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Samsung Odyssey G7 1440p 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor: 27" $749 (Was $999), 32" $849 (Was $1099) + Delivery ($0 WA/VIC C&C) @ PLE


I just missed out on the Harvey Norman deal for the same price, noticed PLE has them now at the promo price.

32 inch here

Free standard postage / more for express. Or click and collect.

EDIT: cashrewards 1.30% drops it down to $739.26

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    Pretty sure centercom and Mwave has them at $749 also

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      PLE at least has stores in WA and 1.30% cashback :)

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    Damn that thing chonk

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      It's the aggressive curve

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    Recently bought a 27" from harvey norman, it came with a stand that is for the 32" version… Replacement would have taken awhile so i refunded it. Also called Samsung and they checked out that the part was indeed for a 32" monitor but would not send a spare part out even thou it was packed at factory wrong… Ymmv.

    • Damn Samsung are really hitting it out of the park with these aren't they

  • Can a 4 year old AMD RX 550 power the 32" model at 1440p for work tasks?

    • As long as you are not doing any gaming/watching downscaled 4k video you should be fine tbh.

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      Because your GPU doesn't support DSC, it won't work above 144Hz out of the box, and even with a custom resolution it will top out at 200Hz.

      The curve is not ideal for anything where you need to work with straight lines (graphic design, spreadsheets, etc).

      This is total overkill for productivity. It's a gaming-focused entertainment monitor.

      • What they probably mean is if it will look ok to claim it as a work expense :)

        • On the tax side of things that shouldn't be an issue, but I'd imagine anyone remotely competent in the field of purchasing would have issues.

          That's an expense they wouldn't anticipate save for a calibrated display - or very large - display.

  • Whats the difference between the LC32G75TQSEXXY and the LC32G75TQSNXZA?

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      seems to be more issues on the LC32G75TQSNXZA than the one I posted. I'm not too tech oriented with the panels so I cant offer any insight there.

  • 32" is back to the normal price now.

  • I ended up passing as it cost $51 for delivery to Sydney, nice monitor though.