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[Pre Order] iPhone 13 Pro 1TB Outright $2499 (RRP $2569) @ Telstra (Existing Customers)


rrp $2569.
you can pay it off outright or over 12/24/36 months.
discount applies to orher models too.
cheaper than buying at jb hifi etc.
you must have an existing telstra service or sign up to one.
you could buy cheaper with apple gift cards points deal from woolworths if you can be bothered.

note optus say they match.
won't be delivered for a month too so compare wait times

Delivery from 24/9/2021

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    My brain

    Reading this


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    This was a tough one to read.

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          Dearly departed?

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    $2500 phone

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      Madness, just madness.

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      transfer 1TB @ usb 2.0 speeds

      • would only take a … century!

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    Camera lenses looking more and more ugly

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    Is there some new AI on the iPhone Pro Max (lol) that can decipher this message?

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    This price is for Pro, not Pro Max

  • ur link is pro, not pro max

    • I was curious. The Pro Max is listed at $2699. Yikes.

  • can't wait to buy The iPhone Pro

  • Thanks Op, bought 3

  • Iphone pro max outright price is $2699 , nearly no difference.

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    Is this iphone 13?

    • -4

      No it’s “iStupidity 13”

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    No phone is worth $2500 sorry.

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      Say that again when they come out with the bitcoin mining phone

  • That's iPhone 13 Pro. Am I missing anything?

  • whats the discount?

    • Was going to ask the same thing

  • Better off, getting 5% off gift cards to JBHifi etc.

    The real effort comes in getting a no fee (monthly/annual), no other rewards, credit card which has up to $400 cash back.
    Up on spending target amount within set months (mostly 4K in 4mth).
    Considering the phone is already upwards of 2500$, won’t be hard to meet the minimum spend with daily expenses.

    Then cancel after u get your cash back.

    Note; It may affect your credit rating.

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      You're not wrong, but it's hard to get $2500 of JB GC. You would have to buy over several months or through multiple rewards gateways.

      • What do you mean? Do they limit the amount of gift cards you can buy?

        • +1

          Most rewards portals have some sort of limit of GC that you can buy for X% off, yes.

          e.g. AAMI Lucky Club (Suncorp) - Please be advised that there is a purchase limit of $1,000 per day, $1,000 per week, $1,000 per month for JB HiFi eGift Cards, and an annual purchase limit of $5,000.

    • +1

      What about using the card for daily expenses instead and buying a cheaper phone?

  • Telstra’s pre-orders are always a sh**show, my brother in law is still waiting for his “delivers on launch day” Galaxy Z Flip 3, and ever time I’ve ordered in the past there have been lengthy delays.

    This “deal” is less than 3% which is pretty crappy.

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    2.7% off!

    You'd save more money by refinancing your home loan to buy it at RRP!

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    The lens looks like 'Fidget spinner'

    • +2

      You're two years late buddy, it's looked like a fidget spinner since the 11 Pro.

      • Ha ha ha, did not realise that until now 😁

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    Nothing new, only price is new….

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    Buy a $499 android and invest $2000.

    • +1

      Or buy a runout iPhone XR and invest..

    • +1

      That would be a pretty bad phone for $499. Not really comparable. Maybe pay $1500 for the new pixel 6 pro or a Samsung galaxy s21.

      • -4

        Bought a $250 Android with hardware capabilities effectively equal to flagships 2-3 years ago max.

        Marketing is too damned effective at telling people existing tech is uselessly slow.

        • +3

          Huh? Main reason I moved from 12 years of android to an iPhone was stores that offer support, battery replacement program, performance that lasts 5 years, support that lasts 5 years, high quality product that can survive life, a camera system you can rely on for great photos of life. Your $250 android phone does none of those things. Glad it suits you!

        • -2

          Androids are better phones, full stop, but I care about security so use an Apple.
          Anyone that claims an Android in expert hands is just as secure as an iPhone doesn't have a clue.

          The Recent FluBot wave is just one of may SMS's that can install malware on Android phones.

          Sure Apple is not immune but chalk and cheese.

