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[eBay Plus] Victorinox Wavy Edge Steak Knife $5.46, Vegetable Knife $5.85 Delivered & More @ Peters of Kensington eBay


OzBargain's favourite finger-bleeding apparatus is back at excellent prices!
Free delivery for eBay Plus members, enjoy.

Victorinox Paring Knife

Victorinox Wavy Edge (Serrated) Steak & Tomato Knife 11cm

Victorinox Vegetable Knife 10cm


Original Coupon Deal

EDIT 17/09 8:40am: Most knives back in stock again
EDIT 19/09 12pm: Most knives back in stock again
EDIT 23/09 1:30pm: Most knives back in stock again

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  • +20

    I'm only buying one so I can comment on the next post about how it cut my fingers. Wish me luck!

    • +1

      Bought them about a month ago, and yes my wife has cut her finger haha

      • It has got to be some sort of OzB rite of passage, and I am excited to join the team :)

        • +17

          I laughed reading all the comments about people cutting themselves…. and then I bought one…. and I stopped laughing.

  • Shipping comes up as $5.50 for me.

    • +2

      It was free for me with eBay Plus - are you a member?

    • same - for the black pairing knife

      am ebay plus member

      • Cheers for the heads up, will remove it from the list.

      • Fair enough - I only checked the red serrated knife. Not sure on the pairing knife

  • +1

    Got this last time and am very happy with them. Bit weird that they aren't pointy though, but it doesn't really matter when you cut a steak.

  • Legendary bargain is back. I missed every time. But not today. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Just added the green wavy to my collection 🔪

  • +1

    These are good, recommended

  • +16

    Bleeding edge technology

  • +1

    People who are cutting themselves with these knives need to learn how to use them….'nuff said.

    • +8

      That’s just what someone who doesn’t own any Victorinox Wavy Edge Steak and Tomato knives would say

  • +2

    I was about to post their carbon steel loaf pans. 180g for $6.63 , 280g for $8.58 and 800g for $13.26

    I like the crust part of the bread. So I ordered two 180g ones. :)

  • What chopping board do you recommend using for these wavy edge knives. I have seen them run through the plastic chopping board easily … might have resulted in plastic stuck to the chopped pieces.

    • +1

      If you love your knives, ONLY use wood. The wood surface is softer and doesn't blunt the knife edge as quickly as plastic, glass or counter tops.

      • even the wood come off… any recommendation on the chopping board?

        • -1

          Just use scissors.

  • -1

    still not worth ebay plus

    • +4

      I don't know why you this but, every alternative month or so, I am getting $5 ( min $5.01) coupon. And I got $50 gift card when I started eBay plus. Now these discounts. It pays for itself.

      • Yes. It is $5 every month.

      • +1

        Luck you! I got $50 voucher (can't use to buy GC or in conjunction with other discount), then $5 off (min $50 purchase). After this I'm not sure if I'm going to continue the membership given that there are less worthy promotion going on and also now that Optus giving free Prime for a year.

    • For me it was $5 postage for 1 knife, or free postage with $4.99/month eBay Plus.
      Saved myself 1c on postage :-)

      • Oh damn. That $4.99 eBay Plus membership came out to $5.13 + $0.14 foreign fee on my credit card. What the eff!!

  • This is good. It helps me to create smile on people's faces

  • There's also a fork for $7.80 with Plus - Black only

  • I liked them better when they were free from the previous deal…

  • -3

    Finally a decent deal on these knives, those amazon deals were cringe.

  • Not bad if your looking for a Corona virus covid haircut, should do nice on the corners and the back.

  • What are some good storage options to avoid cuts and blunting knife?

    • +2

      Remove them from your cart

  • Wants to charge me $5.50 for shipping? I am an eBay plus member

  • I was very tempted this time but didn't pull the trigger. Pretty sure the next time this one pops up I'll be buying (and commenting about a cut finger).

  • these are too sharp

    Cut off some of my finger last week no joke.

    Even washing them is quite scary lol

  • Needs to have warning embossed on the handle and blade. Fn sharp. Be warned now that you can lose a finger tip using this knife if your aren't careful

  • Finally have black :D

  • How is wavy edge different from serrated?

  • Black is out of stock….noooooo!

  • How would these Victorinox compare to these Baccarat ones?


    I use these and they have been great for the last 2 years, but i wouldn't mind something i can just leave outside with the bbq stuff.

  • My mum has got that exact same paring knife (or very close to it), which she has been using going on 40 years. It's easily one of her favorite tools in the kitchen.

  • Please enter a quantity of 0 or less
    That message on ebay for black one!

  • The serrated knives are the best to gift to someone you hate. Will cut them at least once every week.

  • So sharp! Wondering if their butcher knife or knife for raw meat is any good too?

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