Krisflyer Miles Non Flight Redemption Options


I have a little over 100k krisflyer miles. I was planning to use it on an international flight then Covid hit. I'm now in a situation where I won't be able to fly anyway for a while even if they opened borders. And the points will expire next June unless they extend again.

Is there anything I can do with my points that is not flight redemption or buying from krisshop? I noticed that transfers to the velocity program is paused according to their website.


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    you can pay a small amount to extend expiry for a further 6 months. can book roughly 330 days ahead, i'd hold onto it for now and see what the travel situation is like next year

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  • you can use your points and buy something from the krisflyer shop.

  • There was a way of booking hotels using krisflyer miles. Wasn't as good as flights, but might be better than crap from the krisshop