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WAVLINK 8K Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station with 60W Charging $260.99 (10% off) Delivered @ Wavlink Direct AU via Amazon AU


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With thunderbolt Titan chipset, supports pure DP1.4, achieve single output max. at 8K (7680 x [email protected]), dual display from [email protected] to 4K (4096 x [email protected]).
130W power supply provides 60W power charging to your laptop.
Compatible with USB C laptops that supports Displayport Alt Mode and power delivery.

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  • Note: This will not work with a M1 MacBook for more than one external display. You need a DisplayLink device if you want M1 mac + 2 external displays (total of 3).

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      I thought they just couldnt do 2 external screens ?
      It was a limitation of the graphics on the chip

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        I believe it can do two external screens, but they have to be showing the same thing - limitation of macOS

        • macOS is not limited to that. I use three screens on my mac.

      • Havent tried this but https://youtu.be/sNkhlPqv0Cg

      • I thought they just couldnt do 2 external screens ?

        Natively, no (for Macbook Pro/Air M1). The DisplayLink approach is essentially a hack and that hack works not just for Macs, but PCs as well. Basically, it uses one USB 3 port and software based emulation. Interestingly, DisplayLink was something people moved away from (especially for Mac users previously), but now with the M1 issue, people are re-accepting it (though some Mac users are not accepting that so they are waiting for M1X or M2). It's software based so if you had issue / quirks with it previously, just because it is M1, don't expect those issues to be magically resolved.

        It was a limitation of the graphics on the chip

        That's partially correct. Apple only wired one DisplayPort to the USB-C ports. It could be M1 only supports 1 DisplayPort. However, given M1 Mac Mini has one HDMI port, it is likely M1 supports 1 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI port internally. As for why Apple didn't also wire the HDMI port to the USB-C ports… let's just say it is complicated (and we'll assume Apple doesn't want to use a non-official standard approach (give Apple benefit of doubt)).

        • My understanding its a limitation on the number of channels connected between the subsystems on the SOC. So the M1 will never be able to do it and the M1/X should be able to with its small updates. Im assuming that when you get 3 seperate displays the performance hits some internal bottleneck they didn't want to show.

          As to the displaylink approach you are essentially using an low power external graphic card I assume ?

          • @unifex: Good point, Mac Mini M1 doesn't have an internal display so that's why the M1 has that HDMI port. Apple just didn't design M1 to be able to do heaps of I/O and graphics.

            From the wiki:

            The DisplayLink network graphics technology is composed of Virtual Graphics Card (VGC) software that is installed on a PC and a Hardware Rendering Engine (HRE) embedded or connected to a display device.

            It's mostly software based. The software would take some CPU processing power and may take advantage of the GPU of the system.

      • My M1 MBP does 2 external displays via an HP dock and displaylink software. Works fine for normal work/productivity stuff.

      • You're right - but the DisplayLink range of docks essentially provide 3 external (vs 1) via a software driver. It's why if you have an M1 Mac, and want more than 1 external display (I believe you can drive 2 if the screen/lid is shut) you have to use a software driver. I personally recommend trying to pickup a Dell D6000 dock second hand if you have an M1 Mac (it has the DisplayLink chip in it)

        • Mine drives 2 external with the screen open. Individual things on each screen. Only 1080p external screens though fwiw.

  • Probably the cheapest Thunderbolt dock at the moment that has external power (there's a Belkin one and i think a Razer one as well but they use host power) seeing that normally they go for anywhere north of $300.

    Only downside to this (if you can call it as such) is that the USB-C port doesnt appear to function as a Thunderbolt port as well as a USB-C port and no daisy-chaining to other Thunderbolt devices using the dock but apart from that, this isnt too bad. If this was the price a few months ago when I was on the market for one, I would have picked up but I ended up getting a used Startech dock off eBay US for around $200 all up.

  • Does this work for a Dell 139310?

    • If its a XPS13 9310 then yeah it should work as the laptop has Thunderbolt and USB-C ports built in.

  • Does anyone know how it compares to a Dell D6000 dock? It's about the same price and seems to have the same features