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Orient Mako III (Kamasu) RA-AA0001B19B Automatic 200M Men's Watch $267 Delivered @ Creation Watches


Was browsing the store and tried out this code and it worked. It gives 5% off, bringing the watch price down to $267. Judging from previous posts, this seems to be a decent price.

Tempted to purchase but I have too many watches already…

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  • Change to US currency for a further discount :)

    Also, there is the blue dial at the same price: https://www.creationwatches.com/products/orient-watches-252/...

    It appears that this may be a 'grey' import version based on the product code ending in a B instead of A. Not sure if there is any difference in the build quality

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      I don't think there's any official Orient Dealers in Australia anyway :S
      Closest we get is Amazon, but I'm not sure Orient will honour their warranty…

  • These look like decent quality and spec, falling under the Seiko brand. You could still get Invicta Pro-divers for a lot cheaper but either should be ok.

    • Full list of Kamasu on sale.
      Can get for as low as $226 with a diver band.
      Metallic band not worth it.

      It's odd some have sapphire, some have mineral crystal.

      • Saphire and red tip on seconds hand is kamasu. Naming gets confusing. The metal wrist band is not bad. Runs a few minutes behind after a few day to a week and the crown needs care as it looks fragile. I've had the blue for almost a year, wear it a few time a week and not a scratch on the glass. Not sure mineral would have survived, we are building a new house and I'm usually doing bits of work on site. The green one looks very nice.

        • I've got a few ray II, Mako, Mako II, and crown looks fragile on all of them

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      Orient is not a part of Seiko. Orient falls under th Seiko Epson brand.

      • Yes that's what I meant

        Swiss made watches are usually the way to go which is why I mentioned Invicta, some of them use a Japanese movement (nothing wrong with the Seiko NH35 movement).
        Don't know why the neg, they go on and Amazon here pretty cheap all the time.

        • i have a few invictas with the n35 …..great value for money.

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          Swiss made watches are usually the way to go

          Why? I don't own any Swiss watches, am I missing out on something?

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            @WatchNerd: Yeah just better quality overall and built to last. Usually get what you pay for.

            • @G-rig: Fair enough, I guess I just have issues with the deception behind the laws regarding where companies are allowed to state where their products are made. Not saying it's just Swiss watches that do this.

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              @G-rig: You won't find a swiss watch at this price point for what the orient offers. Don't get me wrong I have a few swiss and german dress watches, great watches but all are over $1200. Love my Junghans Max Bill but nowhere to wear now with Sydney lock down :(

              For a daily beater the kamasu at under $300 is a decent watch.

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            @WatchNerd: I'm going to strongly disagree that Swiss means being better.
            The stamp "swiss made" means 50% of it needs to be assembled in Switzerland and inspected there (if quartz) or 80% if mechanical.

            • @Deadalready: Yeah agree it's not a blanket rule just a guideline on quality and reliability with known decent brands with a long term history in watch making. Obviously there are a heap of options around, just been to find the best quality for the money.

              Sounds like the crown/stem issue is something to consider on these. No watch is perfect but you'd expect them to be durable and last for a long time.

  • Orient is a lot of value with an in house movement. I have the Mako II and it makes the perfect beater watch.

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    Going to checkout adds 10% for GST, so total price actually AUD $293.68 (or USD $210.10 which works out a bit cheaper)

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    The stem on mine broke within six months. It's a known issue. No warranty in Australia and Joma, where I bought mine, specifically doesn't cover stems. Parts are very hard to come by. It was pretty and one of my favourite watches, but is just collecting dust now.

    • No hard to fix to yourself with basic tools and YouTube. Alternatively, order the part and take to a watch smith for a cheap and quick fix.

      • yeah i heard this a lot

        orients break stems but i havent bought on for a long time

        i think any decent watchmaker should be able to cut a generic stem to fit however i'd be impressed if you could get this done for under $200 in australia

  • Not a bad watch (I have Mako I, Mako II) but the band mounting on the case works loose early on .. :-( .. !! Prefer Citizen Ecodrive Nighthawk (again, I have a couple) .. !!

  • The code has expired and 10% GST will be applied.

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    Just watched a review on the Mako, they mentioned this site. $162 USD, Free shipping, 1y international warranty. May be handy if people were still chasing one.

    Interesting no minute markers on the bezel for a drive watch, should be marked out to the first 15 minutes to time dives (and for ISO certification), apparently the bezel could be a bit easier to turn and the crown looks a bit Small for the watch. lume is not bad for the price, as is the bracelet (push pin, Hollow end links).

    Kamasu with sapphire is probably worth the extra.