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20% off Booking at Hipcamp


Got this in an email from BCF, 20% off your booking at Hipcamp. Additionally, you can still sign up with Hipcamp via the referral system and get $10 in credit (referrer earns $10 too). Not sure if the two deals can be stacked.

Discover and book tent camping, caravan parks, cabins, and glamping — everywhere from national parks to blueberry farms.

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$10 Hipcamp credit for referee. Referrer gets $10 Credit after referee takes their first camp.

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    Watch out with these guys.
    I have used them and I can tell you that there or some pretty dodgy operators renting out their places.
    Some too are excellent but you definitely need to keep your eyes open

    • dodgy operators

      What specifically?

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        Well one place we arrived was just a dump like a horder property with old washing machines, disassembled cars everwhere like they had been collecting hard rubbish. First we went up to the main house and this angry guy with a very shady personality shouted at us that it was nothing to do with him (seemed to be subletting the house?) The whole time his dogs were barking and roaming around us. He made a point of NOT calling them of, like he wanted to repel people.
        We went down to the other building he indicated and there was crap everywhere. Just nothing nice about it and an overall dodgy/shady people vibe with junk everywhere.
        We didnt stay even though we had already paid.

        • share the dodgy place here so we can avoid

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            @my2cnts: I looked it up and theyare unsurprisingly no longer listed.
            BTW This happened in Nov 2019 when it was known as Youcamp. I reported them and tried to get my money back as it was nothing like the photos - only got some of it

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      That's unfortunate. I've had nothing but good experiences.

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        I want to balance it out by saying I have also had some absolutely brilliant experiences on working farms and beautiful family properties.
        When you use Hipcamp, you are well off the beaten path and you need to use your personal discretion.

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      I only book based on positive feedback from 5 or more people for that reason. Combine feedback with wikicamps (hipcamp locations tend to be listed here also), and you should have some good information!

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      I have experienced both, mostly good experiences. One tip, book and get confirmation early as many farm owners are not very prompt at responding.