[Pre Order, PC] Battlefield 2042 $69 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $100 Order to Select Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


PC Battlefield 2042 $69 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi
Release Date - 19/11/21

Battlefield 2042
Model: 159692
SKU: 523127
PLU: 5030949123022

Battlefield™ 2042 is a first-person shooter that marks the return to the iconic all-out warfare of the franchise.
Format - PC Games
Genre - First Person Shooter
Rating - MA15+
Consumer Advice - Strong violence, online interactivity and in-game purchases
Release Date - 19/11/21
Pre-Order Price Guarantee
When you pay for your pre-order upfront and the price drops before release day you will be refunded the difference shortly after release.

When will I get my pre-order?
Pre-order products are generally shipped 1 day before the official release date and will be delivered based on the speed option you selected in the checkout at the time of purchase.

When pre-orders are released for delivery
Pre-orders placed 3 or more business days before release: Dispatched from our Victorian warehouse 1 day prior to the official release date.
Pre-orders placed within 3 business days of release: May not be dispatched until after the official release date.

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    • i guess some might prefer click n collect (places w/o lockdown…)?

    • +12

      Would prefer to support an Australian business

      • -1

        Yes indeed

  • +15

    Oh wow this looks awesome! I can't wait to….

    NOT PREORDER. And buy it after release as I have been burnt too many times.

    looks at CYBERPUNK*

    • No Man's Sky.
      Fallout 76.
      Only buy them after the developers have fixed the bugs and added good content.

      • +1

        Argument can be made that without the early investors, those games wouldn't have survived to be what they are today.

        • Don't know about you, but I am a gamer, not an investor.
          If I'm an investor, then I expect some dividend or profit.

  • The only game where pre-ordering is even a consideration.

    • +9

      To be honest, there is absolutely zero reason to preorder until at least you try the beta

      • +1

        Early beta access?

        • +2

          Upon pre-ordering, you will receive a code which will give you early access to the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta

      • +1

        Sure most people should try the open beta first but also many already know exactly what they are getting themselves into with it being a Battlefield game…

        And there are indeed perks for pre-ordering which are valuable to some.

        It's nothing like pre-ordering a game like Cyberpunk 2077 for example.

      • +2

        You can pre order on Amazon to get the beta code, and then cancel the preorder if the beta isn't to your liking.

        • Have you tried this yourself? Does Amazon send the beta code via email?

    • +1

      Wasn’t Battlefield V terrible at launch?

      • I honestly could not find any faults in it but I joined in I think a month or two after launch so they could have fixed all the bugs by then but yeah BFV was great 2 months after launch.

  • Free delivery for over $100 spend.

  • +2

    Amazon has cheaper. Digital copies will have it cheaper. This is not a bargain, but rather clutter. Not to mention, it costing delivery will add more money, thus being barely a discount from the original price.

    • -1

      It's the same price on Amazon, not cheaper. If you want it launch day you can click & collect at JB with no postage fee. Amazon more convenient with the free delivery though.

  • $69? Nice.

  • I'd rather throw my money at an indie game company, say Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

  • +1

    Is this Steam or EA ?

    • +1

      i guess this is EA game so should be on Origin.

    • It's on both Steam and Origin.

    • +3

      First line of the description says “ CODE IN BOX. REDEEMED VIA ORIGIN.”

  • Steam or Origin?

    • +1

      i guess this is EA game so should be on Origin.

    • It's on both Steam and Origin.

    • +1

      First line of the description says “ CODE IN BOX. REDEEMED VIA ORIGIN.”

  • +3

    STOP preordering games.

    • We will never learn and that is why they can still do this shit.

  • +3

    Another pre-order new game? Come on…

  • Hi everyone, dumb question but I've recently transitioned to PC gaming and was wondering how purchasing the game works. Will JB Hi Fi be emailing me a physical copy of like a card which has the key that I need to enter into Origin to redeem the game? What's the quickest way to get the game on launch day, do any retailers have the option to just email you the codes directly on release?


