Do you use TikTok? Why?

I don't get it. What's the point of it? Why is it so popular?

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  • 40
    Yes I do
  • 207
    No I don't

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  • +6

    I tend to get addicted to stuff and I know TikTok is addictive so I have chosen to stay away. Same reason I didn't start playing Pokémon Go when it came out, I know I would get hooked.

  • +37

    No. Because it's shit.

  • +22

    No. Because I'm older than 11

  • +9

    No. Because it's shit and I'm older than 11.

  • +4

    No. Because it’s big flop and I’m older than 11.

  • +4

    No, because it's juvenile, and I'm older than 11.

  • +4

    No, because it's irrelevant, and I'm older than 11.

    • User name doesn't quite check out.

      • +2


  • +12

    It's for juveniles with an IQ of less than11.

  • +4

    Love it but writing 11 because I’m too young to spell aleven?

  • +3

    No, because it's dumb, and I'm older than 11.

  • +2

    Older than 11, use it to watch funny animal videos, as it seems to be the only source of original content these days

    Not sure what else it's supposed to be good for though

  • +1

    Don't personally use it, but it's the current popular platform for sharing content. Things tend to move in cycles and Tiktok is the current popular one, much like snapchat was, and facebook before that, and myspace before that etc etc.

    Eventually the older generation will start using Tiktok more, someone will come up with another novel way of sharing content/inspiring creation of content and that will be the next cycle.

  • Why is it so popular?

    Saids who? Lol

    What's the point of it?

    Like many things…

  • I haven't used it. I see tiktok videos on reddit which is just stolen YouTube/reddit content. There's rarely anything original on there. It pisses me off that songs like "dreams" by Fleetwood Mac made a comeback because of tiktok. No matter your age you should listen to radio which plays classics like that. It shouldn't take a viral video to introduce you to a song that basically 70% of people know.

    Sometimes I find myself watching "YouTube shorts" and I realise I'm basically the tiktok audience where anything that doesn't entertain me within 5 seconds is automatically skipped. Not a good thing for the next generation

    • I'm not into TikTok, but as long as royalties or some other benefit goes to the original artist, I don't see any problem popularising music or art to a new audience.

    • Radio is garbage playing the same boring music over and over again

  • +1

    Same reason people watch random YouTube videos, which is that you get a lot of unexpected and interesting content.

    Even if you were purely on it for useful content, there is a quite bit of it - i.e., a lot of recruiters sharing their experiences, tips, and feedback on how to write resumes, cover letters, interview preparation strategies etc. There's also people that share some of their tips on businesses (i.e., Owner of Oodie), cryptocurrencies, investing in shares and random studying tips.

    And… it's pretty quick on the news. Like, you'll see 10 videos regarding lockdowns, tradies blocking streets (protests) as quickly as you'd see it on

    • +1

      I now see a correlation, uses for “news” = watches TikTok videos and random YouTube. Probably watches talent contest shows on TV regularly as well, ie block, masterchef etc.

  • -1

    No because I don't watch child p*rnography

  • Why are people saying "11"?

  • +3

    I used to watch it a lot - I often found myself wasting an hour or two every night just watching random videos. After a while I realised I could be doing better things (and tbh, a lot of the stuff is just more of the same, so got bored).

  • +2

    Don't use it. People do stupid shit to try and win internet points. This principal lost it on the intercom after some students ripped sinks off the wall, stole soap dispensers etc for a tiktok video. Oh, and because I'm older than 11.

  • +5

    It’s popular because it filled the vine niche that other social media apps/company failed to fill. The way it’s designed is genius. It’s like digital crack, the algorithm eventually targets your interest and queues up endless videos every few seconds to ensure you’re hooked. A lot of apps are doing it. If you use reddit or YouTube you can literally scroll for hours to get your dopamine hit indefinitely.

    • It's just people acting stupid though? I tried to get into the fad but couldn't.

      • +3

        Not necessarily. The algorithm will figure out you don't like videos with people acting stupid.

        If you are interest in science the algorithm will provide science videos. If you are interested in fishing the algorithm will provide fishing videos.

        • +2

          Everything is just people flapping arms around or cutting scenes every 1 to 2 seconds I assume to keep kids attention. It's rather very annoying.

          • +4

            @deme: That means the algorithm hasn't figured you out yet.

            I'll use myself as an example. I'm really interest in space, poetry, and politics

            The algorithm doesn't provide me with video of people flapping their arms around. Instead, it provides me with a lot of adult oriented content talking about space, poetry, and politics.

            • @triviums: I just watch porn for "adult oriented content". :P

              Can you post a link to something on Tiktok you enjoy?

  • +1

    I enjoy the people saying "its shit", chances are they've never even opened the app. Because everyone I know who has said that then downloaded the app and thought it was great.

    I had it downloaded for maybe 18 months, watched it most days. Ended up deleting it because it was making me depressed.

    • +3

      everyone I know who has said that then downloaded the app and thought it was great.


      Ended up deleting it because it was making me depressed.


  • Reddit > Tik Tok

    • +1

      Tik Tok is just the new 9Gag of Reddit…

  • +4

    You watch Tiktok, China watch you.

  • Bring back the vine

  • +3

    No because China.

  • +2

    The feed in the aliexpress app is more entertaining, especially if you've ever searched for yoga gear.

  • +2

    like twitter and other social media, tiktok is just a hivemind of insecure people seeking validation

  • +2

    The inner violence inside me rises when I see the incessant tIkToK ads every 7 seconds on YouTube..

  • I downloaded it, used it for ten minutes, then promptly deleted it and called my family to bemoan the state of society. We’re (profanity).

  • No because my attention span is longer than 11 seconds

  • No i havent used it nor do i intend to, coz im not a 12 year old girl!

    • +1

      Are you an 11 year old girl?

  • +1

    I hear some Ticktokers that are getting big hits are really cashing them in .
    That a good reason to try to figure it out .

    • How do they make money

      • By looking crazy/Idiot and standing out . Any hits are good and cashable .

        • Nah I mean ads?

          • @deme: Yeh it's ads, sponsorships, brand deals you name it

  • No, because it's a waste of time.