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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Hardcover - Parts I & II $12 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Hardcover) is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series

Update: The hardcover book for $12 is expired but the softcover book is still $12.

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    I'd be honest. I found this book to be terrible. Reads like fan fiction and not the good kind. I wish it wasn't canon.

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      I went to the play, it's a great show but the story is utter garbage that needed to mostly be ignored. I can't imagine the book is very enjoyable.

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        Yeah, I heard that the performance itself is good. Acting, special effects, and all. Unfortunately, all that's wasted on a substantially subpar story.

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        This is a book with the script from the play …so maybe you can re-cast the play with your imagination :)

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      The story is okay, but script format for a mass released book? I hate it, I am not going to buy it.

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        Because it's marketed as a play, not a novel.

    • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Hardcover) is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series

      No it isn't.

      It's the script for a play, not a book in the series.

      It's also bad fanfic by a playwright trying to cash in.

      JK Rowling called it "canon" at one point because she loves the playwright, but reviews generally show that the story is crap, and not remotely like a continuation of the series.

      On top of that, this is the standard price at major retailers, so not a bargain either.

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    To add insult to injury, this thing won’t fit on your shelf.

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    Is $12 a bargain when it was $15 at Big W when it was first released?

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      It's $12 at K-Mart, Target and BigW right now.

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    Why does she even need to she's already made a billion dollars

    • Big brand. Easy money.

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      Maybe she likes writing? I reckon if I was a billionaire I'd still like playing games.

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        She didn't even write this one.

  • I haven't seen/read Harry Potter but heard rave reviews. Is it anything like lord of the rings or game of thrones?

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      Hard to believe. He was around for years:


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      No, it's like if somebody combined every Enid Blyton and Dungeons & Dragons cliche into a fairly well-written children's book series. Which they did.

      And then it's like the whole world thought it was original content and brilliant. Which it did.

      Then it's like some of the world's best filmmakers turned it into a decent movie series. Which they did.

      • I loved those boarding school enid blyton books when i was a youngster. Ended up loving the dungeon & dragon genre as well in my later years. Makes total sense now why i digged / dug? the harry potter books even though i was a young adult when i first read them.

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          "digged / dug?"

          It's dag.

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      lol wat

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      Don’t think you can compare like that. just have to watch one movie and decide for yourself i recon. i personally really like lotr/ hobbit, got stories and their filmographies. but don’t like anything of hp series.

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        The movie adaptation of the hobbit was a disgrace compared to the original trilogy.

        • Amen. Felt more like a series of Disneyland adventure rides turned into a movie than the Hobbit book turned into a script.

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      I case you're being serious: Harry Potter is by far the most successful and popular book series of all time by multiple measures.

      I think it's as good as LOTR and ASOIAF personally, in it's own way, but it's hugely different, especially in tone. It's more of a kid/family series than either of those.

      (And of course, if you want to read Harry Potter, don't by this book. It's not even part of the series, is set decades later, was written by a different author, and is widely considered to be rubbish fanfic).

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    I bought it at launch and whilst it was interesting to see what happened in the future, as others have mentioned it is a play and hence it doesn't read like the rest of the Harry Potter novels. If it wasn't for the curiosity to find out what happened to our beloved trio (and their friends/family) once they got older, I wouldn't have bothered to finish reading it as it wasn't hugely enjoyable.

  • Sounds like it would better be consumed as an audio book?

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      It's best consumed as a stage play, because that's what it is.

      If you have any intention of ever seeing the play, put your $12 towards that. And if not, put your $12 toward one of the Illustrated editions, because those are serious quality.

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    i regret reading this :book"

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    There were good and bad parts to this play. Strangely, the character for whom I felt the most sympathy was Draco.

    Anyone who is to read this for the first time, I recommend having an open mind rather than a preconceived expectation. For my part, the second read was far more interesting and enjoyable than the first.

    • thanks, i appreciate this honest review

      • You're welcome. Note I seem to be in the minority in not disliking the play. I didn't love it like I did books 3,4, and 6 but I liked how some characters changed and it gave me things to think about. It has some flaws but it's still worth reading.

  • I had this gifted to me on release, you definitely need to treat this like fan fiction as yeah it does not hold a candle to the original 7 books.

    The play on the other hand - definitely worth the watch if you can see it. See both parts the same day. Again though, treat the story like fan fiction.