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Merino Wool Quilt (Australian Made) from $47.20 ($46.02 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Linen Dream eBay

Yet another opportunity to buy Linen Dreams merino wool quilt at a better discount.

Aus Made Luxury Winter 100% Merino Wool Quilt

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Aus Made 100% Merino Down Wool Quilt


  • Filling: 100% Premium Australian Wool - Merino
  • Casing: 100% Superfine Cotton Japara - 400 Thread Count
  • Diamond Stitch: Lock in The Warmth
  • Double Needle Stitch with Self Fabric Piping
  • Air Light Technology: 5 Layers of Wool to Trap More Air
  • Hypoallergenic

It's also available in Cot size in 350GSM, and 500GSM.

Aus Made All Seasons 200+350GSM Luxury 100% Merino Wool Quilt

available in 5 sizes,

Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King


  • 3 Wool Quilts IN 1
  • 200GSM+350GSM and Together 550GSM
  • Suitable For ALL SEASONS
  • Joined With Velcro Tapes On The Corner Of Each Quilt

They also offer machine washable version, in 350GSM, 500GSM and 700GSM,

Aus Made All Size MACHINE WASHABLE Wool Quilt

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  • Can anyone tell me if it’s worth coughing up the extra to get machine washable?

    • I think it'll be worth it as it costs ~$20-30 per dry cleaning. Providing your washing machine big enough for the quilt.

    • Realistically no, I doubt you have a washing machine that's big enough to house a quilt…

      Recently I had my nephew throw up on my bed and it cost me $37 to dry clean, it sucked but made the realise that my quilt was too big for any consumer level machine.

      • +7

        Even if your washing machine not big enough, you can wash it at the public laundry for about $4.
        I think 9-10kg consumer machine would be sufficient however.

    • We wash ours easily enough in a standard sized front loading machine.

      Find it useful since we only use the heavy-weight wool in winter and it's good to have it clean before storage.
      Want to buy another machine washable for the little one now.

      • Yeah that’s exactly the scenario I was thinking, so thanks!

      • how big is your front loader out of interest? wondering if a 8kg bosch front loader is big enough

        • Its not bigger than 8kg I dont think (not at home due to covid stuff to check)

          • @Wolfy: And what size amd weight is your quilt? Just asking because we have a 350GSM king size that doesn’t fit into our 8kg washer. Would love to find a wool doona that fits.

    • Can you link me with the machine washable one please?

      • Right there in the post description, down the bottom.

        • Thanks, missed that part.

    • +1

      I bought 3 machine washable from last deal. Very good product just make scratching noise while changing position. May be because of the material they use to make it machine washable

  • +1

    I bought a wool quilt from the last sale and I'm amazed by the product. Was totally immune from the cold this passing winter and I'm normally affected quite bad by the cold. Would 100% recommend and buy again.

    • Would you mind telling us what gsm you got and where you're located?

      • +2

        700gsm Queen sent to WA

        • This is a girlie question but does it look and stay looking fluffy?

          • +1

            @staceyasinme: It looks like a normal blanket, with diamonds sewn across it to pocket the wool, just heavy AF.
            I've had mine dry cleaned and I must admit it doesn't feel as warm as it was, but I guess if I shake the jesus out of it it'd be like before.

          • +2

            @staceyasinme: Compared to all the other types of quilts I've ever owned, this is the fluffiest thats also functional.

            I've had fluffier from Kmart (the 'poly fill' type) but they do NOTHING as a blanket, and get all balled-up and lumpy.

        • +1

          Seconded. 700GSM king, and 2x 700GSM Doubles to QLD, and they're the best blankets I've ever owned.

          The fact that wool regulates temperature more than locks it in, means I only had about 2 weeks of summer, where I couldn't have it at least ON the bed.

          • @MasterScythe: Thirded. Was using an average cheap quilt with two blankets. Bought a queen 700gsm about 3 months ago and it's been brilliant. So warm and cosy. No need for any blankets.

  • Any advantages over Merino wool vs normal wool quilt?

