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Complete Survey, Spend over $19.95 in Next Visit to Receive Large Chips and 1.25l Soft Drink @ KFC


Have known about the KFC feedback survey for a long time..
Spend over $4.95, fill in the survey and get a regular chips and 375ml pepsi,
Just found out if you spend $19.95 or more and you receive large chips and 1.25L soft drink which is pretty decent

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    Pretty sure its always been that way?

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      Helps to have a reminder every now and then, given that its not mentioned on the receipt.

      • it does say it on the survey site so im surprised more people dont actually know about it (it is in fineish print tbf lol)

        • Most people don't even know about the survey :/

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    It has always been like that

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    Shut up and take my money

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    I only get small chips and small drink, even though I spend $20+. Can't be bothered arguing.

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      Recently I got told by the counter staff at one of the stores that it had to be be $20+ on the receipt with the survey code to qualify for the large chips and drink. I think that time I really let them I know felt about their quality of service in the feedback survey…

      • Thats defo just that store then. My local (and I believe the idea) is $20+ on the order you redeem on. Its prompted on the register when they key it in anyway lol.

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        if you tick the box that says do you want to be contacted about the feedback they will normally do so and offer you free stuff, their facebook messenger is also a good place to leave complaints.

        • I'll keep that in mind for next time, in the heat of the moment I chose not to disclose my contact details.

  • Can u still do survey if purchased via app?

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      I ask for the receipt after I get my food

    • yes, ask for a receipt at drive thru

    • I got refused, I was pretty annoyed.

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    I prefer Broaster Chicken and those new Korean places over KFC.

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      Korean boneless chicken> kfc tenders

      • KFC tenders are less than a mouthful. Absolute rip off.

        Belle's Chicken is also nice in Glebe and Barangaroo.

  • yeah some store give small pack. however some? other store give you big pack if you? spend over20 dollars. anyway it is free

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    Can you still write down random numbers or do you actually have to do the surveys now?

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      I've been writing 5 digit numbers off the top of my head since 2016 and have never run into any problems.

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        same here - 5+ years no issues, same code till now. Initially, last few years I only had a SS of the survey code on my mobile and they accepted that happily as well - then management/something changed and they started insisting on the code written on the receipt, which is not a biggy anyways

      • This just blew my mind. They always act like they're checking it

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      Valid codes can be evenly divided by 3.

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    4.95 times 4 reward is much better than 19.95 so why spend 19.95 when you can only spend 4.95 to get better stuff

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      if you are buying for a family u are going to spend $19.95 anyway

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      Ah yes can I pay for my cheap as chips meal in separate installments of $4.95 so I can redeem 4 survey freebies at once lol

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    My kfc don't bother taking the receipt or even looking at it

    Random whether you will get 375ml, 600ml or 1.25l but it's still free

    • Back when a few KFCs did breakfast and got $4.95 box I would get 2 hash browns + coffee (instead of soft drink) when I did survey and then I stopped doing survey but they kept giving me the bonus.

      Shame when that $4.95 breakfast box stopped, was a great feed.

      Every other KFC I've been to is rather stringent :/

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    The kfc might make a mistake not giving you the large drink/chips. Just tell them to replace and they do.
    If you buy the app, i take the screenshot of the code and that works fine.

  • Been doing this for years but always a good idea to get it more in the know.

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    I always forget to get mine, mainly because I always order on the app and they never give you a receipt :(

  • Can anyone still redeem these survey deals if you made a purchase via the app? I was told by one of the staff that they can't process it through their register if I paid for it via the app…. It was quite disappointing….

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      I have no issues - at the drive through speaker: "app order for zaphy plus i've done the survey". Hand over the docket with the verification number on it at the first window. Done.

      • Thanks buddy! I will definitely try that out next time! :)

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          To make it easier for them, don't use the "I'm at the restaurant" check-in button when you drive up - just tell them at the speaker.

      • Yes that works fine as you actually have a physical docket. But if you only ever order via the app you don't get any dockets to hand in.

        • You request a receipt at the window and they'll print it from your online order

          • @scottySK: Unless it’s changed since last year, not every store is able to print one (or at least that’s what they say).

            But as I’ve said below, physical receipts aren’t needed anyway.

            • @MiscOzB: as someone else said above, ive been asked to show the receipt, the fine print also says you have to use the survey receipt code within 7 days,

              • @DealBreaker87: Must vary by store then. The same screenshot, with the same code has worked fine for me for over a year now.

    • All you need is a KFC receipt with a 5 digit number written on it (they never even verify the number)

      The only problem is you don't get a physical receipt when you order on the app.

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        You don’t need a physical receipt to do the survey or claim the chips and drink; you can use your order number in the app and other random details to complete it once, then screenshot the code and you’ll never need a physical receipt again.

        • Ok I've tried several times filling out the survey using the order number from the app and it's never worked for me.

    • Same here for all my local kfcs. Never used to be an issue, now that won't take the survey code if I order on the app

      • Make sure you get the correct store number and leave a negative survey, they will contact the management at the store and make them do it. You can tick the box to be contacted about the issue and they will let you know what happened and possible offer some free stuff. They don't like doing it for people who ordered on the app as the manager has to come over and authorise it.

        • I order everything on the app. Can't get cheap as chips meal over the counter for that price.
          At least, I'm sure you can't

          • @albanyson: me too, but they have to honor a valid code even if you order on the app.

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    KFC Greensborough actually put a sign ($4.95/$19.95) about this on their counter

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    The 6 for $6.95 with the small free chips and drink is a killer deal

  • I feel like it's now the 600 ml bottle that is given as the T&C on the website say large drink which on the app refers to the 600ml bottle. Had managers come out a couple time cause of this technicality.

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