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Blueskysea B1W Dashcam with WiFi $57.99 Delivered @ AUBaiklov Amazon AU

  • Chip: Novatek GM8135S
  • CMOS sensor: Sony IMX323
  • Lens: 6G Lens, 150°wide angle
  • Video resolution: 1920x1080p 30fps;1280x720p 30fps
  • Video Codec/Format: H.264 / MP4
  • Audio: Built in Mic/Speaker

Lots of great info in Neil's previous post

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks for one

  • Over 3 years ago was cheaper. Must be a good camera to hardly drop its price (if the same model)

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    Have had it for years and can confirm its good and does the job well

  • kinda need 60fps @ 1080p or 30fps at higher res to really be able to make out those numberplates…

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      Plates can be easily read on cars in front but as the distance increases it can be a challenge. Screenshot from Friday better one At this price point , it's better than nothing.

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        yes any dash cam is better than nothing

  • noob question about this dash cam but it looks like it can be powered via the cigarette charger if you are willing to have the cable go all around the front of the car?

    also i dont know what does this hardwire kit do?

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      Cable can be run around trim and down to the ciggy and be not noticeable, I've installed 6 now, for rear cam I use this + fuse into wiper acc-on power. The ciggy plug also has a USB output piggyback.

      I have used the bluesky hard wire kit which works well, it has it's own low battery cutoff module built in.

      • How hard is it to have it hard wired? Would prefer that so no cables going around.

        • Pretty easy, I got this camera and the above mentioned kit.
          Just a warning the permanent wiring for the parking mode can kill the battery, learnt it the hard way.

        • You can tuck them away into the trim. It come with 3M hooks which you stick under the glove box, out or sight and away from feet. Looks neat and tidy.

      • is the bluesky hard wire kit the one with batt, acc and ground or just batt and ground?

        I like the batt + ground only better

        • It has the acc wire but i just bypassed it, power to the wiper motor and ground to body.

          • @nocure: would it be better to buy one that just have one that had batt and ground wire no acc? or it doesn't work without the acc

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            @nocure: Disconnect its yellow wire or just tap yellow wire and red wire to the same 12V always-on socket.

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      Hardwire kit plugs into your existing fusebox in internal so you won't have wires dangling and occupying your cigarette lighter, I am unsure on this model but on some models it also provides power to dashcam while switched off and parked so in case someone hits you while parked it will record it.

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    The time on the dashcam tends to reset itself once a week, where it can only be fixed by syncing it with the phone.

    Any of you guys have the same problem?

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      Yes, same problem but the timemark on saved videos displays the correct time.

      • You mean the file names? (Once viewed on pc)

        Same here if that is the case, more concerned about the timestamp on the video itself.

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      I have the same problem. You take out the memory card and all the videos are marked to September 2015. Makes it near on impossible trying to scour through the videos to find the one i'm looking for. Say you do have an accident, and you need to produce evidence you don't want to submit a video marked from 2015 that actually happened last week. A google search shows it to be issue with capacitor not keeping the battery charged to retain the time. I've decided it's become a deal breaker for me so i'm going to get one that doesn't have this issue. Probably a Blackvue.

    • Same here … worst of all the latest andriod app for the cam no longer launch on my phone probably not supported anymore

      • App won't launch on my old redmi but works great on my samsung A21S

  • How does it compare to 70mai ?

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    Thanks OP, bought 2 for the fam.

  • price is back to $99!

  • OOS now, says "Currently unavailable".

    Edit: just checked again, Amazon have switched to a deal by a different seller, not the same price.

  • I've had the LED turn red (meaning no wifi) and stop flashing (meaning not recording)… but when checking it, it actually does record. I pulled the SD card our, powered it up and reinserted it and that seemed to fix it.

    I can't the wifi off permanently either, which is a pain.

    Just know that because there's no screen and onboard controls, it can be a bit funny with controlling it, but it does seem to record with the proper time stamps. You get what you pay for, I guess.

  • I ordered a 128 SD card to go with this but now I see it only supports smaller cards. Anyone have any experience?

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      Not recommend a 128Gb card! But some users feedback it works if you can format the card in the app after WiFi connection with your phone!

      • Thanks, I'll give that a try.

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          Can confirm. I've got a 128GB card in there. Format it to FAT32 first if you want to just pop it in and go.

          Not ExFat though.

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    I have one of these… The sound has never recorded. Does anybody else have this problem?

    • yes. tried recording with sound option on and off with no difference.

      • You cannot hear the sound if you playback directly on the app; But you can hear the sound if you playback its clips on a computer or download its clips to your phone!

        • No. That doesn't work either.

          • @gomango: Possible to send me the raw footage download link? We will have a check it then! Thanks!

        • I want to buy one but just realised sale ended😒

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      ugh drives me crazy.

      I do not recommend this dashcam

    • Format your memory card in the app or change to a new card! Suggest SanDisk Ultra A1 card.

  • Back to $67.99, $10 more expensive than OP.