Detail Guardz Hose Rollers $12 (Was $21) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Repco


If you're like me and curse every time the hose gets stuck around the tyres when washing your car then this is the bargain for you. This is for a pair. Normally $21. Currently on clearance for $12.

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  • +8

    A solution to an incredibly specifc problem.. I like it.

  • You have too much money, share it with me

  • -1

    Only for the trade I reckon. 🤔

  • these are the best, got a set for full price not long ago and i have 0 regrets.

  • +2

    Geez, I think it would take more time to find and set these thing up than to just loosen up the hose around your tyres. I'm not an enthusiastic car cleaner, maybe if I was I'd have a technique that avoided the hose jam problem.

    • Just do like every self serve car wash and mount your hose on a hook above the car

    • Put 2 pot plants either side of each tyre and itll do the same thing and water your plants at the same time

  • you could just chock your wheels with a cost nothing piece of wood.

  • I had this idea 20 years ago. I called them hose helpers. Didn’t even make a prototype as it wasn’t worth the bother. All those millions I could be enjoying right now…/s

  • Got 2. Made in Canada apparently

  • I just put wooden blocks under the wheel with rounded edges. Total cost: $0

    • jv, did you miss this one?

      I've yet to find a wheel with square edges 😜