    • It's from merino sheep, hence the name. Generally they say it's lighter and more gentle. Not sure about the warmness.

    • 75% of Australian sheep are merino so it's just what we have to make things with

  • Harris Scrafe always have them quilt on 50% sale. Does anyone know the differences between brands?

    • I'd imagine mainly the name.
      When someone like woolcomfort makes a flawless quilt, I'm not sure what you can add 'feature wise' that would make another one better.
      You can't get 'fancy' with the coveringas, because it needs to be thin and breathable for the 'wool effect'.

      I'm really not sure what to tell ya, because I'm not sure what 'features' you expect :)

      • Just overall quality like the soft premium feel and fluffiness after years of use etc…

    • +2

      Harris Scarfe is always at least 50% expensive than other places

  • Thanks op, good find

  • I never quite understand how these "Aus made" "pure wool" quilts go for $50-$100 whereas other companies charge $400+ for seemingly exactly the same thing. I could understand if one was made in China or the materials were hugely different. But how much different can the wool in a quilt be? Not dissing this company or any other at all, just curious about the difference.

    • +5

      Purely markup.
      You can often get them right 'in the middle' of the two price points at tourist 'wool sheds' where they shear and make them (mostly) on site.

      Wool isn't SUPER expensive.
      I agree, this is cutting some stupidly thin margins, but not impossible.

      This company is quite forthcoming to visit their factory if you really wanted to.

      You can tell there's minimal man power on the floor too; because while the quilt quality is flawless, the machine run-off threads and such are all un-trimmed.

      I love mine.

      • Yeah, not doubting the claims. And I get mark-up to some extent. But 3/400% just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I mean, you look at Aus made/merino/wool clothing and its expensive wherever you buy it. Maybe a 50% variance but not 300. Ah well. Some companies obviously have good marketing too I guess.

        • Retailer margins in textiles are huge. $300 nikes being made for $20, $1000 suits being made for $100.

          The manufacturer makes next to nothing, the brand makes a fat margin to cover marketing and distribution, then the retailer adds their own margin on top.

          If I had to guess, this is a factory selling their own products, and the prices here would still be much higher than what they would receive filling a contact order for a brand name product

          • @Shacktool: Yeah, factory-direct makes some sense of it I guess. And I understand people paying for brand names in clothing, but quilts? And your Nike and suit examples (probably) are made overseas where as im trying to compare Aus made to Aus made.

        • Clothing is easier to mark up because it is fashion and marketing works better on fashion because it can change how we feel when wearing the brand.

          • @spaceflight: Hence my mild confusion at the large difference with quilt prices.

            • @Fredorishi: The strength of the brand may not be on attracting consumers in this case, but on the network and distribution channels they have set up with big retailers. The same umbrella company will control multiple brands across a number of different product categories.

              Department stores like Myers doesn't want to manage relationships with 100s of small manufacturers, when an umbrella company will offer them a range of products (i.e bedding + kitchen + dining), no shipping costs, replacement/updating stale product lines, and long credit terms.

              The alternative is the Kmart/Aldi model, dealing directly with manufacturers but controlling the design, branding, packaging and distribution in house.

              You would think in the age of internet shopping, factory direct would have a revival and the middle man would be cut out of the capitalist model, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

              • @Shacktool:

                You would think in the age of internet shopping, factory direct would have a revival and the middle man would be cut out

                Because people still like being able to see, touch and try things before purchasing them. Plus being able to have it straight away and not wait for delivery.

                You can't do that with an online store

  • +1

    How do these rate for allergy sufferer's? I'm looking for a new quilt, and have seen some specifically marked as anti-allergy. Not sure if it's a marketing gimmick, or how any with natural fibres like this might compare?

    • +2

      So long as you're not allergic to lanolin.

      I have HORRID hayfever and some moderate skin things; and this does nothing (meaning: its good) to me.

      • Perfect, thanks! This sounds like a great option then. Now to decide which weight to get.

