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Kogan Modular Ambient Light Panels (Set of 10) $69.99 (Normally $169.99) + Delivery @ Dick Smith by Kogan


Nice deal if you are after RGB lighting panels. Much cheaper than more popular Nano Leaf but it's slightly smaller as well.

7 Adjustable colour settings
3 Program modes: Showing Single Colour, Flashing and Gradually Changing
Touch control operation
Modular design allows for layout customisation
Great value pack of 10

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    The reviews indicate these don’t have any smart connectivity

    Anyone interested would be wise to read the reviews as there are several fairly scathing ones

    • Manual indicates touch controls only:

      1. To turn on or off the light panels, press the switch button on the adaptor.
      2. Touch the panel surface to change the light colour. There are 7 colours with 3 program modes:
        • Showing Single Colour
        • Flashing
        • Changing Gradually
      3. Each light panel is controlled individually by touch. You can assemble the light panels in various styles.
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    Cheaper on kogan website 59.99$

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    These look cool but they seem really small. Also the "normal price" kogan displays is rarely the price competitors sell for in my experience. Its mainly there so the "discounted price" seems really worth it.

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    Downvote for it not being a deal, and for it being Kogan.

    • I don't think being Kogan is that bad if it's cheaper than the same rebadged from AliExpress (in general, not this item).

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        Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I tend to agree with chandler

        Kogan have had numerous penalties from the ACCC, I guess it’s up to each individual whether they want to support that sort of company

        Oh and I’m sure everyone knows but just in case, dick smith are the same company as Kogan