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Indomie Mi Goreng Hot and Spicy Flavour Instant Noodles 80g X 5 Packets $2.73 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Not the lowest price but pretty good delivered with Prime

Like them if you remove the water and mix all ingredients!!!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • how does this compare to the original? That's the only one I've tried.

    • +1

      Imo way better. Flavours are bolder.

    • A lot spicier. My favourite is actually the BBQ Chicken variety but the Hot and Spicy is nice too. If you think the original is either hot or spicy I'd advise you against using the full contents of the sachet.

  • +8

    Like them if you remove the water


    • +8

      The only time I eat mi gorengs with water is when camping and bought the ones in a cup.

      I had a friend who use to eat a whole 5 pack slab in one go then we'd play war craft 3 DOTA Allstars.

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        Even the cup one tells you to drain it.

      • +1

        Holy shit. Tell me more about this person who ate 5 at once. How big was the bowl

          • @cloudie9: This is very tempting

          • @cloudie9: Love the jumbo kind, used to get them all the time at the Asian grocers for a reasonable price. Now I just use two of the smaller packs.

        • +2

          and the belly…

        • I can do 4 because I have a super big bowl perfect for it but man it is a lot.. 5 is quite crazy.

        • +1

          He was about 150kg, we were 17-18 and all went to the gym and trained pretty hard but he just took eating to new levels. Once walking back from the gym he ate 2 foot long subway subs then 2 blocks up the street ducked into the local Macca's for a large double quarter pounder meal. The 5 packets was crazy I maxxed out at about 3 back in the day (80kg dude).

          I reckon 2 packets is a good level,. 1.5 portions would be perfect.

      • I had a 3 pack once when I was young and in uni, and wanted to throw up after that… Pathetic, I know..

        Speaking of which we used to buy a whole pack of 40 for $8 (20c a pop!) at the local asian grocer…. its apparently a lower quality than the ones in coles…

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    the normal flavour is also the same price https://www.amazon.com.au/Indo-Mie-Goreng-Instant-Noodle/dp/…

    long shipping times

  • I never went back to the original flavour, this is the superior version.

  • +3

    What sort of psychopath has mi goreng with water?

  • +3

    Coles has a single packet for 50c each, so if you buy 5 you save 16c! Plus you can mix n match flavours if you don't want a 5 pack of the same flavour.

    • +1

      This man bargains.

      $2.50 for 5 vs this deal $2.66 for 5.

      I guess the only benefit of Amazon is if you reach the $39 free delivery spend you save on delivery if you can't click and collect or go in store to pick up.


      Can't believe the 5 pack is $3.00 now I think this inflation hits harder than the milk inflation imho.

    • +2

      Or 16c to have an amazon flex slave to deliver it.

    • What I find funny is that ever since Coles increased the 5 pack to $3 they seem to have the 50c each offer which is better imho, you can have a variety pack for $2.50 (which still beat their old $2.75 price).

      Reject Shop have also increased by 25 cents :/

      • That is true and with the new $2 6 hour delivery brackets it can be quite cheaper to buy it this way.

  • -2

    original tastes much better imo. spicy version is too strong on the tongue which takes away the balance of flavours.

  • +1

    Reng on bargain bloke

    • Came here to comment this

  • +2

    U add a bit more kecap manis or sweet soy sauce to top up the flavour… Or put abit more chilli sauce..

  • you must try the satay flavour, its the best!

  • Thought these were 2$ a 5 pack not long ago, all they're worth to be honest.

    Shin Ramen better imo

    • They're really different tastes. Shin Ramyun (with a 6min egg) is great for when you want something soupy and spicy that will warm you up. Mi Goreng (with a fried egg, sunny side up, is when you want something tasty and not too filling (i.e. not soupy).

      • True, I've had both obviously and different flavours. Less noodles with mi Goreng and is more of a snack. Good adding veg to Shin Ramen to make it into a good meal. The seasonings aren't healthy for either but each to their own.

  • Ayam Geprek is the best. The Premium Collection flavours are pretty good too.


    Chitato flavour is the weirdest (comes with crushed up potato chips for sprinkling over the top).

  • Back in stock again, i tried it last time. Inside the noodles are the same, the sarachi chili package is replace with chili powder package, the garlic oil package is replace with and orange oil package this what give it a different flavour, the other two seasoning are the same. As for the chili level I think it just about 30% more spicy in the mouth but because it powder it have a quite latent after affect in the bowel (I am quite sensitive to chili but still love eating them)

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