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Zyron Type-C, PD, QC3.0, SCP, SFC, 10000mAh $17.99, 20000mAh $27.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Zyron Amazon AU


Responsibly tested to AS/NZ Standards
If you like our Power bank, please leave a review on Amazon as it will help other buyers and also Zyron as a small Aussie business :)

G92PD 10000mAh @ 17.99 Amazon
G93PD 20000mAh @ 27.99 Amazon

3 Inputs, 2 Outputs - All fast charge
Supports most fast charging protocols. Apple fast charging 20W, QC 3.0 18W, SFC, Samsung Fast Charge for S10,S10+,Note 10/10+ and lower models

2-Way Fast Charge
Dynamic Detect
Pass Through Charge
Auto poweroff when 100% charged
A-Grade Polymer batteries.

Type-C: DC5V/3A,9V/2.22A,12V/1.66A (20W MAX)
USB OUT 1: DC5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (18W MAX)
USB OUT 2: DC5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (18W MAX)
Type-C + OUT 1 + OUT 2: 20W Max

Type-C: DC5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (18W MAX)
MicroUSB: DC5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (18W MAX)

Comes with a MicroUSB Charging cable.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Was thinking of buying one staright from your website. Any chance I can get the 20000mah without Amazon for the same price? Thank you!

  • -1

    Previously cheaper, not a bargain. Neg.


    Also probably cheaper on AliExpress.

    How many more times do we need to see your power bank spam here?

    • Previously cheaper at EOFY. That is usual with all brands. Sad personal agenda now negging all posts. Surely linked to a competitor.

      • I'm negging your posts because you simply buy products from Alibaba, whack a label on them, and try and flog it for more. You are not adding value, just taking your cut. Oh and also because they are always available cheaper elsewhere. I log in to see bargains, not your relabeled stuff I can get cheaper elsewhere.

        • Hahaha. That's just personal agenda mate. Belkin, Cygnett, Alogic, Zendure, iMuto, Charmast, Romoss they all rebadge. But you only have a problem with Zyron (only Australian brand among them) that sells at relatively low prices compared to all of them. No doubt you have a personal agenda or a competitor

          • @ibelievesyd: Is rebadging someone else's products really a brand? Be honest and tell us the real product models.

            You aren't adding value. Just trying to make money by jacking the price up and telling everyone you are an Aussie business.

            How about let me know when you have an exclusive product to you. Then I'd call it a brand, and will make sure I give you a positive vote.

            • @iamherenow: it is clear that you don't want to accept all brands do that. Jacking up? Compare the prices with other brands and tell us how it is jacking up? Cygnett sells rebadged power banks at $80-90 similar to our 10000mAh? Belkin does the same. So according to you paying 10 times to them is real value? You are happy to call them a brand but won't support local brands selling at reasonably low prices.

              • @ibelievesyd: Cygnet and belbin are expensive. I won't buy. My last two are blitzwolf. One 10000 mAh. And one 20000mah. Both cheaper than your price. And a lot more reviews available to judge quality. Why would I want your product - that you presumably choose as Alibaba offers a logo service, and give you good margin - over well reviewed and cheaper products?

          • +1

            @ibelievesyd: That is not correct. Belkin, Zendure, Cygnett etc. at least have their own design. It's called OEM. Yours is basically ODM where even the design is made by the factory (run of the mill), only the label is printed differently.

            Take Zendure for example, there is no other OEM product that share same design. Even if it's only the appearance.

            • @Bigboomboom: Unfortunately, that is what people believe because they are well known. They are actually 100% rebadged. Don't believe?
              Zendure rebadges :http://www.dbk.com.hk/index.php?m=Product&a=show&id=138
              Belkin rebadge: https://prodata.en.alibaba.com/product/1600185094723-9027844...
              Cygnett rebadge: https://www.globalsources.com/Power-bank/Power-Bank-11783302...

              • @ibelievesyd: I'd assumed cloned, not same.

                • @iamherenow: Close your eyes when people show you the truth and believe it doesn't exist. By the way, check out the ALogic, Amazon basics and Belkin 68W Gan chargers. Are they cloning each other too?

                  • @ibelievesyd: I'm sure there are models exactly the same. But doubt it for big brands.

