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50% off PO Box 6-Month Lease, Set-up Fee and PO Box Plus @ Australia Post (in-Store or Online)


For those thinking of getting a PO Box.

Customers who open a new PO Box between Friday 17th September and Thursday 30th Sept 2021 will receive a 50% discount off the establishment fee, PO Box Plus fee and Leasing fee for the remainder of the PO Box year (until 31 March 2022) at participating locations.

50% off current pro-rata prices PO Box offer only available in-store for business customers and reduced rate customers.

Free mail redirections into your PO Box from a residential address for up to 6 months as well when you open a new PO Box.

  • Thanks for everyone requesting the prices. Been a busy Friday morning.
PO Box Size Usual Sept Pro-Rata Price Special Offer Price
Small $82.25 $41.13
Medium $122.50 $61.25
Large $195.42 $97.71

The prices in the table are based on the current pro rata rate which would be (full price of PO Box / 12 x 7)

Why 7 instead of 6, some of you may ask? That's because there is 6 months and 2 weeks more until 31st March 2022, so the pro rata price will be for 7 month of usage.

I have also checked the online prices and those prices will reflect the pro rata prices for Oct 2021. So it may seem as if you are not getting 50% off when you sign up. So essentially the 50% off is only for 6months of lease while if you sign up today, you're paying 50% off 6 month lease plus 100% 1 month of pro rata rate as you are getting 6.5 months of PO Box Service.

PO Box Size Usual Oct Pro-Rata Price (pro-rata prices reflected online on sign-up) Special Offer Price
Small $70.50 $41.13
Medium $105 $61.25
Large $167.50 $97.71

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  • +8

    So we pay 50% of the annual fee to get half a year of the service?
    Wouldn't that make it just the normal price?
    Where's the deal?

    • +2

      how else will the CEO pay for the lease on his mercedes

      • +2

        And Cartier watches

    • +1

      It's 50% off of the prorata rate, so it's more like paying 3 month for 6 month

      • +1

        Apologies for not being too clear on where the deal was in terms of annual/pro-rata rates. So the deal is that you get a discount off the current pro-rata rates. Even if you wanted to pay for a full year of service, there's no way to do it Owl.

        • Ah ok. Thanks for clarifying. Yep that makes it more of a deal, definitely

    • It's also 50% off the setup fee.

  • +2

    But they don't list which Post Offices are participating (I checked the fine print and it's not there either)… That suggests almost everyone who signs up will end up paying full price. Sounds like a con to me.

    • Call your local PO up and ask.

    • +1

      yes unfortunately this offer is not very well advertised. I believe participating post offices includes almost all if not all Post Offices, I haven't found a Post Office that have not participated in this offer based on the online PO Box new service sign up page where you can easily sign up for a PO Box at the Post Office of your desires. may sound like a con but unfortunately, this time, it's not. I only post actual real deals (again that's subjective to each individual interpretation of a deal) as much as I can for the ozb community.

  • +1

    What's the normal price? Possible to have that in title?

    • thanks for bringing that up, have included prices in post.

  • +1

    What on earth is PO Box Plus?

    • +1

      You get a 'Suite' address in addition to your 'PO Box' address to try and get around places that don't allow delivery to PO Boxes.

      In my experience though, the couriers can never figure out what or where the suite is and end up calling you to figure out where to deliver it.

    • allows couriers to deliver items to your PO Box via the Post Office itself (even when it specifically states "CANNOT DELIVER TO PO Box" - it'll still be accepted

  • Wish they would state the fees on the application form….

  • +1

    How about a price OP…. 50% off doesn't mean anything without some prices….

  • So the yearly price has also been reduced, but does this lock in that price for the following year?

  • Last time I wasn't told about the joining fee until I gave them all the details and at the end they told me the total and was higher than the price they told me. Then I ask why is it higher. They said. There's a joining fee too.

  • +1

    (90mm x 130mm)
    Standard $141
    Specified locations $220

    Specified locations being CBD or 'high demand' areas (ambiguous).

    Also requires a $20 establishment fee and a $30 cancellation fee.

    So even with 50% off the tiniest PO Box at a location not deemed high demand still costs $90 a year + $30 fee when you want to leave?

    • Cancellation fee would be if you want to leave during the period you already paid for. So a person that paid $141 and wanted to leave after six months would get $40.50 refunded instead of $70.50.

      • +1

        Cancelling your box/bag: $30

        This could be more clear

  • +1

    $20 joining fee and $30 cancellation fee. This is unreal.
    No wonder they can afford Cartier watches.

  • +2

    it'd be nice for long time po box customers to get some discount rates. we've had ours nearly 20 years and we only get increased costs every year.