        • +2

          I'm a cold sleeper and manage my 700GSM almost year round.
          I think most people would be happy with the 500ish.
          You'd need to be a true hot-blood to need to go as thin as 300gsm though…

          If you alergies are nasal; I actually foudn the feint smell of sheep to be good at calming my oversensitivity to other scents in the air :)

  • +3

    The price jump between King and super king is insane!

  • Do wool quilts feel as soft and fluffy as down quilts? Are they similar lightness in weight? I'm just wondering how it compares as I currently use down quilts but I am wondering whether this would be a better option for a child. Thanks

    • +1

      Wool and down quilts are very different. Wool is heavier and tends to fit closer to your body. Down is warmer and much lighter but it's warmth level depends on the percentage and quality of the down, and goose down is warmer than duck down.

      • We have a wool quilt and we want to try a down quilt as we don't like the weight of wool quilts. Anyone knows a good price for down quilts?

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    3 x King quilts bought. Now to find good quality covers???

  • Will buying a better quilt like this help with bunching problems inside the quilt cover (eg quilt moving away from corners or one side of quilt). Or is that a problem with the quilt cover or not really avoidable?

    • +2

      I use big diaper safety pins in each corner :)

      • +1

        You can get a magnetic pin that is designed specifically for this reason. Works well

        • Where do I find this?!

          • +4

            @staceyasinme: I got the pin ones - was a bit nervous at first but they're very solid. Comes with the magnet to release them. They don't come off without the magnet, i tried pretty hard.

            The new clip model seems interesting too, will get them for the kids and see how they go!

            AU $1.53 20%OFF | New Blankets Quilt Fixer Fastener Comforter Bed Duvet Covers Holders Grippers Set

            AU $4.74 30%OFF | ABS 4Pcs/ Non Slip Gripper Round Shape Quilt Clips Fixer Needleless Cover Holder Fastener Bed Sheet Blankets Fastener Clips

    • I'm as curious as you on this. The one thing I've noticed so far is that the fluffier the quilt is, the less likely it will bunch up. Probably just due to the quilt trying to expand outwards as much as possible

  • Thanks OP, bought

  • Bought the 500g one, thanks!

  • Hi,

    Are there any Super King size ones a available?

    • Yes, it's in the link above.

  • Which would be suitable for the Sydney summer?

    • Under 500gsm for Sydney weather, I chose 500 and its getting to warm for spring

  • Queen 700gsm GONE!

    • +2

      There're some more at this link.

      • Thx. Got three 700gsm for Melbourne..

    • +4

      LPT. Get the King even for a queen bed. It drapes down the sides but not to the floor and keeps you really warm. Also, in a bed frame, you can tuck the end down between the bed frame and mattress for a good seal.

      This is also my tip for bed sheet sets. Buy separates and get a king flat sheet for the top on a queen bed. Easier to make and more comfy to sleep under. Less impact from a partner pulling sheets off you.

  • +2

    I bought this last time and erred on the side of caution buying the 500 one. Glad I did. It's perfectly warm, and even a little too warm at times. Imagine the 700 would be too warm. I feel the cold too and in Melbourne.

    I didn't buy the machine washable one but I'm not fussed. I've washed many 'dry clean only' things in my front loader on a hand wash cycle with wool wash soap and it's been fine.

    I also didn't want the scratchy noise as it moves as people were claiming the machine washable one did.

    As with all doona, go one size up from your bed so it hangs over enough.

    • +1

      Feel free to ignore this advice but I had a fantastic wool quilt (another brand) that was went through a gentle cycle using wool wash and the fibers matted themselves into hard felt clumps. Each quilted pocket had a hard lump of felt. No amount of shaking or prying could recover the wool. I don't think the option to ignore the dry clean only warning applies to loose, un-coated wool fibers.

      I too will likely buy a non-machine-washable one again because I worry that coating the fibers in polyurethane will spoil the qualities of the wool.
      But I'll either never wash it, or dry clean it if I'm desperate.

