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[Android] 20% off Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G + Extra $500 Trade-in Bonus after You Joined The Westpac Android App Beta Program


Join the beta app by 12 Oct and get 20% off the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Plus you can get an extra $500 bonus for trading in an eligible device, subject to availability. Reward available between 24 Sept and 15 Oct 2021 via the Rewards & Offers Hub. T&Cs apply.*


The website has been updated with the Google Play App link!

You will have to click the link which will take you to the Westpac app. Scroll down without opening the app if already installed. And you will see "join the beta" at the bottom.

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  • In terms of overall discount, it wtill come out almost smilar to existing deal:

    • Reading the T&Cs it links to Samsung's website so could possible stack 20% off RRP with that current deal

      • Samsung is giving additional $200/$300 on top of $500 bonus, so this 20% Westpac discount will be taken care of. And as per Samsung terms, its not stackable as the same trade-in discounts aren’t available on EPP stores.

        • +4

          The Ultra 5G is $1849 RRP so 20% = $369.80. So, assuming a like-for-like trade in, this post would be a better deal by $69.80.

          • @sAmiZZle: Update on my post above. This offer is ONLY better than the other trade-in deal mentioned IF you don't have any discount vouchers. The vouchers do not stack with this offer so you stand to miss out on some additional savings that you can apply with the other offer.

  • If you have EPP account their S21U already cheaper than the Samsung store (if you have no phone to trade)

    According to this 128GB S21U $1201.85, 256GB S21U $1266.85, S21U 512 is $1396 on EPP, see if you can get extra $100 from EPP chat and $50 newsletter. I don't have EPP account, see for yourself if you have and see any trade in bonus.


    • Yeah I've found they are making it impossible to get that $100 voucher now. I spoke to 4 different agents and they all needed me to say my phone was damaged and out of warranty to qualify for a voucher. You have to provide an IMEI, photos of device and proof of purchase, so I'm not sure if you would be voided from any trade-in offers if you got this voucher on grounds of damaged phone. I did manage to finally convinced the 5th agent on the grounds of battery life being poor and repair not being worth it. But after sending the above details to the email address he gave me for management to approve and provide a voucher, I was denied because phone wasn't damaged 🙄.

      • i got a voucher friday and today, no issues getting a voucher from the popup chat

        • Wow really? I was chatting to agents on Friday as well. What am I doing wrong??? What did you say? Was your phone damaged and did they ask for photos and IMEI? If so, is your phone still eligible for trade-in?

          • +1

            @sAmiZZle: are you using the chat on the bottom right of the screen that pops up?

            i've got 3 vouchers without any issues.

            all i said "i'm looking at upgrading my current galaxy S10 to a Z fold 3, am i able to get an upgrade voucher/coupon?"

            • @redfox1200: I think I was using a different chat to the one I'm seeing on their site today. I previously wasn't getting the chat with the 3 topics to select from. Will try again now! Thanks :)

              • +1

                @sAmiZZle: i had the chat open on 4 different devices at the same trying to get a connected to someone, still took a while.

                it's quicker if you do it at like 7.30am when the support opens.

                • @redfox1200: OK, so it's jogged my memory. This is the same chat feature I was using previously, but I clicked on "Support" which launches another chat tool that tells you your position in queue and someone answers within a few minutes - I assume this is the wrong crew to speak to as they never provided me a voucher.

                  If I click on the "Products and Shopping" option it stays in the same chat window but gives me no position in queue and chat auto disconnects after about 15mins. I got through once after about 15 attempts, but unfortunately I was distracted working when they messaged me… They disconnected the chat. Been trying all arvo and got through 1 time only! This is the worst!!! Must have to get in early like you said 😭😭😭

  • +17

    … Samsung keeps teaching ozbargainers new maths every few weeks

    • +10

      If Bob has an iPhone 12 sitting in one of his 10 high-yield investment vehicles located at one of his 25 investment properties on mortgage, how much will he save on a new S21 Ultra 5G if he takes this deal but has to borrow $500 off his cousin Benny to pay for the bags this weekend?

      • +4

        Sounds like Bob is asset-rich but cheeky-bag-on-the-weekend-with-the-boys-poor

      • Does cousin Benny have any deals on the S5 Max though?

      • Bob deserves a Nokia 3310 at best….

  • might just wait for this, cbs getting chat code.

  • Do I need to have Westpac bank account?

    • +1

      From the FAQ:

      You’ll need to be a personal banking customer or sole trader to qualify for the beta app.

      • Excited there's a new app but sucks I don't have Android10 required for beta.

  • +1

    "This $500 bonus is on top of any trade-up credit you receive from trading in your existing eligible device." Therefore this would mean $500 trade in bonus from samsung and $500 bonus from westpac? Or am i being too optimistic ahaha

    • +1

      Sadly no, $500 only from Samsung

    • +1

      Seems $500 is on top of the trade-in value of your phone, and you can also get 20% Westpac discount. Which actually kind of equates to the $200/300 extra Samsung is offering on its online portal for trade-in for any S21 series phones.

