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$0.05 Cheeseburger, Large Fries or Small McCafe Beverage @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


5c Cheeseburger, Large Fries or McCafe Beverage @ McDonald's via mymacca's App

  • Term of this Offer

Redeem the offer by applying it to your mobile order in the mymacca's® app. Offer is single use and available for a limited time. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer must be used in a single transaction. Surcharges apply for chargeable extras such as selected milks, extra shot, syrups etc. Parent/carer must be present for child under 15 to redeem. Available at participating restaurants only. Not redeemable via McDelivery®. Offer may be revoked for any reason in McDonald's ultimate discretion.

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    To clarify. It's one of the three… Not burger and chips.. not them all….unless you have 3 accounts….

    • That's why I put the "/" but it's been edited anyway

    • Key word being 'or'

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      Professionals have over 10 accounts

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        Professionals are also not embarrassed going into the drive thru over 10 times, giving the drive thru cashier a smile and asking "hi, how are you?" while paying for the different orders each time and asking "picking up from that window? no worries, have a great day" everytime!
        That's why they're called professionals. They don't feel a thing. 😉

        • Yes, professionals day they have X orders for other/pretend people in the car

        • +12

          I have a car full of fake moustache, wig, hats and sunglasses.
          I'm good.

        • Hahahs 🤣😅😆😁😄😀

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    Macca's app makes it seem like this deal is only for VISA payments, which isn't the case. Works for all cards that are linkable to the app.

    • +2

      …either way, it's still a deal only for in-app payment, right ?

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    5 cents coffee, cool, anyone know if they offer burgers in the morning?

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      All items in this offer are on the all day menu. So yes

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    • Do you not have it in your list?

      Have you used a Visa card on the app before?

      • Nothing for me. I've got both Master and Visa linked.

    • It will pop up once its midnight your time. Assuming you're in SA, NT or WA

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    Reminder Macca's Monopoly is still on and you get 2 Monopoly tickets with a large fries

    • Was worth a shot but no tickets on the 5c large fries I got today 🤷.

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    Works on new accounts too, shows up after 30 seconds after registration.

  • Good opportunity to redeem your TCN Restaurant Gift Card remaining balance if yours is currently less than an ice cream cone.

    • Does it still work at McD though?

      • Use the discount in-store, tap at self-checkout or counter. Unless it is a mobile-only offer.

  • Not on my app but it’s not midnight yet so maybe in a few minutes.
    I only use visa.

    • Yep you're right it will pop up at midnight your local time

      • It took 3 extra minutes but it’s there now.

  • WOW

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  • I wonder what is the marketing idea behind this, surely maccas is making a huge loss…..?

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      App's user acquisition

    • +1

      Enough people would order more items, and even if they didn't, it's a long term strategy

      I might try their coffee for the first time and love it

  • Off topic, but once I received a 20% staff discount voucher in the app for no reason. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • No but I do have a long running, multiple use 20% off voucher that only applies if I spend over $37 dollars or so

      • +8

        I have this too. The min spend is so high lmao

  • Not in my accounts in SA. I have vouchers for 1$ coffees only.

  • Not showing on my app and it is an hour past midnight here. Is there anything that needs to be done?

    • Some others have said it wasn't dead on midnight.

      • It's 1PM here but I'll just check in the morning. Was worried it might be revoked later on like the free big mac deal for Melbourne.

        • 1am* haha
          Thought you were trying to access an Australian offer at an overseas Maccas for a second and wondered why it wasn't working 🤦

          It's in my app btw (1:30am)

          • @pennypincher98: haha I'm still a little too sleep deprived. It's still not showing on my app though and I have made a mobile purchase before.

            • @alucardoceanic: Haha yeah same lol have you got a card saved? VISA/M'Card etc

              Edit: disappeared now from people's apps..

    • Not on my app either.

  • Bad health is even cheaper now!

    • No just the cheeseburger or fries.

  • I got a $2 big mac as well expiring tomorrow lol

  • Not appearing on my app

    • Avatar checks out.

  • I was doing so well with my diet…..

  • +5

    True cost price revealed

  • Can confirm it's on accounts both with and without VISA card added.
    Great deal, thanks for the heads up OP

  • +1

    Now it makes sense. Visa must be charging Amazon more so they can give Macca's consumers cheap food and drink! (Tongue in cheek!)

  • wish I could use 2 deals.

    guess 2 sml big mac meals for 9bux will have to do this morning

    • Then I could walk out with a boat load of small fries and cheeseburgers from maccas monopoly too

  • +3

    No offer in my app. ¯ \ _(ツ)_/¯

  • Thanks op. Got a large Chip 😁

    • +2

      one chip for 5c?

      I guess it probably is still a saving given maccas are stingy with chip portions these days

  • Can't say no to an almost freebie.

  • +1

    I don't see the offer in my app. I don't have a visa card so maybe that's needed?

  • +1

    Dont have anything on my app either. Only $2 double cheeseburger and 20%off voucher. Already have visa card linked

  • Large fries I found to be the winner during monopoly. Two chances for freebies

  • I only have used Master card but I got this offer in my app. It's so strange..Can I still use this offer with Master card?

    • +1

      Yes you can.

  • +1

    Still no offer on my app, where you do u find it??

    • It should show up in your reward offers when you login into your account. If it isn't there you could try opening a new account.

  • Not shown in any of my accounts 😔

  • Had this in my app a few minutes ago and now it's gone.

    • Same here, wth?

    • Me too, was there one minute and gone the next

  • FFS as soon as you get a monopoly food voucher, the offer disappears.

  • +1

    I’m from NSW and its not on my app, definitely targeted

  • +1

    I am in Victoria, it isn’t showing in my app

  • +3

    Seems weird that it was in my app last night when this deal was posted. But disappeared now when I just try to use it……

    • same here, I saw it this morning and obviously waited for lunch. re-opened my app and now its gone..

  • Dont have it, $4 cheeseburger meal and 20% off

  • In ACT, not in my app under any of my accounts. Maybe it was only for a few hours. Does anyone have it in their app right now?

  • They have removed the deal 😭

  • It's targeted

  • -2

    I had the deal when I looked around 20 minutes ago, now it is gone.

    • Same as well here (Vic)

  • Still showing in QLD, I have a feeling it’s supposed to be for QLD only or states that aren’t in lockdown.

    • Not for me

      • I just tried creating an account again in the iOS app and the offer came up again. Does that work for you? (May not work for Android, I can't test).

        • No.. I'm using iPhone as well. Tried creating a new account but still no dice. What postcode are you set to on signup?

          • @vodamerc: Try refresh again after about a minute, it should come up alongside the $1 fries unless I'm getting lucky.. I'm in 4000 currently.

            • @doweyy: Yep you're right, it's come up now, thanks. Revoked neg.

  • Goneskies

  • +2

    saw it earlier in the morning now gone

  • Gone from rewards but I added it to order earlier and still seems to be there.

    • +1

      Mine was too, checking it out it states $3.25 with 5c, but at the bottom it still checks out at $3.25. 😡😡

  • Just picked up a small cap for 5cents pretty good deal

  • Deal has disappeared for me :(

  • Party’s over - they’ve removed it :((

  • Nothing on my app, just a $2 Big Mac

  • +3

    I had it on my app this morning but they have taken it away.

  • +1

    Boo, it's gone from my app too. And I'm pretty sure expiry was 14 Oct

    • It was. I wonder why they took it off?

    • +1

      It states in the terms of the offer

      "Offer may be revoked for any reason in McDonald's ultimate discretion." I guess someone at McDonalds decided to pull the offer after 9 hours.