      • -1

        That's because wool quilts designed to be washed have a different wool in them compared to dry clean only quilts (the wool is treated differently)

      • Fair enough. I might not tempt this one then.

        In saying that, I always use a doona cover and rarely wash the doona itself. Once or twice per year I will take it outside and hang it in the sun to air/get some UV.

  • Does anyone know many years of usage should a quilt be replaced?

    • Why would it need replacing unless it's damaged?

      • The amount of bacteria, dust mite that built up over time. Some suggests replace them after 15 years. Depends on how well your care for yours too.

        • Put it out in the hot Aussie sun for a few days mate..

          • @FBI: Except where I live is well known for 4-seasons in one day weather.

  • +1

    I got the 500 GSM non washable ten years ago. Still good to this day but have bought the 700 this time as we did seem to use another light top blanket at times in winter.

    Washed fine too.

  • +2

    Op, what's the difference between these two? The price varies only by a dollar for the 700gsm King:



  • Can people who have this already advise how is this wool quilt different from having a blanket? Like what are the pros and cons?
    We have been using blanket for years and even machine washing them in our 10kg top loader.
    I am inclined to know what benefit will this offer over blanket? Like lighter or more fluffier? 8 am thinking of getting 700gsm.

    • +1

      It's hard to describe, but wool is an insulator, rather than a…. sealer?
      Where a blanket traps the heat insice your sleeping area, a woolen quilt simply slows the air-flow (the thicker, the more dramatically).

      This means, in winter, if you have a hot shower, and go to bed warm and snug, your body will be able to regulate that temperature much easier.
      While its still unlikely you want a quilt in summer, at least in spring, if you LIKE having a cover on, it also means you can KEEP using it for longer; since until it's stifling hot, it's still allowing circulation.

      Basically, it eliminates the 'kick the blankets off' because your hot, then wake up cold, risks.

      I used to have a 3 layer system: Mink Blanket, regular poly doonah, mink blanket. and I'd often still need long pants in winter.
      This winter? With the 700GSM wool quilt? I didn't even need PJ's; just boxers and 1 blanket.

      I havent made quite as happy a purchase in a few years :)

    • Went from a battle to stay warm in Canberra to always comfy. Ditched the electric. Go oversized and the drape makes for a really comfy sleep and easy make bed.

      Does the job of multi layers but doesn't get all misaligned.

  • Thanks OP. Just wondering how much do these normally go for?

  • Thanks Op, good reviews, bought a king 700gsm for Melbourne.

  • Got it for $43 even without the discount code and at 350gsm single from a different dealer there.

  • How do you wash quilts like this? I have a couple King size ones (and they’re great, this brand is awesome) but I’ve never washed them.
    I don’t think they’re the washable ones, is my only option dry cleaning or can I hose em down and hang them outside in the sun?
    How often do I need to wash them?

  • I received my King 700gsm today (13 days to metro Melbourne). I did not order a 'machine washable' one. On the tag it says "Warm gentle machine wash separately." Does anyone know if I accidentally received a machine washable quilt, or do they print that on all of them?

    • I got the same. When I sent them a message on eBay I got this response: "Sorry the dry clean one is out of stock atm. Our factory will only open next week so we use the machine washable one to replace it. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please don't hestate to contact us if you have any questions."

      I purposefully bought the dry clean one to avoid the rustle noise. I've messaged them back asking if I can swap it so I guess we'll see.

      • Same situation for me. They didn't seem to recognize that they did anything wrong. I tried to find out how they make their wool washable, but only got a cut-and-paste description of hot water 'pre-shrinking' from another website. It took so long to arrive I suppose I will just cop it.

        Did you swap yours?

        • Yup. New one arrived Thursday but I need to pick it up from Australia Post.
          Was not fun to pack back up though. Can let you know how I find the difference once i get the new one.

          • @staceyasinme: That would be great to know. I feel like the Japara cover seems to contribute most to the rustling noise, rather than the filling. I would describe the washable filling as a little 'crispy' though, rather than super soft.