Recommendation for Laptop for IT Work - Budget $2500

Hi Folks,
I am looking for laptop for work purpose as I am Software Engineer, Can you please advise which one I should go for this, I am looking for Dell i7, 16 GB RAM DDR4, 500GB SSD. my budget is around $2500.

Would be great if you can recommend me the laptop.

Many thanks for your help.


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    A software engineer and you're asking a bunch of smart arse internet randoms about a laptop?

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      Doesn't pass the pub test.
      If basic programming my go to is a Refurbished Lenovo X1 carbon.
      If developing/crunching numbers is a thing then This or This or if you're on a budget This

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      You'd be surprised how clueless most SWE's are, most of them know very little about tech and only know how to code really really well.

      My suggestion - just get a Mac. You know it just works well.

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      They didn't say they are a 'good' software engineer….. :)

    • I hope you understand what software engineer does??? people on this platform are insane about gaming, speed and advanced configs of the system

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    Consider a laptop that has
    -usb c port
    -display output of some type (HDMI, VGA or similar)

    This will allow you to hook up a docking station and/or additional screen in future

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    As a developer you have NOT done your homework… an i7 with only 16GB and 500SSD….. and a Dell…. and no screen size and no model to check out…

    Head over to tome hardware guide and start checking out CPU's and then check out Docker for resources and then check out your existing repo's to see how big they are and what OS's you need and what dev environment you need to do your work etc etc etc.

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    i7, 16 GB RAM DDR4, 500GB SSD

    If you're after an i7, 16gb ram, 500gb SSD from Dell, you should probably buy one. It's sounds like it's pretty close to what I currently code on.

  • Dell has a huge number of notebooks and you haven't specified screen size, touch screen, expansion ports or any other preferences.

    I'll suggest one model that meets your specifications.
    Dell New Latitude 3520 Laptop

    I recommend the upgrade to type 40 SSD for $9.90. That brings the total price to $2,068.89 which is inside your budget. This comes with 1Year Basic Onsite Service. If downtime will cost you money, I suggest spending more to increase the years of onsite service and upgrading the support level to meet your preferences.

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    I am graduate from IIT India. so people who are commenting on I should do home work or I should know as tech person, so you should know the value of IIT graduate. I am passion about automation and roboticis and programming. The reason for asking here, many people have experienced with varieties of laptop and always better to get their ideas.
    Guys if you cannot comment nicely so please focus on your skills.