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LED Digital Alarm Clock $29.99 Delivered @ Revolight


[Flash Deal @ Revoilight]

For a short time, Revolight has secured supply of this amazing LED Projector Digital Alarm Clock Radio in three styles.

Amazing Mirror face with USB charging and with unique projection of the time on the ceiling or wall.

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  • Is the item warehoused in Australia or is it just drop shipped from Aliexpress?

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      Hi Dan, We are sourcing it directly from the manufacturer in china to ge the best price and posting via DHL.

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        So the drop shipping one

  • 20 days delivery so looks like its a drop shipping front for aliexpress or some other direct from China marketplace. . but decent price still, as aliexpress is only a few buck cheaper

    EDIT just saw above post. so you're sending it DHL from china? that's a pretty decent price if using DHL.

    • DHL also has a budget transport option. Its not all blazing fast speeds.

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    I don't believe this is a Xiaomi product.


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    Look at last 3 deals, all sock puppeting, maybe this seller should just be banned since they are drop shipping and Aliexpress is cheaper.

    • Thank Nalar. We have tried hard to provide a good deal as it has been a learning experience for us. But thank you for yoru comment.

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        Can you explain the sockpuppeting?

        • Not sure why you'd need to learn that sockpuppeting wouldn't be tolerated on here, it's common sense.

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            @WatchNerd: Was giving OP chance to defend themselves. Since they’ve were online 45 mins ago and haven’t responded, one can only assume they are aware of their guilt and don’t care.

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        Tried hard to deceive people on OZB???

  • Is this advertisement or a deal?
    If it’s a deal then what’s the original price and why it’s being shipped from China?

  • Hi Rep, how does yours differ from this one on Aliexpress - US$18.37 + GST delivered US$20.21 (~AU$27.76)

    The photo appears to be exactly the same, the time being projected is 13:49 just like yours. I don't think this is a bargain.

  • Dropshit.
    No, thanks.

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