    • Origin or steam will send you a key via email, just as a secondary site like CD Keys will, and prices may not differ that much.

      BF games usually have some glitches ironed out in the first few months, so no need to hurry. You may save a tenner so, and miss booking a cabin on the hypetrain, but get to enjoy a better balanced game.

    • +1

      Generally speaking: if you purchase digital games through the store front of choice (Steam, Origin, Ubisoft etc) then it's added to the account you logged in as, just like PSN or Xbox stores. Or you can purchase it as a gift to send to someone else.

      If you purchase a digital copy through a third party digital store (Fanatical, Humble Store etc) they usually either display your keys in your account section on that site, or you'll sign into your account through their site to link the game to your account.

      Digital purchases at physical stores like JB or EB Games, they usually just send the key via email.

      If you buy a retail copy of a game, you will usually get a physical box or DVD case with a code inside (printed on the manual, or a separate leaflet) which you can redeem on the respective store. Usually the store description or the box packaging itself will tell you that, and which platform the code is for. You may or may not get a physical game install disc.

      In this particular case, JB will mail you a physical box that contains a code to redeem on Origin, there likely won't be any disc. Will there be anything else inside the box? Who knows. Maybe just some marketing materials.

      Occasionally these physical purchases can be sent early and get to you on or before launch today, but usually they could arrive a day or two after. So if getting the game on launch day is important, then either click and collect or a digital purchase is the way to go.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one posting don't preorder games, it promotes them releasing buggy crap.

    • +3

      Companies have been releasing buggy crap before pre-orders were a thing. And nowdays they use roadmaps on top, you are always being sold a dream; either of what it could be when it is released, or what it might become with updates.

      I would argue a better justification for don't pre-order is to see how much monetiseation they crammed in, which annoyingly can get crammed in later with an update. In reality there is no good time to buy a game. A reason to pre-order Battlefield (or other MP games) is to play it while the playerbase exists.

      • Even a huge franchise with millions of sales like Final Fantasy XV abandoned its roadmap and left us with an unfinished game.

  • Buy it from BHP for $130 delivered bundled with a WD 500GB WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe Internal SSD. When you minus $69, makes the SSD like $60. 24hr sale I believe.

    • +1

      Confirmed that they will email you the code? It's going to take about 2 weeks delivery on it.

      500gb bundle - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1653885-REG/wd_wdbb9j... (~161.95 AUD, roughly 92.95AUD for the 500GB drive)

      1TB bundle - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1653884-REG/wd_wdbb9j... (~268.34 AUD, roughly 200AUD for the 1TB drive)

      The SN750 is already around 200 AUD on most stores listed on staticice but the 500GB is around $110 so you are saving a bit on the 500GB one.

      • Yep my bad, the calculations were off. Initial PayPal estimate was only for the drive, not delivery etc. Also posted to the recent Firecuda sale and they also noticed the calculations. Just cancelled my order (as was backorder anyway) with no issues. Amazon though has the bundle for around $150 I believe?


  • how do you go about getting the beta for preordered customers

    • +1

      Personallly I got a messsage;

      Thanks for your pre-order for Battlefield 2042 - Windows PC. We are currently trying to source your beta code and expect that code will be available to you by Tuesday, 5 October 2021.

      From what I understand that's the timeframe; October 5th gets the code to preload the game, October 6th the beta starts for pre-orderers. October 8th is open Beta

      • Where did you get that message on email or sms?

      • +1

        How did you receive this code?

        • I rang JBHIFI and they emailed me the code

  • So for those that pre-ordered online through JB Hi-Fi, when and how did you get your open beta early access code? How long after placing your order?

    I’ve made the purchase, but no sign of a code as yet.

    • The guy that I spoke to said if you preordered online it will be emailed

      • Thanks, you called the store you ordered from?

        I figured it might be an automated process, but it’s been a couple of hours and nothing as yet. Perhaps I need to wait for someone to manually process it during trading hours?!