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[PC, Steam] Half-Life: Alyx $50.97 - VR @ Steam


Half-Life: Alyx now 40% off $50.97 (usually $84.95).

Third time now.

It's a PC VR game so you will need a compatible headset.

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    Has anybody used the Quest 2 headset to play this game. How is it?
    I've been wanting to buy this game for a while but not sure if it's worth it with such an entry level headset….

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      It's all about your PC.

      Got a good PC? It will run well.

      EDIT: Thanks OP! Been waiting for this since I purchased my headset.

      • Ol faithful 1080ti might chug a little bit, but should be fine. I'm in!

        • It will run it, not sure on how well. But yes you will be fine!

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          I ran mine on a 970 and it looked good, the game is optimized well.

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            @Kaotic: My 960 ran it pretty alright as well.

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          Don't be afraid to run on low settings — Low settings in Alyx are barely distinguishable from Ultra settings in many cases, apart from texture quality which you should try on Medium if possible. It uses dynamic resolution so low will actually look better than high if you don't have a beefy PC.

        • My 1070 ran it fine at release on pretty good settings.

        • Runs fine on a g2 driven by a 1080ti. As an old timer who has drifted away from gaming, this game on this combo is as next level as playing the first 3D games back in the day. Leans back in rocking chair and taps out the pipe.

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      I rock a 6900xt n Oculus. Alyx works a treat over wifi.

      • Oh man, didn't even think to play it on wifi… This makes me even more excited.

        • I found the video compression blur too noticeable with WiFi but your mileage may vary depending on your WiFi setup etc. Also using higher refresh rates in Oculus settings increases compression artifacts significantly.

    • If your PC is up to the task and you are using a link cable it will work no problem.
      Wifi link also works but the USB link tends to give the best results.

    • I've run it on my Quest 2 with a 1060 and also 6700xt via the cable. It works well, but my only gripe with it (not specific to HL:A) is that it's a bit front heavy when playing extended sessions (even when using an elite strap) so I use a counterweight hung on the back, which is a bag with heavy objects to balance out the front.

      • Can I ask a what you set in terms of the following:
        - 80/90/120hz via Oculus app
        - 1.0-1.4x render resolution scale
        - 100% Steam VR resolution?

        And then in game graphics settings?


        • I haven't fiddled much on the quest settings at all so I'm not sure if I can answer you questions, but I use the quest on default settings (so I'm assuming 90hz). In terms of render rez and VR rez, HL:A boots up using present settings based on the specs your computer has. When I used the 1060, I could see that certain details in game weren't there (eg. The fancy details on your gloves) compared to the 6700xt. I couldn't see any differences in frame rate in both cases.

          Sorry, I couldn't be of much help. I don't have access to my quest right now so I can't boot it up to check.

          • @Fotato: Hahaha all good mate.
            It's a bit of a rabbit hole if you go down the customising route. So you're plug and play automated approach definitely has its benefits!

    • I've run it with a quest 1 and its great - as with others, its about your pc and your wifi quality

    • I have a quest and attempted PC VR the other week with a Quest 1. I didnt have a good enough cable so I tried to stream using wifi. That also didnt work for me.

      Luckily, Oculus and Steam have good refund policies if you dont play a game so there is little risk on your part to give it a go.

      The internet says good things about Virtual Desktop as a way to play PC VR wirelessly.

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        Yep virtual desktop works great. I've got a lot of friends who use it to with good results (even using older wifi modules - not wifi 6). If your router is far away it won't work well for you though. Mines in the next room and works great, even not wired to my PC.

        I did use it with the quest 1 back in the day and it was a fair bit rougher for sure. The quest 2 has an improved wifi module.

    • The quest 2 is actually better than headsets costing thousands more. It's actually pretty close to the index (it exceeds it in some ways - esp wireless and resolution) but is a bit lower fov wise.

    • Pretty much the only game I've played through on the Quest 2.
      It's AWESOME!!!

      Played wirelessly w/ 9700 + RTX 2070m.

    • Yes, with the Air Link wifi connection back to Steam. You do need a decent 5Ghz wifi network but I find it is adequate.

      PC has a Vega 56 in it so nothing spectacular and it still works really nicely.

    • I can play PC steam VR games wirelessly - works really well through 30$ virtual desktop app on oculus store.

    • If you want to experience one of the locations direct on Quest 2 there's a City 17 Home scene up on SideQuest: https://sidequestvr.com/app/5105/custom-home-city-17-alley

    • People forget to mention it's a little on the heavy side so you might want the straps a bit tighter, leading to more fatigue from long sessions.

      Heavy from internal components/cooling to run as a standalone headset, but it can also be used as a wireless headset with a PC since it has a battery (..and accompanying oculus link software to let it run as a PC headset).

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    Reminiscing the original Half Life, what a game that was at the time.

  • Are there mods that make the game playable beyond the main storyline?

    and can someone tell me whether this will run on a 1070Ti? Thanks :)

  • Great price, good find. However, what headset can anyone recommend today? I think a couple of new models are due soon. Is it better to wait for a higher res, higher refresh or pickup a cheaper one now?

