[Price Error] Logitech G915 TKL (GL Tactile) Wireless Mechanical Keyboard $3.53 + Delivery @ ozziesolutions eBay

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Seems like a pricing error buy I would suggest everyone have a crack at getting it


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eBay Australia ozziesolutions
eBay Australia ozziesolutions


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    Sorry I tried adding this while walking to work, wanted people to get in asap

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      Great commitment! :)

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    OOS. Seems like they realised the error

  • 0 available.

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    $3.23 + Shipping. Total was around $15.90 for me.

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    Got in. Let's see what happens

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    I have this keyboard and it's just so… good

    • How would you say this compares to the Linear version when it comes to the way the keys feel?

  • OOS…..

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    My order went through.
    0.0001 chance of it being fulfilled .but 🤞

  • It becomes G815 wired.

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    Quite a few of their Logitech items are $3.23 + Delivery, definitely a price error.

    • How can they make so many pricing errors?

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        Probably manage prices with a table / database and pulled a default value into a bunch of cells (think $0.00 price + $3.23 extra to cover ebay charges based on what tier the price is)

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          hopefully they will learn from the error this time…

          • @sanrs: But ozbargainers never seem to.

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      Brodened. If its not crap then it's ALL sold

      Some people are douches.

    • not anymore :-(

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    Logitech Rally Premium Ultra-HD ConferenceCam System RRP for this is something like 4 grand…
    0.0001 chance of it being fulfilled would be optimistic

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    Pricing errors are not deals, why take advantage of Australian companies? Especially during the current climate.

    • Do sellers have to pay paypal cancellation fees now ebay has their new system in place? It's happened to me before on the old system where paypal would charge the seller a fee if someone bought a item and then decided they didn't want it.

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        You don't have to pay cancellation fee's

        But it destroys your service metric, there is a 0.5% defect rate. You go beyond that and they will remove your top seller status and listing ranking. It causes a massive decline in sales and it takes months to build it back up again.

        It also means during that period you are unable to participate in any marketing or any eBay funded promos.

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          So you mean there are consequences for making massive mistakes?

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      Maybe sellers should take more care, especially during the current climate.

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        So what you are saying is if you saw someone drop $100, you will take it because they didn't take more care?

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          False analogy. That would be stealing because the $100 still belongs to them. This is not stealing.

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            @Mondorock: No but being a Karen and demanding that you are entitled to something due to someone else's honest mistake is just un Australian. In any case they are protected under consumer law if it WAS an honest error. Bait and switches are something else altogether.

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          That would be an observable accident.

          In the scenario of a online advert, I can only assume the seller took due care to confirm the values are correct, especially if @magic8ballgag says, their livelyhood depends on it now more than ever. If it was an error then it is brought to their attention when the purchase is made.

          Its not as if I see the keyboard for $3, and I put the money on the counter and run out the store without them being able to validate the purchase.

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            @CyberGenesys: You shouldn't assume, it may of been outsoured to an indian data entry centre. Who knows.

            You may not be slamming that $3 on the counter and running out of the store, but if you look at other posts in this thread people are actually mad or not impressed their order was cancelled. So yes there are people who would of run out the store.

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      Not the consumers job to take care of the welfare of a business.

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        Of course, but that doesn't mean we should abuse any opportunity that may result in them taking a loss.

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      They'll likely end up canceling all the orders.
      Probably not good for the seller's eBay profile though

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      Exactly, kicking small business while they're down. It'd be one thing if Harvey Norman or Good Guys had, but most small and family businesses couldn't wear the cost

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    Some ass clown bought up everything to flip it. Name and shame.

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    Yeah when I saw this deal I got excited, but upon checking it out I won't do it. It's obviously an error and they're not a Microsoft scale company - this kind of thing can break a little company. Just think about that.

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      Yah only Harvey Norman is fair game

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      Nah dude, these guys have relisted the product for $400+, probably because of all the attention. They seem to have pretty wild pricing ranges, seems like some small company run by cowboys out the wild west.

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    Inb4 orders get cancelled due to the ridiculous pricing and butthurt people who took advantage of the pricing error revolt and "will never support this business again"

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      always people who never supported the business in the past too, so future business means jack all

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    Logitech MX Master 3 is $172, more expensive than RRP. Most places have it for $149 at most over the last 2 years.

    BTW it is the first time successfully purchased something with price error post on OB :)

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      wait, they will cancel the order anyway.
      my $3.23 surface arc mouse was just canceled due to "buyer's request" which I never made. but anyway…..

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        Yes, they just cancelled my orders too. Understandable but it is disgusting to say "Buyer request to cancel". can't they just say price error?

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          eBay's algorithm penalizes the seller when the cancellation is due to an error made by the seller. "Buyer's Request" cancellation is okay in their books, and does not attract any penalties. It's a loophole which a lot of sellers tend to exploit, unfortunately.

  • looks like all pricing have been fixed now.

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    Received refund email from Paypal and order cancelled email from eBay

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    cancelled with the reason "Buyer asked to cancel".

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      Well they didn't ask. They just did

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        It's an offer you can't refuse.

    • same for me..
      but I never made this request… bad seller… at least be honest, say: price error item will not be fulfilled…

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        Using the "Buyer asked to cancel" option is better for them in their ebay stats than admitting they cancelled the sales as a seller. Too many cancellations effects their seller rating

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      Probably to avoid fees?

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        It's to avoid ebay penalties. You are allowed 2% or max 4 (!) stuff ups from OOS / etc per month. Even less for top rated sellers (0.5%, max 3)

        But if the seller enters this reason it doesn't count towards the penalty counter.


        I don't blame them for doing what they did.

        It also cost them 30c non refundable fee per purchase. Such bllsht that this fee even exists when everything is electronic.

