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Golden Circle Apple & Peach Lychee Cordial 2L $1.75 (S&S $1.58) + Delivery ($0 Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Thanks to shppngtrlly for the find

  • Min qty 1.
  • Cheap sugary shit to shut your kids up or quench your own thirst
  • Normally $3 at Coles/Woolies
  • Includes free substantial sized box for future use
  • Unfortunately if you want SARS that's still full price and they haven't come out with a COVID-19 flavour yet
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  • +6

    Covid 19 Flavour is a Hoax.
    Do your research. I am a proud Anti Juicer

  • taste any good?

    • Haven't had it personally but I've ordered a bottle to try with some other assorted things I'm ordering. Worst case scenario it's $1.58 down the drain.. literally

      • +3

        That's wasteful.

        Bury the bottle in the backyard. Free apple/peach/lychee tree.

    • I have it at home, and it actually is delicious to me, served chilled though.

    • it has easily become my favourite cordial.

  • +4

    It's been a while since sports were on so remember if serving this at the local sporting event on the weekend only use half of the recommended cordial to get that authentic weak arse cordial flavour.

  • OOS

  • +2

    rip. I would have tried it.

    • same. sounded intense

  • I like it's look, but after Diet-Rite should that ever come down in price.