Husqvarna LC118 2.2kw 460mm (18'') Lawn Mower $535 @ Sydney Tools


Seems to be good mower

Husqvarna LC118 2.2kw 460mm (18'') Lawn Mower
A robust but easy to use lawn mower with 46cm (18”) deck, powerful OHV engine and four cutting blades to give a superior cut and finish to your lawn. Features include dual ball bearing wheels, comfort grip folding handles with quick action cam locks, safety zone starting, large plastic catcher and eight cutting heights. Comes complete with mulch insert.


Double ball bearing wheels
Upturned handles provide optimal hand and arm position while cutting plus comfort grips help reduce vibration and fatigue
Large Wheels
Folding handles
Quick and easy adjustment of the grass cutting height. One lever controls the whole deck.
Excellent versatility thanks to the two different cutting systems: Collection and BioClip® (mulching). Supplied standard with a grass collector and BioClip® mulch insert.

Engine: Petrol (unleaded)
Drive System: Push
Cutting Width: 46cm
Cylinder Displacment: 139cm/3
Engine Power: 2.2 kw

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    Anyone got this and is happy with it?

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      I like the colour.

  • Looks to be this price at all Husqvarna dealers.. nice looking mower though.

  • I have the LC19a and can't fault it, been going strong for 5 years and very happy with it

  • if your gonna buy a mower trust me and get yourself a self propelled mower but something decent.. Got one for $1400 at the time and will last me a life time..

    Toro commericial mower:

    built like a tank but makes light work of all grass and no need to push, engine is a kawasaki 180CC..

    • What made you not go for a Honda self propelled for the same price? I'm most likely picking up a Honda

      • This is alot more robust and bullet proof, people jump on the honda because of the name but have a talk to a number of actually businesses and they see the decline in quality from honda. I have used the kawasaki engine before but in a push series mower and it was bullet proof and tackled anything thrown at it, wet thick, tall you name it. If you see the build quality of this toro and compare it to the honda it is way ahead. This thing is what you would see in the old days and go they actually built them to last.

        I wouldn't go for the other toro walk behind mowers as its made from plastic crap but this thing is quality. I've seen the honda and did consider it when i was looking into mowers and even hasqvarna and never thought about toro but after research and reviews and talks with mower businesses and contractors they got me onto the toro and I can see why. I have used it for now 2 years and works brilliantly, although the only down side is if you need to mow with alot of 180 degree turns then you may want to go with a lighter plastic composed mower but for longevity for life this is the one. And life i mean literally I expect this to last 40 years no probs as long as there are parts which i have no problem getting for toro.

        hope it helps, but i know i did some serious research before purchase. I got it from bunnings as a special order as they were the cheapest by about $350, not sure you can get it from them anymore as a special order but worth an ask if interested.

    • I've got the same question here, why not the Honda? (HRU216 the commercial one?)

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    I wouldn't look at anything under 160cc tbh for petrol.

    • So how do I tell how many CC this Husqvarna mower has?

      • Cylinder Displacment: 139cm/3

        2nd last line

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          Thanks. However, I just watched some YouTube videos. Commercial mowers are more suitable for larger lawns. And self propelled mowers is not good idea for lawns with much curvers, corners or got lots of landscape obstacles.

          • @Lone star: Yea I'm not talking commercial for over 160cc… You need that power to cut properly and throw the cuttings back into the bag properly or mulch if you are wanting that.

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      Totally agree. I bought the Ryobi mower with the Subaru EA190V 190cc engine for around this money. With 5.5hp (4.1Kw), I consider this adequate power for a mower when compared to my previous smaller engined mowers.

      In fact, my previous mower was 140cc, and it struggled in thick couch. The more your mower struggles, the longer it takes to mow your lawn.

      • 100% same page

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    Electric's the way to go

      • Wow, the mowers from Aldi weight 48kgs. However I've never heard the brand Ferrex. Wonder how reliable this mower is.

        • would you buy it mate?

          • @Yaren24: I normally read reviews and recommendations before I buy buy stuff

            • @Lone star: So the answer is no for this mower right?

              • @Yaren24: I wouldn't buy a mower from ALDI. It'll most likely break and be impossible to return.

                • @placard: Actually Aldi is awesome when their stuff breaks. They can't replace it so you get a refund if it's broken after say a year. I've had a mate buy a mower from them for $99 (clearance) 3yr warrantee. It broke after 2yrs, they refunded him as couldn't replace it at the time (no mowers on sale).

                  • @quikstix: So many conflict reviews aboutu aldi mowers though

                    • @Yaren24: I've been trying to kill mine for the last 3yrs and finally just finished warranty and no issues. It hasn't even been serviced… I'm kinda disappointed I couldn't break it lol

                      • @quikstix: But would you pay $500 for the aldi mower, its battery warranty is only 1 year though

                        • @Yaren24: Petrol I wouldn't bother with battery but I have a 800m2 lawn. I paid $139 for my 169cc aldi mower bumped up its rpm and she does well considering. I just want a self propelled one with a little more power

                          • @quikstix: I have 2500m2, I am looking to buy a new one

                            • @Yaren24: Then battery is definitely the wrong direction for you. I have 800 inside and about 200 outside as on a corner plot with large nature strip. I've contemplated ride on to make it easier and quicker lol. You need to be looking at ride on for that size

                              • @quikstix: Yeah I am not sure what I should be buying though for a large land

                                • @Yaren24: I have a few mates on 2000+ and all have ride ons. I mean hell pushing or walking behind a mower doing all that would be a bugger. I'm assuming all of that is grass or? Mine is 95% grass hence its an easy choice for me

                                  • @quikstix: Yes all flat grass mate, this is a tricky one

                                    • @Yaren24: Ride on 😁

                                      • @quikstix: No money bro, i wish i can afford one though

                                        • @Yaren24: With 2500 I'm sure you can figure it out 😂 I can't even afford that much land lol

                                          • @quikstix: I am renting in rural, it's different bro

                                            • @Yaren24: Ahhh yea gotcha… Man a push mower would suck with that

                                              • @quikstix: i don't know man, that's all i can afford at this stage

      • I've got a Greenworks one from Costco. Even my 7yo can mow, its light, safe (instantly stops when the bar handle is let go.

  • Definitely if you have the money buy the self propelled the adv of huskys is they have a 5 year warranty.
    But otherwise this mower is great it will last 20 years im still using one that old and a chainsaw and a whipper snipper. they never break.