parts of the community.
      Go to a Costco, Starbucks, TGI fridays, Krispy kreme and you’ll see the target audience.
      The first MacDonalds was in Yagoona.
      I think it will be expensive compared to Maccas , HJs and kfc

  • Who are these 5 guys? Do I know them? =P

    But on a serious note have seen them on twitch streams, look great!

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    Are groups of 5 allowed to come together now in Penrith?
    Aint they still in lockdown?

  • If you have nuts allergy might not be for you… I absolutely loved Five Guys when I tried it.

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    Five Guys have great burgers, too bad the prices here will be at least double that of the USA

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      Agree. Had it in 2017 in Canada. Over there it’s considered a quick and easy cheap feed. In Australia we will probably have to pay a premium for the luxury of a North American fast food chain down under.

    • Thats because USA beef is cheap and lower quality.

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    I'm going to go against the grain and say that the burgers weren't that good when I had them in NYC. As others have said, they're a more hand-made style burger, but I just found them a bit underwhelming. Typical for US fast food, they seemed a bit bland to me.

    Other people rave about them so maybe I missed something.

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    The reason they do it is to prevent others using their trademark. It demonstrates they are using it in Australia. I doubt it will result in a large Australian presence.

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    I would love if Mcdowell's came to Australia:)

  • I remember having Five Guys multiple times on my trip to the USA in 2018. My go to was the Bacon Cheeseburger & was never disappointed with the size, quality & unlimited peanuts that they have in store. Was my favourite burger when I did the rounds (In-n-Out, ShakeShack,etc.) because it felt a bit more homely rather than mass produced & fast food-y you find at the other joints.

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      I hate when an American restaurant chain comes over just with the sole purpose of excessively profiting off hype, knowing they're overpriced but that people will still try it.

      Can't fathom paying that much for fast food.

      • They won't be around for long anyway. They'll probably be on the same level as Starbucks - just a few random stores in secluded areas.

    • I think the feedback was over priced slop……