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Large Extended Mouse Mat (80cm X 30cm) w/Stiched Sides and Rubber Base $13.95 + Del ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AmazerTec Amazon AU


Saw this yesterday and thought it was a decent buy for the price. I currently have a 60cm x 30cm which is a little cramped with the mouse even with a TKL board if I have the keyboard dead centre with the monitor.

Reviews show that it 'can' be packed poorly (folded instead of rolled) so make sure to get an ironing board and iron ready to smooth out those creases.

Price now up to $13.95 from $10.95.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I have a 900x400 version of this. 800x300 probably better size.
    Wouldn't advise to iron it, it will melt. Best is to run it under water in the shower and let dry. At least that's what I do when I spilt tea/coffee on mine…

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      I've never had an iron melt a mouse mat, I've had decent results doing it. Of course the fabric side is where it's being ironed and not the actual rubber.

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    I bought this exact mousepad 2 months ago, it was fully folded, tried ironing it and trying everything but it wouldn't get rid of the creases

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      That's a real bummer. In the past when I have ironed them it worked out, but they weren't as creased as some of the photos in this listing shows.

      If I can't get the creases out then returning it won't be hard with Prime.

    • Can you soak it in hot water? Maybe that will work?

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      This seems very similar but the description notes that it is shipped rolled to avoid creasing, and the reviews seem to reflect this. Could be worth a shot for those who are reconsidering…

      • Thanks, got the rolled one you suggested instead.

      • “Just a mousepad. Nothing spectacular. Does the job
        Reviewed in Australia on 6 May 2021
        Good. Just a mousepad. Nothing spectacular. Long. Simple. Some threads came undone already but I’m not bothered. Can’t even notice it.”

        Lmao one of the reviews. This person just be absolutely cooked “nothing spectacular” what was he/she expecting 😂

    • Stretch the mat out and put books on the corners to hold it stretched out. Leave it overnight and the crease should ease out

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        You don’t want a crease in a mousepad “eased out” though. You want it gone, completely, 100% flat.

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    I currently have a 60cm x 30cm which is a little cramped with the mouse even with a TKL board if I have the keyboard dead centre with the monitor.

    lol why does your keyboard need a mousepad?

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      same reason people put rugs on flooring i guess. it looks better and stops keyboard from slipping

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      I don’t have one, but I think there is a benefit to people like me maybe running the long mousepad under the front of the keyboard. I have a glass top on my desk, and it gets quite cold/hard resting your wrists there - neoprene mousepad would probably make it more comfy I think

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      Because it's a much cleaner look than just having a mouse pad, and the added comfort of having wrists on the mat rather than a hard desk is good too.

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      It also dampens out the sound from the keyboard too.

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      Once you have a "mouse pad" for your keyboard. You won't go back.

    • I prefer the clean desk look.

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    shame the RGB version isn't on sale

    • Haha, wasn’t expecting that here

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    From the reviews:

    "I would absolutely avoid this. This is just a thin cloth being sold for 15 bucks and not a proper mouse/keyboard pad. This doesn't even stay straight and you can see bulges through even after couple of days of using. Didn't expect this from prime item- can't even return it during the lockdown period."

    "Have been using it for 3 months now and it's very difficult to get the creases out. Product is decent for the price paid but the seller is not doing about about how the product is packed to avoid folds after everyone is complaining about it. My patience is wearing thin and I might throw this thing away any day because of the creases."

    "The cheap, thin fabric is creased in transit and it is very difficult to get the creases out of. I still haven't managed after a week of trying a variety (from steaming it, to putting it in the sun, to stretching it out with books etc.)
    Still a decent mousemat for the money, but if you're wondering why so cheap… there's your answer."

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      Thanks, was going to buy it but I'll stay away now… I need an extra large mouse mat so I'll just wait around on OzBargain for the next deal :D

      • Just go to Kmart and get the $29 one.

        It's backlit and has various colour options. Goes good with a Mi Lamp

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          Thanks but I don't really see the point of having lights on a mouse mat. It just means one more wire needs to be connected

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            @Zackeroo: HP Omen is $29, big and looks good quality. Waiting on mine to be delivered

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    Reviews show that it 'can' be packed poorly (folded instead of rolled) so make sure to get an ironing board and iron ready to smooth out those creases.

