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Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Yellow Switch $239.20 ($233.22 eBay Plus) (Was $299) Shipped @ Razer AU eBay


Been waiting for the yellow switches to go on a sale, much quieter than the common green switches

Green Switches for $191.32
Razer Pro Type Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Orange Switches for $155.22

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  • Why this brand is so expensive?

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      Have you seen Logitech G915 😱

    • Good question. I got a Razer BlackWidow Elite – Mechanical off Amazon for $129 delivered. I'd just keep an eye on Amazon if you're interested in Razer keyboards.

      • How would u say your Razer blackwidow elite performs? I've bought it recently on amazon and am currently deciding whether to cancel the order and buy this keyboard instead.

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          Definitely wished I'd gone the Yellow switch. So far I haven't had any issues (besides it being rather loud), but it seems a few people have random issues with these (as per Amazon reports).

          USB and 3.5mm audio jack on side of keyboard are handy for headsets or charging your phone.


          Nice little comparison when you play the audio on that page.

  • I hate the fact that Wireless1 have it for $219 but not the Yellow switch.

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    I’m so angry the wireless model doesn’t come in orange switches :(

    • The Pro Type is both wireless and Orange switches if that's your cup of tea.

      • but rgb makes me type faster /s
        currently with a razer green with no need to upgrade so i'll just keep it for now haha
        thank you though!
        (also strong pass on white keyboards)

        • I do want to chip in, I was already looking at white wireless mechs and bought the pro type, ticks almost every box, except for an unfortunate short connection distance with the 2.4GHz. I could not figure out what was the reason for that, only occurs on the PC I want to plug it into. Even then, the latency was slightly worse than the blackwidow pro v3 wireless, and it was noticeable on shooters like CSGO.

          I could live with the noise of the green keys on the blackwidow, but the orange keys pro type are really nice, almost won me over, but I couldn't live with that ever so slight delay on keypresses.

          I ended up re-using white HyperX pudding keycaps on the blackwidow v3 pro to follow my white theme.

      • Would you know how Pro Type compares to Logitech G915 (Reds)? For gaming and also the noise (I suppose this is more comparing the Logitech red switches vs Razer’s orange)?

        • Very different keyboards, in build, switches, features, and of course price. Low profile vs standard profile keys/switches, and that is without taking into consideration tactile vs linear preference, noise levels, key stability and feel. Backlighting options. Board height off desk, would you need a wrist rest, etc…

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    I bought the Razer Blackwidow V3 green switches (non pro) about a month ago with a sale on here. I've just submitted a return request. Often when pressing keys they don't register and other times pressing keys will repeat the key despite the button not be stuck. It is some driver/firmware issue from my research. Not good enough if you ask me. I wouldn't get the green switches again either. Too loud IMO. Lucky I live alone lol

    • Same issues with the yellow switch on my end.

      Although the lack of noise when pressing a key can catch you off guard if your fingers relax for even a moment.

      • That’s why you do finger push ups! Flex those index muscles, gotta keep them high up above ‘dem keys!

        Or alternatively learn to play the piano? 😄

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for this to go on sale!