              • @ibelievesyd: Again, you don't even understand the distinction between OEM and ODM. Your example of Zendure is most glaring, as I said Zendure has their own design that stands out even if it's only aesthetics. Of course internally they are made in same factory, by the same manufacturer.

                Besides, people trusting big brand simply because at least the OEM would have to provide a better QC over the product, otherwise they risk bigger contract.

                • @Bigboomboom: It is not Zendure's design. It is DBK's design. They simply bought it at HK CES. QC is not done by brands. It is by the factory. Our Power banks comes from same factory as 3Sixt sells in Australia over the years.

                  • @ibelievesyd: Yeah and everyone knows 3sixt are cheap stuff that is marked up massively at petrol stations.

                  • +1

                    @ibelievesyd: Either you didn't read what I wrote or you tried not to.

                    Zendure power bank does not "look" like your example. As I said, Zendure has a distinct appearance. Appearance.

                    I said OEM has to provide better QC for the bigger brand, because the financial implications involved. Apple is the best example, Foxconn would have very strict QC over iPhone but their own product (Sharp) may not be at the same standard.

                    Coming out of the same factory may not mean same quality. Cue Escobar Fold phones.

                    • @Bigboomboom: Zendure: https://zendure.com/collections/power-banks/products/supermi...
                      Rebadged: https://vegerpower.com/products/vp1103

                      Here you go mate. Not distinct really. Also, how does it represent that a startup brand does not impose QC? Just like Zendure buys from DBK, we buy from Golf (already well know for it quality)

                    • @Bigboomboom:

                      Zendure power bank does not "look" like your example. As I said, Zendure has a distinct appearance. Appearance

                      So this is an argument over /appearance/ rather than the electronic components or even what goes into making the appearance?

                      Ye gads!

                      Coming out of the same factory may not mean same quality.

                      Definitely, which is why you pay more for higher levels of QC. Question is, did Zyron?

                      • @the discombobulated panda: Yes, because that also makes the distinction of OEM and ODM. With ODM you just go to the factory, point at a product and they will make that one albeit print your label on it. With OEM it can varies more, but the most distinct feature is you gives the factory a design (it could just be how it looks, but it can be a lot more like iPhones). Without opening the two power banks and just looking at photo, of course appearance is what I can tell you.

                        And the Zendure SuperMini example looks like a cloned, or possibly because they are from same group. Zendure and Veger both founded in 2013, might just be different brand from same holding company. Then again the SuperMini was 2019 and the VP1103 Bolt is 2021.

                        • @Bigboomboom:

                          Yes, because that also makes the distinction of OEM and ODM.

                          Well, that sounds really important. Carry on.

                          • @the discombobulated panda: Yes in fact it is important. As I said, by looking at photo how do you know what's inside the power bank? At least if it looks different it is different, that's all you can tell from a photo. Especially when Zyron is claiming its product is same like Belkin by presenting a photo!

                            And yes OEM vs ODM is VERY IMPORTANT. Do you think Apple manufacture iPhones? No, Foxconn is its OEM. As I said OEM can vary wildly unlike ODM. ODM is strictly 100% manufacturer.

              • @ibelievesyd: o.o that zendure link not in anyway close or resemble zendure power bank.
                Well I can get branded and good review brand for $24.99 delivered Redmi 20000mAH 18W.
                Your overprice product and aggro comment is invalid, tyvm come back when you got a bargain.

                • @Meaty: You are comparing 18w with a 20W

                  Zendure: https://zendure.com/collections/power-banks/products/supermi...
                  Rebadged: https://vegerpower.com/products/vp1103

                  Also, we test our power banks to Australia Standards before they are sold in Australia. Both the Power banks are AS 62368.1 2018 tested.

                  • @ibelievesyd: @ibelievesyd You are keep saying Australian business and Australian standards but if your rebadged product have passed the Australian standards, other cheaper same rebadged same factory products can also be understanding as “same kind of device”. That’s the how people judge the product quality and value not who paid money to pass the Australian standards with identical product. Here is the Ozbargin. You paid nothing to advertise your product here but you earn a lot from here so far then you need to listen the customer feedback not framing someone as competitors or black customers. I can see you are defending yourself honestly, but the way of your “customer experience” is not that clear.

                    • @0hun: Earned a lot? We don't sell 10 times price like the other brands? Please show me 20W 10000mAh with our specs that is sold cheaper by another brand?