This was posted 10 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Omnidesk Zero $400 (Was $600), Pro 2020 $650 (Was $900) + Shipping @ Omnidesk AU


Most accessories are also discounted around 30% and the Switch Pro is 50% off

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - $650
Omnidesk Switch Pro - $150

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    Awful value even on special.

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      Have you tried them? I haven't but I can't find reviews reflecting that

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        not sure why he said awful i have bought one recently, an amazing desk! quality functions are all great.

        just thinking maybe he meant this for this specific desk because the one i bought is not fixed that has motor to move up and down..

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          The 400 dollar one is fixed height which is just highway robbery.

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      I have a 2020 pro xl, the price occasionally goes down to $900 delivered. At the price it's in line with updown and desky, IKEA etc.
      So it depends on whether you value a desk of this type. I love it, considering I spend all day at the home office in getting great value but you might not.
      My $400 chair also getting me great value because I use it all day.
      Each to their own.

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    $400 for a fixed height? lool

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    Really zero point getting a fixed height desk from these guys.

    Spend a couple hundred extra for height adjustable, or spend a couple hundred less for Ikea legs and butcher block.

    • What do you do to prevent sag? Or just have legs in the center too?

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        The butcher block should be pretty rigid.

        But if you are worried about sag, you can get a table stiffener - looks like a metal that's been bent to give it strength with screw holes to screw into a desk.

        A lot of people use Alex drawers on one side for the legs… hell, a lot of them use it on both sides of the desk too.

    • I have an Ikea Desk on Ikea legs and this thing wobbles like crazy. Been looking to get something like what is in this deal for a while but they just seem way overpriced.

      • The wobble is likely due to uneven floor or improper let installation. If it's the former, a new desk wouldn't help.

        • Nah, it's due to the fact that the legs are all separate poles and just wobble.

    • I have the $270 hollow core Skarsta with two large monitors, full size tower, office junk on it and often put my legs up on it. Its honestly awesome for the price. We use the handle not to lift the desk but to hang headphones off lol. the solid benchtop version is an extra $10 but looks to only be in SA/WA

  • Recommend the straight edge xl, which comes to $850, add cable bar for $79 (should be included IMHO in base price), add $55 I think for delivery.
    It's been slightly cheaper before.

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      I have a Zen Space Desk with the curved front edge and highly recommend the curve over the straight. The best thing about it is that the curve has a bevelled edge, so if you lean on it you're leaning on a flat surface instead of a sharp corner

      • I have the same Zen Space Desk. It wasn't cheap but definitely worth it!

      • I've been considering the curve as I do tend to lean forward a bit as I find straight edge desks force me to sit back a little bit more than I would like to…. Hmmm maybe the curve it is…

  • I was thinking about this desk and decided to go with the Boost Rapidline 1800mm with dual monitor mounts for $800 delivered.
    They have a 10 year warranty that includes the electrics.

    • Link? I'm ready to buy a sit stand desk, but not too sure where to best buy one from!

      • I originally got a quote from Elite Office Furniture and then went to my local Office furniture store and they were able to offer me that price.

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      Your 2nd link is the timber panel too, you may want to update that to the eBay one for the Stand.

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      Thanks for the links! How's the frame? I already have the solid timber bench top; it's currently mounted to my wall but will be repurposed!

      I'm going for rigidity with the desk - is it secure/no wiggle at all Heights?

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        I have this Aimezo frame (black-coloured version). At sitting height, the frame doesn't wobble at all. At standing height, it wobbles maybe 2-3cm sideways and 1cm forward/backwards if you push it forcefully in those directions on purpose, but if you use it as a typical office desk e.g. typing on your keyboard or writing notes, or maybe lean on it with your elbows, etc., it doesn't wobble. (For context, I use it as my office desk so it's got on it a laptop, dual monitors plus arm, keyboard, mouse, speakers, small plant, 2 lamps, headset on a hook clamped to the edge of the desk, and some other small bits and bobs.)

        If stability is very important to you for some reason, you should be looking for a desk that has a horizontal bar between its legs e.g. (for illustrative purposes only - I have no comment about the Desky frames):

      • Aimezo frame can extend to 175~180, I made it 175cm, perfect fit my 220cm wiggle, don't worry.

        The motor only works after you put the panel on frame, maybe includes weight sensor.long push the M button,you can switch the indicator height display from inches to centermeters.

        • Fantastic - measure my desk and it's 210cm wide, so you have provided me some re-assurance. Time to bite the bullet I think - sitting down all the time is hugely problematic at home; starting a new job with minimum 3 days work from home - have been full time work from home since COVID-19, so this will be a great investment.

          Thanks again for the information and links!

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    I've had the 2020 Pro small size with straight edge for about 5 months and my personal review is it is amazing. Very solid and no wobble even when fully raised. I work from home and sit in front of the pc 8+ hours a day. I'm surprised how much I use the standing height or adjustment, even if not for work it has been useful for changing the height to work on other things like building pc's or raising it to max level so I can get at my pc in the corner to change parts without moving the case.

    Previously I had a small desk that rattled when you where typing, so annoying and it wasn't big enough depth wise to have a large monitor. I'm currently using a 38inch monitor on the 2020 pro and find it comfortable. I bought a monitor arm before it arrived thinking I will need it to make it further back to be comfortable but for me at least the desk depth is big enough I decided I didn't need to use the monitor arm so returned it for a refund.

    Definitely not cheap but I would 100% buy one again.

  • timer panel is OOS
    I am considering building my own stand desk with a solid timber panel.
    My budget is $1000 but I found the most commercial desk under $1000 use really cheap and thin board

  • Thank, missed out on the sale last month so glad this came up again. Been eyeing up a Sit/Stand desk for a while thanks to WFH now. Can't be bothered to build my own or order a cheaper version off eBay, as those who have purchased Omnidesk seem to rate the quality.

    $100 Delivery was a bit much to swallow, but don't have any other option.

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    I've noticed the sales promotions seem to vary each time but the net cost once you factor in the "essential" accessories like the cable bar (which fits into the predrilled mounting points) means you end up paying somewhere in the same vicinity.

    I personally ordered a white L (152cm) straight edge about a month ago and it still hasn't shipped due to delays in stock - and seeing the price drop a further $50 from when I bought it was a bit surprising, but then I realised the cable bar was no longer included. The other accessories rotate around in terms of which ones are discounted (eg in my time it was Arc Pro, now it's Arc Stealth) so your luck may vary but I don't think you get massive changes in price except when they had that clearance sale on the non-2020 model.

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