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[eBay Plus] ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO N8+ 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $749.58 Delivered @ Ecovacs Australia eBay


Excellent price on this robot vacuum that ends up being cheaper than the Amazon Deal. I picked one up and it's been working great so far. It has an auto-empty station that it'll go to automatically when full or when it needs to recharge, it scans your rooms to work out the floor plan for better cleaning, can climb rugs easily, set virtual boundaries and more.

It has 2300pa suction power with 4 levels of suction, a mop attachment with 3 levels of cleaning, 3200mAh battery with 110 minutes of run time, voice control and unlike other robot vacuums it'll support 2.4/5GHz mixed Wifi networks - good for setups where they're not separated.

If you don't have eBay Plus buy from the Amazon link above as it works out cheaper than the normal eBay 20% off code.

Review here and here

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  • this or s5max

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      S5 Max has 2000pa compared to the 2300pa in the N8+ and it doesn't have the auto-empty station like this does. However the S5 Max does have a 5200mAh battery that'll run for 180min instead of the 110min in the N8+.

      In my opinion I think this is better than the S5 Max due to the auto-empty station.

      • I have S5 Max and it never lasted 180mins. At first it return to charge at 70 mins, and after a year now around 55mins.

        • Perhaps they mean 180mins on the lowest setting? Because that would be misleading. When I first ran my N8+ it had ~60% charge out of the box it ran for about 72 minutes. Though in that time there was a combination of me mapping the rooms and going between the different modes and suction levels.

      • i got my s5 max for $450 on a deal not sure Its worth to pay $300 for auto-empty feature

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          I am forgetful so sometimes it took me days to realize my S% Max is clogged up lol (and ignore the app warning too). Def will buy auto emptying next time.

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    I've been researching robot vacs and I'm just as confused as ever.

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      Yep definitely. I think when you're in the $500+ range you really can't go wrong. Like with all things there's always newer models coming out. I had a DEEBOT 920 which my SO has now 'stolen' so I was happy to get a better model from the same brand.

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        I think when you're in the $500+ range you really can't go wrong.

        Yes you can - steer clear of the 360 brand and Xiaomi

        • Oh yeah I haven't seen the 360 ones on sale for quite a while. The first gen Xiaomi at the time was amazing as back then the only cheap ones were these 'dumb' ones that went all over the floor randomly. I have mine somewhere still.

      • I have heard really bad things about the mapping functionality of the DEEBOTS on Reddit.

        In your experience, is that true?

        From what I have read, S5Max has a better app & mapping functionality that works. Apparently the Ecovacs mapping functionality keeps rotating the house layout.

        • Mapping has been working really well for me on this one. It's picked up the legs on all my tables and chairs as boundaries so it navigates around them quite fine.

  • I was all set for either this or the S5 Max and then I stupidly read a review on the S7 and the mopping function on that finally being actually function in the fact that its electrically fed, it vibrates to scrub and it lifts itself up when it reaches carpets threw the cat amongst the pigeons. The issue is, its $350 more expensive AND the empty station is extra on top.

    • Yeah I was looking at the s7 too but bummed it doesn't have cameras for obstacle avoidance

      Word on the street is they will release an s7 max or something which will have cameras

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        That'll be even mooooooore expensive. Ah it never ends

  • I've got an S5 which has been great, but recently it started moving away from the Dock saying charging error. It's OK for a day or 2 after turning the GPO off and on again. But, it is still annoying. Apparently it's a common issue with S5. Not sure about S5 Max.

  • Any chance you know if the mopping function of this is at the same or similar level to the s7? I understand that one has an oscillating mop which is really effective.

    • I haven't gone as far as testing that function yet.

  • I have the Ecovacs N8+ for 2 months now and quite pleased with both mopping & vacuum functions (hard floor). It is fairly silent when in operation and the auto empty leaves the bin fairly empty. Usual monthly maintenance to clean the brushes & bin will ensure optimal performance. The bin collection bag replacement is the main running cost.

    • I'm sure you'd be able to just empty the collection bag though? Give it a good shake over the bin?

      • Thanks, will try this out.

      • definitely wear your N95 mask when you do this lol

        'scuse me

  • This one or the Viomi alpha s9 which has auto emptying as well. As some one else said above I've been doing research and I'm so confused. I'd love a Roborock but the S7 with auto emptying is so expensive. The alpha s9 seems to tick a lot of boxes.

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      I'm looking at replacing my S6 MaxV for either the Alpha S9 or the EcoVacs N8 Pro+ (N8 is crazy priced though). The Roborock has been great for what it is, but when you're doing the daily vacuum, that's where the auto-emptying bin would shine. And like you, I'm not prepared to get the auto-bin for the Roborock, so the Alpha S9 is currently my top pick.

  • Lot of fellow bargainer waiting for s5max deal…. any rep from any store got a deal ?

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    Offered $850 and the seller countered with $900 so bought for $702 after 22% off coupon.

    • how long did it take them to reply to you? going to give it a go myself

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        they countered with $851 for me and left a comment telling me to use PLUSSP22!!! very happy with that mine came to $664 after discount

        • Nice one.. That’s a great deal. I should have negotiated harder!

        • Mind sharing which link you purchased from pls? Thanks

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            @happybirdie: It was the same link, I just made an offer of $850, same as satcher but the store came back with a nicer counter offer for me for some reason