    • I think they get a fee and an automatic negative review. Now that was the negative review and cancelation is on the buyers account.

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    Refund already issued

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        If it was your business I bet you wouldn't.

        And maybe they can't afford it. They're not Gerry.

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            @ilovefullprice: You knowingly took advantage of a price error and expect to be compensated for it? Please.

        • becoz they doing something dodgy by saying "Buyer request to cancel" ?
          they try to put words into ur mouth and thats taking advantage of u ?

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    Clearly a price error. Real deals don't take advantage of small businesses

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      always lots of Karens show up after the party ended.

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        Santa isn't real and the world isn't flat FYI

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          Santa is real but the story ppl made up isn't.
          the world is relatively flat, nothing absolute everything is relative.

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    At first, I was sorry for them because I took the advantage of them. But seeing the cancellation reason as "Buyer asked to cancel" I didn't ask is unprofessional.

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      It's probably the least impact option for their business which is fair enough I reckon.

      Yep, 2% or 4 user defect rate: https://www.ebay.com.au/help/selling/selling/seller-levels-p...

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        Pretty harsh penalties for falling below standard.

        The consequences of falling Below Standard can include:

        • Your items may be placed lower in search results
        • We may limit or restrict you from selling on your account and related accounts, or from registering a new account
        • Funds from your sales may be held
        • You'll be charged a higher percentage rate for final value fees
        • You'll be blocked from using the Promoted Listings tool, and will not be able to create new campaigns or edit existing campaigns
        • We may downgrade your eBay Store to the Basic level if you've been Below Standard for more than 60 days
        • You'll no longer be eligible for an eBay Plus badge on your listings
        • You'll be unable to access the partial refund tool.

        I wouldn't hold it against them for not honouring and avoiding the penalty

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        I reckon so, but if it was my business I would send messages (even the flat-tone copypasta messages are fine) to every buyer explaining pricing errors and picking "Buyer asked to cancel" as the cancellation reason.

        For me, running a business is not just about the profile and saving your company's face when there's a mistake, but also about professionalism and relationship with your customers. Even though I bet not many people would buy at such prices and shipping fee that they offer. lol.

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          Though you would be incriminating yourself in writing by admitting you're abusing the system to avoid the below standard penalty

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    lol at all the people frothing because they couldn't screw over a business for a pricing error

    • -4

      lol at all the Karens still want to join the party after it ended.
      this "bargain" already closed, why u still click in ?
      if u don't know what Karens, look at the mirror!

      • +2

        What? People complaining are those who aren't getting their orders fulfilled rather than "missing out" (which they aren't)

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          Did anyone actually go into this expecting it would actually be fulfilled for that price

        • i c no one complaining about they ar not getting their orders fulfilled,
          no one actually expecting it to be fulfilled, the only complaint is the "Buyer request to cancel" part.
          but lots of Karens still here after the party ended, like urself sir !

          • +5

            @samelight: How does discussing the "deal", even after it's no longer available, make one a Karen?

            • -3

              @FireRunner: look at the post time! all u Karens came after the party is over, u all see the big red "expired" and u still click in and salty about the others, that makes u a Karen.
              u "missing out", there is nothing for YOU to "discuss" here !

              • +6

                @samelight: For the record, I was here when the deal was posted. Didn't buy anything because I knew it would be cancelled.
                Not that it really matter, I commented to let everyone know why the seller would cancel and would put the reason as "buyer requested it" as was being discussed above
                But why are you still here? Just to accuse everyone commenting after the deal of being a "Karen"

                • @FireRunner: For the record, u were not being salty be4 it "expired".
                  why not ? and why start trolling 1hr after it ended ?
                  and what make u think we need you to tell us a $3k item will get cancelled when it sold for $3 ?
                  u ar the smart one knowing something we don't ?
                  i made the purchase certainly got more reasons to stay here then u!

                  not everyone commenting after the deal is a Karen, i only reply to those taking moral high point and mocking others.
                  didn't make the purchase but still here after the party ended, those Karens don't have any moral high point from the beginning.

                  • +4

                    @samelight: Your definition of Karen is wrong.

                  • +4

                    @samelight: I haven't said anything salty. I've been contributing to the discussion.
                    You've just been calling everyone that challenges or disagrees with you a karen

                    • -5

                      @FireRunner: u join my comments with someone being salty and now i act like u ar innocent ??
                      NO im not calling everyone,
                      there ar lots of ppl challenges or disagrees here but those karens truly pop their heads out and trolling like what u doing right now.

                      • +4

                        @samelight: I responded wondering why you were calling others Karen then immediately get called one myself.
                        I haven't attacked, made assumptions or accused you (or anyone) of anything but haven't received the same treatment back
                        At this point I think it's fairly obvious who the Karen is though I suspect you won't agree
                        Have a good day

                        • -1

                          @FireRunner: u hoding a gun walks into a battlefield and what u expecting ?
                          u ar not wondering, u ar accusing

                          What? People complaining are those who aren't getting their orders fulfilled rather than "missing out" (which they aren't)

                          as i said

                          i c no one complaining about they ar not getting their orders fulfilled,
                          no one actually expecting it to be fulfilled, the only complaint is the "Buyer request to cancel" part.

                          u ar not an innocent and don't act like one.

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    Worthless lowlifes taking advantages of small local businesses doing it tough… That's not what ozbargain is about

    • +9

      Unfortunately, it is.

    • -5

      Worthless lowlifes come mocking others 1 hr after the it ended.

    • Are ozziesolutions a small local business? At what point is a business considered large or non-local enough to be taken advatage of? Who gets to be the arbiter of those metrics?

      In reality, it shows how flexible and yeilding these high and mighty morals and ethics really are.

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