  • Is it really worth that to buy Galaxy S21U for $1,201.85? still can't decide to go for Pixel 6 (don't know about the price tag) or S21U, cheers

    • +1

      $1849 rrp, 20% off = $1479
      $1479 - $500 = $979

      • +1

        do you think you can add the $100 chat code and $50 newsletter code to it too?

        • Good luck getting a chat code ;)

          • +1

            @sAmiZZle: I got one yesterday

            • @flyflytea: Yeah it seems some get much luckier with this than myself. I had another go last night and basically had a cry to them that everyone except me seems to be getting the voucher so easily but not me! Finally they have decided to make an "exception" to their apparent rule that the phone has to be "Customer Induced Damaged requiring repair expense outside of warranty." Current situation is I have sent all my photos, IMEI and proof of purchase in to the [email protected]om email as of last night and am still waiting for my voucher.

    • I bought the s21ultra 512gb for $1199. Good deal imo considering today's flagship prices.

      • Very good price for that model with that much storage! How did you manage to get it for that price?

  • This wording makes me think that a $500 trade in could end up cheaper with this offer. (Just speculating)

    "Purchase must be made within eligible Samsung Enhanced Partnership Portals"

    I don't think these big trade in deals are normally applicable to the EPP/EDU portals.

  • Don't think I need to take up this Samsung offer(?)

    Just excited there's a new app but sucks I don't have Android10 required for beta.

  • I've had a look on the Westpac Offers Samsung page.. and the pricing currently listed is already 20% off RRP.

    Subtract another 500 off, and the current samsung promotion with trade in works out better (by about 20-30 dollars, using 150 of voucher codes)

    I've tried to put in additional voucher codes which are the newsletter/loyalty codes into the Westpac samsung page and it doesn't seem to work.

    • Bummer,
      I was hoping to be able to apply the vouchers I have…

      • It would have been a cracker of a deal if it stacked.

  • None of my old phones is listed in the trade-in devices, is there a way to get the $500 bonus anyway? Seems buying an old phone to trade-in costs $150 minimum (ebay)

  • Does anybody know if the $500 bonus on trade-ins would apply for phones with a broken screen? My wife dropped her S20+ a few days ago >.<

    • they would honor it, its just that on the trade up app you'd have to select "cracked screen". You can also choose to not give back the phone and sell it online for a higher price, though I have heard that there is a 60 dollars non return fee now.

  • +1

    The deal started today.
    Can someone have Westpac account log in to confirm if the bonus stacks?
    What's the final price of S21 Ultra 512GB please? Thanks

  • I tested on both Android and Apple, comes to $1219.20 for 512gb S21 ultra.

    • How did you activate the beta?

      • Not sure of Beta version yet.
        $1219.20 price is coming on standard app on both Android and Apple. So maybe Beta deal is not active yet. Westpac deal specifically says about Android. So most likely better price deal should be on the way for Android

        • Can you try to activate the Beta and see if the 20% can be stacked on top of $1219?

          Does the $1219 price mention 20% off?

    • Thanks. So you already joined Beta and went to Samsung EPP store to see that 20% price?

      If it's $1219.20, this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/651606 could be $20 less if we can get $100 and $50 vouchers and the $60 admin fee does not incur.

  • Anyone having trouble using their trade-in code? Getting an error when entering it in

  • The beta app isn’t available yet?

  • It clearly mentions that it will get activated within 48 hours!

    What do you need to do?
    Sign into the Westpac Android Beta App between 24 September and 12 October 2021
    Within 48 hours after your first sign in, the Samsung reward will become available via the Rewards & Offers Hub
    Follow steps below to find your reward 48 hours after your first sign in to the beta app
    Redeem reward between 24 September to 15 October 2021 via the Westpac Rewards & Offers Hub. Refer to the T&Cs*.

  • The point is where is the app we can download?

    • You will have to click the link which will take you to the Westpac app. Scroll down without opening the app if already installed. And you will see "join the beta" at the bottom.

  • I think the beta app is the Android app I am using. When I clicked on the beta app link it brought me to the google play store and showed the app is installed. Guess i just need to refresh the reward section in the next 48 hours.

    • You will have to click the link which will take you to the Westpac app. Scroll down without opening the app if already installed. And you will see "join the beta" at the bottom.

      • Thanks for the tips, will try on my tab s7 when I get home. Now the question is can we stack $100 chat voucher? Hope someone can test.I am still waiting for my voucher as the chat guy said all validator were busy and will get back to me within the day.

  • The website has been updated with the Google Play App link!

    You will have to click the link which will take you to the Westpac app. Scroll down without opening the app, and you will see the "join the beta"

    • Thanks. It does work now.

  • Has anyone tried this? Do the bonuses and vouchers stack?

    • +1

      Took a while for me to figure out how the beta program worked. Joined the beta program via the Play store and it said it may take a few minutes… went away and came back a few times and it still had the same message…. So for what it was worth I logged into the app a couple of times… nothing looked any different and no reward… Came back a few hours later and realised that I could now update the app in the appstore to a beta version. Logged in around 4pm. Still waiting for the reward to appear

      • Please keep us updated if the bonuses and vouchers stacked. Thanks

        • +1

          Yup will do, I'm still waiting for the reward to appear in the app

          • +1

            @sAmiZZle: You can access the rewards through Westpac website, you don't have to follow the link from app.