    I wouldn't bother wasting my time with these, save yourself the disappointment.

    I bought a cheap one that looks identical to this off eBay once. Not only was it folded, it was vaccum sealed tight. Made it completely uslesss.

    The seller made it sound like it was destroying his business asking for a return and refund, as opposed to a small discount, but I just returned it and let eBay refund me.

    • Thanks, no deal for me

  • Says 2.2cm thickness. Assumed its a typo and 2.2mm. Would recommend 3mm thickness and worth the extra money and won't have issues with crease

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      It makes a big difference, although wouldn't recommend this one based on the reviews. Suggest investing in a nice one if you do any sort of gaming or use dual screens.

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    i will pass


    • water resistant - not water proof. left water water marks.
    • hard creases and doesn't fold flat. package was a flat box, item came folded not rolled
  • I’ve got one of these. They feel nice. But yeah it comes folded in the box and the creases are a bit annoying to get rid of. I’ve just learned to put up with it.

    • my kmart one same? just reverse fold it for a hour or put stuff on it, it was gone in a dya.

  • looks good, bought one.thanks

  • Good price, but only looks good when new, just large mouse pads in general very difficult to keep clean and becomes filthy after a few months.

    • I vaccum mine every now and then (because of cat's fur…) and put it in the shower once in a blue moon (or brown moon should I say, tea/coffee…)

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    $9 everyday at msy if there is one near you.

  • Does anyone know where I can get a full sized mouse/desk pad?

    I've been doing some research and have come across some 5xl sizes but they're over $200 AUD e.g

    I'd like for it to cover my whole desk - 1.8M in length and 75CM in depth.

  • Is it for ultrawide monitors?

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      I mean… sure? You can put an ultrawide in front of it. You can put a CRT in front of it if you have the desk space.

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    would recommend this instead. very impressed by the price point, no surface creases and rolls out flat from day one

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    Bad reviews on Amazon, I would not recommend it, sorry OP

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      4.2 out of 5

      you click the right link lol

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        I'm sure they did, and took it a step further and read the reviews.

        This product is okay for what I paid for. As everyone else has mentioned that this product comes folded and when you pull it out of the packaging you are met with creases. It has been a few days since receiving and the creases remain. I do not think they will come out. My keyboard is covering it anyway so I do not really notice it. I don't mind it.

        Yet they gave it 4 stars. For others it would be a deal breaker.

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    i guess this is fine if your literally only doing office work but if your trying to play any games, these are some of the worst mousepads that come from the same chinese oem, it will degrade in 2 months, be folded in half, and have literal bumps in the pad that you cant remove.

    • My current one is like this but is the 60cm x 30cm one and has been great for more than a year. It came a bit wavy but since ironing it out ages ago it's been flat with the desk since.

      Every few months I'll put it in the sink and scrub it down with some fabric detergent and it comes out looking good as new each time.

    • Bought mine more than a year of WFH ago (hence daily usage) still doing strong, actually like day 1.

  • How does it compare to this one from ikea?


    • It's made of hard plastic rather than fabric ontop of a rubber base.

      It won't fold or roll though, so it has that going for it.

  • I bought this same one last year on Amazon, still using it but its easily the thinnest mouse mat ever made. I use another mouse mat on top of it for a wrist rest but it seems to track ok without another mat & its pretty flat now. Durability holds up though its still cheap looking

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    Not sure about your setup, I just found this size not big enough. Bigger is always more convenient

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    This brand is rubbish, or is now. I orignally bought one in 2019 i think, was ok then despite coming folded in a box, material was thick enough to not be permanently creased. Not so on the 2nd one i bought for another pc start of 2020, this time it looked like they decided on a different material/supplier, was much thinner (weighed like 30% less), stunk badly, was folded in a small box and despite washing, stretch, reverse rolling, ironing was permanently creased. Binned it.

  • FWIW I bought an 800x400 Victsing one and have been using it daily for the last 1-2 years now. Great quality, and it can be found on offer for $15-20 most of the time.

  • Bought this one previously came rolled up and had kinks in it for about a year

  • Now $13.95.