Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera, Body Only $3,609 + $150 Canon Cash Back (RRP $4,299) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Also the Canon R for $2,259 (RRP $2,799) Canon EOS R

Excellent camera. Cheapest price currently if you want to make a jump to mirrorless. The Canon R6 has 20MP Full frame sensor and shoot 60p 4K video with in built body image stabiliser and 100% autofocus frame coverage.
More info on the specs HERE

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  • Great camera…
    Lens are on the pricy side compared to Canon's competitors and they rarely go on sale.

    • Canon RF lens are very expensive even if they are on sale (So are Sony, Nikon etc…). Samyang has been making great RF lens for fraction of the price. So I'm looking forward to more line-up from them in the future.
      Also waiting for Tamron & Sigma making RF lens too.

    • +1

      Cost wise it may be off to choose with Sony if you plan on buying high end lenses as Sony lenses are regularly available for lower prices. e.g. recently got the 50mm 1.2 GM for $2200, the canon equivalent is $3500 and it is larger, slower to focus and according to some reports not as sharp

      • +2

        Cost differences also extend to accessories.
        Factor in Canon EF to RF lens adapter pricing if shooting with EF lens.
        Additional first party Canon batteries are expensive versus Sony equivalent.

        I shoot both Canon (DSLR) and Sony (mirrorless) and both have their pros and cons.

        Canon has excellent post sales support, camera ergonomics (I use a grip extender on the Sony) and some nice features on their high end models that will hopefully come down the pipeline to their enthusiast models (eye control autofocus looks intriguing).

        Sony has photography workshops (unfortunately Canon Australia no longer runs these), workable Canon EF to Sony adapters and a diverse selection first and third party lens at a lot of different and cheaper price points.

        If you are not tied to the Canon EF or RF system I would hold out a month or so to see what Sony has planned for their a7IV model and the impact it will have on existing model prices.

  • Great price (all things considered)

  • +1

    Op, you might want to mention the current Canon $150 cash back and SB/CR 4% cashback to make it a sweeter deal.

    • I thought Amazon AU wasn't on the authorised retailers. Thanks. I will edit it now.

    • Do you know if Shopback will track if amazon gift balance is used? In Shopback T&C there is no mention of it but in Cashrewards it clearly says no cashback if using credit balance