          • +1

            @SpamMeNotInOz: "Androids are better phones, full stop, but I care about security so use an Apple."

            You are delusional. There are 2,000 android phones out there, and you are saying they are all better than Apple?? None of them are. Sure, some are cheaper, or can bend, that's it.

      • +2

        No idea why you'd still be spending $1500 on a Galaxy S21 when there's been countless deals on here for far below that..

        Also unsure why you think S21 is the only Android phone that can be comparable.

        • What other android have near 5 years support with local stores?

          • @onlinepred: So your reasoning is to have 1 $1500+ phone that will have updates for 5 years and hope the rest of the phone doesn't die. "Local stores" become quite pointless then, nowhere is advertising a 5 year warranty on their phones and OnePlus, Xiaomi etc phones can be fixed locally.

            I understand you don't mind taking your already prohibitively expensive device to a physical Apple store to get ripped off yet again, but remember this is Ozbargain and not Apple forums.

            What amazes me is that this isn't even Apple's top of the line device. Imagine spending $2500 on a phone and not even getting the 'best' available.

      • Poco F3, quality phone actually

        But yah you don't compare android phones to iOS phones

  • +5

    Doesn't matter if this is an iPhone or Android handset, $2.5K is ridiculous.

    • +1

      Agree, s21 ultra and z fold are not far from that.
      And just to follow apple marketing strategy, they don't include a charger.

    • It's certainly hefty, but no one is making you pay $2500, it's not like it's the only model, it's the very top model. Clearly you aren't aware you can get the normal 13 for about half that price, or you are but that doesn't play into your "OMG, how disgusting" hysteria. At that price we are talking top end with maxed out screen size, maxed out storage, extra camera lenses, better lenses, extra graphics core etc. This version is more akin to a compact high end camera and tablet disguised as a phone. I mean, just because you want a 4WD, doesn't mean you need to spend $130K on the Landcruiser Sahara, you can get a much more reasonable lower spec model, there's no gun to your head.

      • At that price we are talking top end with maxed

        And not even include a charger

      • it's the very top model.

        It's not even? There's an iPhone 13 Pro Max above this. Would be $2719 for the same 1TB setup

        So technically you're paying $2500 for the middle model.

        • Yes, you are correct, I was confusing my chats and was also posting in one about the Max. The Max is only the bigger screen and longer battery, every other point of my comment remains true though, its a high end phone for a high end use, there is still the cheaper model at half that price.

          • @Maximum64:

            it's a high end phone

            It'll want to be for $2500 lol.

            The Max is only the bigger screen and longer battery

            Only arguably the two best features to have improved. If you're already paying over $2500, what's another $150 (~5.8%)

            • @pennypincher98: The bigger screen for real estate would definitely be nice visually, and no one has ever complained about longer battery life, but my Mrs has the 12 Plus or Max or whatever they called it last year and stuff carrying that around in your pocket all the time, it's a brick purely due to the screen size, catch-22 on that. I still have an X that until recently was still running very nicely, perfect size I reckon balancing real estate vs pocketability, and had been hoping to hold out to next year for the 14, but after a couple of recent clumsy drop incidents it is barely holding on, so have ordered the normal sized 13 Pro. Pricey yeah, but I am willing to pay the extra for the better low light sensitivity and extra lens. The upgrade price for those features is less than any single one of my SLR camera lenses. If I didn't want that, then I would definitely just go the standard 13, half the price for only a very slight drop in features.

              Oh, and BTW, when I originally posted my first reply, OP had incorrectly listed this as being for the Pro Max, just realised which thread this was and why I was initially commenting about the Pro Max. The title of the deal was then corrected bt the time you came along and read my comments.

  • +1

    $2.5k for a phone. Almost as bad as all the content by Zoomers on tikTok

  • you could buy cheaper with apple gift cards points deal from woolworths if you can be bothered.

    Hand over your OzBargain license please

  • +3

    time to sell a kidney (can run on 1 only I assume?)

    • +2

      Yes 1 kidney is fine

      • +2

        Don't need one when you got this for less than an iPhone 13

        • +1

          not bad for 2k

    • What if I already sold 1 last year for the 12? Will I have to wait for the 14?

