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[eBay Plus] Tapatio Hot Sauce 148ml $1.95, Huy Fong Sambal Oelek Chilli Paste $2.73 Delivered & More @ Peters of Kensington eBay


Was browsing through and came across some decent prices for these sauces, seems to sell for $3+ elsewhere. Enjoy!

(credits to muchape)

Original Coupon Deal

EDIT 24/09 1:40pm: All sauces back in stock again

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    Hot deal !!!

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    FREE Express Parcel Delivery

    How can they manufacture and ship this product express post for $1.95 and still stay in business ?

    • Think again

    • using the power of hot sauce…

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  • Thanks OP. Free shipping makes it a perfect deal

  • Good hot sauce, but got nothing on Cholula

  • Thanks I like the Tapatio Sauce, there is a taco place nearby that has it on the table, they used to sell me bottles but paid more than this!

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    May i also bring to everyone's attention they have stroopwaffels

  • OOS

  • Um, I'm getting an error asking me to enter '0 or less' quantity?

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    Some of the victorinox knives are back in stock as well

  • Anyone else have these express posted in overly packaged boxes? Box big enough to fit a dozen bottles, paper wrapped, bubble wrapped in 3-4 layers and then packed with airbags.

    • Yep, got mine today and thought the exact same thing. All the same as yours - paper wrap, bubble wrap, and airbags… but mine also went deeper inception style and had a small cardboard box inside my large cardboard box wtf 🤔

  • All sauces back in stock again!