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      Personally I just bought a Quest 2. For the price you can't beat it, will have to pay double to gain entry into VR. One of the only (if not only?) wireless headsets to my knowledge, game changer.

      Theres a referral link also where you can get $47 game credits with somebody that owns the headset for each of you. Pretty great way to start with a free game or 2.

      • Referral link you say, awsome. investigating now…

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          The quest 2 is hard to beat with it's price and the option for wireless pc vr in any space size. No stupid light houses to setup etc.

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            @RI4V4N: Lighthouses can be a big advantage in certain fast paced games, some even setup 4 lighthouses to get the best and fastest tracking. Not for everyone I know but just saying it's not stupid.

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        Nothing will compete with Quest 2 for a while price wise (espec now that its 128GB).
        Quest 3 won't be that much of a step up as the screens won't get higher res as there isn't enough power in the headset. (Whenever that may be).
        Quest 2 already does 120Hz and 140Hz in some cases.

        Only regret I have with the Quest 2 is the 3 stage IPD adjustment which just doesn't quite suit me. Otherwise it's an absolute steal for <$500 and if you don't mind/use facebook.

        Run Virtual desktop on a decent PC and you're golden.

        Alyx and Boneworks are by far the best games. I like Pistol Whip and The Room a hell of a lot also. Walking Dead Saints and Sinners is excellent also. SW Squadrons worth a shot if you like Star Wars.

        Half Life and Quake/2 are awesome as is Doom with all the extra content you can get for them. Doom 3 too! https://sidequestvr.com/community/7/dr-beef

        • How is it playing PC games on Quest 2 or Quest 1 now? When I tried link with my quest 1 the quality would be pretty bad and blocky and tracking was be dodgy also.
          I got a rift s and haven't tried the Q1 since.

          • @Zegga: Big improvements over the last two years. I actually run it wirelessly with virtual desktop only now with pc. No difference with the link cable. It's actually more stable imo without the link cable which I found finicky back with the quest 1 at release.

        • Only regret I have with the Quest 2 is the 3 stage IPD adjustment which just doesn't quite suit me.

          You know you can have between increments? I have mine between 2 and 3, which give me the best results.

    • I'd highly recommend grabbing a used CV1 for $200ish and then upgrading later. I've owned all the main oculus headsets and while wireless, the quest two was actually a downgrade in many respects

    • It's looking like Quest Pro might be revealed next month, but nobody knows what the value will be like and even if it is announced it mightn't necessarily release this year.

    • If you go with the Quest just make sure you're comfortable with Facebook collecting biometric data on you and tying that back to your profile.

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    Easily the best story driven VR game.

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    I'm hoping this will be a launch title for PSVR2.

    • same, though hoping the PSVR2 comes early next year

  • You've gotta be kidding me. I bought it yesterday full price. I'm going to request a refund considering I've played it under 2 hours so far, and purchase as a gift at the sale price. Bummer that I'll have to wait though.

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      The refund process took a few hours for me if you played under 2 hours.

      • Was about to come back and report in! Yeah, my refund got processed within 10 minutes and I've re-purchased at the sale price.
        Bit annoying that Steam have stopped you buying gifts into your inventory now. You sort of have to refund then pray it's processed before the sale ends. Good job it did, in this case. Enjoy!

  • Thanks OP! Have been waiting for this.

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    Where can I get discounted Steam GC nowadayssssssssssssssssssss?

    • sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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      buy discounted JB card then buy steam card in store.

    • Yeah it's really rough on steam now that they have price matched everything with eb games these days.

  • Is this full of jump scares?

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      Thankfully not.

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    I have over 400 hours in this game and I regret nothing

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    Just gave it a 30 minute go and wow. I definitely need to adjust to the motion sickness, went with movement over teleporting (didn't like teleporting but maybe I'll have to swap to it to play longer).

    Graphics and gameplay are crazy, I spent 10 minutes writing on the whiteboards lol, little things like mantling/climbing feel good, can't wait to get into the combat. Super immersive.

  • Wanted to buy this but I am not sure if it will work with 2019 15” MacBook Pro πŸ˜’πŸ˜’and quest 2

  • Is this game good for those of us with absolutely zero knowledge of the Half Life franchise?

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      Best of the best VR AAA story game in terms of mechanics and gameplay. There's a strong story and I've had multiple people tell me they enjoyed the HL series. They are really great games to play, unless you need perfect graphics.

      Black Mesa is currently on sale. It's a fan-made remake of HL and it's very positively reviewed.

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    So hypothetically, if I had a pirated version and wanted to move my saved game across, how would I do that?

    • Email daddy Gabe and beg forgiveness

    • It would probably save it in the same/similar location. You can google "GAMEXXX save file location" for any game. I hope you do buy a copy since it's always good to support developers and whatnot 😊

  • 50 gig download. Guess I'll be playing tommorow. Was just asking yesterday on another forum how often it goes on special