      • Nah kidneys regenerate every year it's fine

  • Phone is not fine

  • +2

    I'm all for more storage but why this much on a phone? How can you justify that much?
    I'm glad they are offfering the 1TB option and I recognise it's different compared to an Android phone where you have access to the entire file system via usb. It doesn't make the phone faster or anything besides more space so what gives? What would someone use that storage for that they can't have/get something else to use for storage? I want to know.

    Also I don't think a phone is worth this price.

    • I want to know too. I read the main selling point in Iphone 13 is the camera and cinematic editing features. So maybe it's for people that do alot of movie making?

      • I can kind of stand behind that. Raw video files at that resolution can take up a lot of space. I'd like to think that someone in that business would want to use a lapop/desktop for editing and it doesn't make sense to me to keep the files on the phone in that case.

        Maybe you'd argue that it's for someone who doesn't want to buy a camera and laptop and just have that functionality in their phone.. but I'd call that a niche use case. The experience for editing must be pretty good.

        Spending another minute thinking about this and honestly I think it's simply that people will just buy it and it also makes their "cheaper" models more affordable.

    • This is probably not enough storage for the usage case which is taking video at 4k 30 fps on Prores. Think about how much a camera and lens combo will cost compared to this Iphone if it suites your usage case.

  • Still way toooooo expensive for me, for now I’m still good with my 6s. No way I’m going to spend that much for latest iPhone

    • +1

      It's certainly hefty, but no one is making you pay $2500, it's not like it's the only model, it's the very top model. You can get the normal 13 for about half that price, or the SE for a quarter that price. At that price point we are talking very top end model with maxed out screen size, maxed out storage, extra camera lenses, better lenses, extra graphics core etc. It sounds like it was never intended for your use case scenario.

    • This is the most expensive iPhone model all specced out. Why would you sell an ancient unsupported 6p for it? Clearly you are after cheapo phones instead.

  • Wait couple of years and it will be in prepaid bargain stands at woollies

  • +2

    What people must remember (including myself at times) that there are still tens of thousands/millions of people worldwide that wouldn’t even blink an eye to drop that sort of cash on a Phone/Device as their own Perceived Value/Benefits of having to own it (even if the device has very little changes and is still in a very locked down, controlled eco system) can be priceless to them or they just want it and have the cash to throw at it and that’s good for them😊

    I hate to imagine what the prices of Consumer Tech is going to be like when Inflation starts really showing up mixed with the Long-Term Costs of the continued Trade Wars, Commodity/Chip Shortages, Scalping/ Reselling Craze, The Looming Collapse of Evergrande and other Major Logistic Issues during the Pandemic etc.

    The Consumer has shown the Manufactures/Vendors how much extra they still are prepared to pay for their products in a Crisis, that’s why now we are starting to see Manufactures and Vendors adjust their Recommended Retail Price (RRP) to reflect it.

    You can’t really blame it one party or the other it’s just part of living in a Society Driven by Divide and Rule Policies & Politics, Overall Systemic Greed.

    • why all the random capitalisation?

  • Can this one be used for coins mining?

  • Apple's way to hit $2.5 Trillion by end of year

    • not too soon, heaps of law suites on their way

  • I'm waiting for the iphone 14 so I can lay out $3,999 for it…

  • -1

    Should be iPhone X Pro++++. Cause look same as 4 years ago..

    • Nah, quite different to the X. But there is a compelling argument it should be the 12S or similar naming. This shape only came in last year.

      • The front look same to me. New colour and upgrade a bit of the camera iPhone will go for another year.. LOL

      • Perhaps they’re doing away with the ‘S’ naming, given they’ve only used it once since the 7 came out.

  • that's a…. deal?

    • It's not. Just some people like to troll post.

  • +2

    Cheaper just go and get apple gift card from ShopBack 4% off. $2466.24. No Telstra needed.

  • Lol, who would pay 2.5k for a phone when there are so many good options for under 1k… This is why we can't have nice things

    • This is how you can have nice things though

  • there are ways to get it cheaper.

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