    • +1

      OK, just tried the newsletter and chat vouchers and they do not stack. The 128GB S21 Ultra 5G comes to $924.20 via this deal. If you use the original deal linked here, which stacks with the additional vouchers then it works out cheaper @ $844: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/651606.

      • That’s a shame. Could’ve been the deal of the year

  • https://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/online-banking/w...

    Here are westpac's instructions with pictures on how to install the beta

  • Through the westpac app, rewards option on menu tab, Samsung 10% off TV promo button opens the samsung website. Showing the discounted s21 range. The s21 $1061 128gb, $1146 256gb. s21+ $1316 128gb, $1649 256gb. Ultra is $1479 128gb, $1559 256gb, $1719 512gb. Not sure what's going on with these prices but the ultra works out to be slightly cheaper then the standard samsung trade in deal previously posted on ozbargain. This is before trade in bonus value $500 + phone trade in value. Not sure if voucher codes work either.

  • +1

    The deal worked for me this morning. I accessed the 20% discount though the Samsung TV 10% discount Reward on the Beta app. After the trade up process, total came to $924.20 for Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB (including $55 for my S9+). I haven't tried any additional vouchers as I don't have a code to try.

    • You're kidding me! They're hiding the 20% discount inside the 10% Samsung TV discount!? What the hell?

      • No, they haven't hid anything. The 20% discount on the phones has been there for a while now - you can access the link to the Westpac samsung store by clicking on the Samsung TV link

    • $924.20 + $55 = $975.20

      So which means discount is working in Beta app.

      I checked is 2 days ago and it was coming up $1219.20

      • What's the final price for S21 Ultra 512GB?

        • $1164.20 was the final price I received, including $55 trade in for S9+.

  • Tried both, email code starts with MA1 and chat code starts with EDS and both showed invalid code :( guess I will just buy without westpac offer.

  • That's extremely confusing and frustrating that the offer was there the whole time via that link and we had to go through this whole saga to get the beta app and login and wait 48hrs, etc! Did the beta app have anything to do with getting this reward at all in the end? I doubt it!

    • 20% off was always there via the Westpac app. However, the $500 trade-in is only available via joining the beta app.

  • -1

    In the end I didn't use the Westpac deal. I used a very easy to get $100 upgrade voucher from the live chat, along with the current discount on Samsung website plus trade in and trade in bonus. With my $55 S9+ trade in, final price for S21 Ultra 5G 128GB was $894.
    Better than the Westpac deal as the live chat voucher is invalid with it.

    • How did you manage to get $100 voucher?

      • +1

        On the Samsung live chat. I said I had an S9+ and was looking to upgrade and a friend told me I could get an upgrade voucher. He said he could give me a loyalty voucher, didn't even check my existing phone.

  • +2

    S21 ultra 512GB via Westpac = $1219 (cannot use any $50 or $100 vouchers)

    S21 ultra 512GB via Samsung direct = $1199 (If you add both $50 & $100 vouchers)

  • Any chance anyone has spare 50off sign up code? I want to make order now but just waiting for this code. It takes too long and I don't want to wait for 48 hr in case no stock. If anyone can borrow me a code that would be really appreciated. I will share my code back when I get it. Thanks!

    • 50 off code didn't work with this offer.

  • Anyone in the same boat as me. I activated the beta on Friday morning, but no offers in app yet

    • Can you see the offer now? How long did it take?

      • Before I could see the official offer, i tried the standard rewards tile and it also had the offer within the epp

  • Is it smart to join the beta program? They've got all these data sharing disclaimers with developers. I wouldn't want my banking details floating around on the internet or with some developer.

  • Seems like to S21 5G also gets the $500 trade in bonus, so I managed to score the 128GB for $561.65. Pity neither the newsletter code or the loyalty bonus works with it.

    • What phone did you trade in?

      • +1

        iPhone 9. Was offered $65 trade-in, but I never intended to send it in. $561.65 was the price without th $65:

        RRP: $1249
        Westpac link - 15% off: $1061.65
        Trade in discount: $500
        TOTAL: $561.65

        Also, neither the newsletter code or the loyalty code worked unfortunately.

        • Well, while I was waiting for Westpack offer to comeup, I noticed
          S21 5G 128GB is showing discounted on $999.00 (From RRP $1,249.00). So decided to do trade in ($40).
          Trade in discount: $350
          EDS/Loyalty Discount: $100
          Newsletter discount: $50.

          Total paid: $459 (with $40 trade in removed)

          I won't be sending old phone back so add $40.

          TOTAL: $499

          I am not sure if Westpack offer would have been 15% off on top of $999 or RRP like yours?

          • @whatif: Ffff! Trust my luck for the price to go down the day after I buy it!

            • @aaronaldo: I saw you gave away your codes on megathread, such a shame!! So sorry mate.. I wish a get something for good deeds!!

              • @whatif: Haha yeah, ah well, I still got a good deal. And I get the phone a day earlier….