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[Pre order] EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 Black LHR 8GB GDDR6 $1159 + Delivery @ PLE


Found this pre-order on EVGA 3070 for a pretty good price but still not MSRP
For people who needs one

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  • How much is the MSRP?

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        $899 for this specific model.

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          Even $899 is too expensive for a 370 (model die) compared to years ago even with inflation. Used market will suck in future as all the card will have been cained to (profanity) by mining with everyone saying card Never been mined. Lol

  • not available…

  • Learnt the hard way… get PC parts local or at least in your state.

    • context?

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        DOA and head ache to get it resolved waiting for delivery

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    "This product is not available to buy online or instore."

    Why do people not see this on almost every reasonably priced ple.com.au GPU page….

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      TBH, it wasn't when I first clicked on it but when I went back it said not available

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        This… It was available for about 5 minutes…

        • Yeah, I was there about 7 minutes after posting. Was hoping it might go up again but no such luck

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      In the past, they would just take unlimited preorders and just fill them as they came in, in order. Cancel and full refund at any time, online. But then some people complained ThEy sHouLD nOT tAke PrEorDeRs iF ThEy CaNNoT FiLL ThEM

      and thus, a stop limit is now applied once a certain number of pre orders are reached and opened again every so often when a % of them are filled.

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        I'm glad they took my preorder before they could fill it. It resulted in me getting a 3080 for $1139 in December :)

  • No back plate for the Black model

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    I don't understand why they can price these so low but not their existing stock. Am I missing something?

    • Cynically, I think they're making a bet that the market price will be even lower than this at the time they need to fulfil preorders.

      • But you can always cancel, are they counting on people putting in a preorder then conveniently forgetting about that $1200 missing from their bank account?

  • What ETA did it say when you saw it?

    • I didn't see an ETA, which is weird.

      • normal, not always an ETA when they are not sure about arrival, but lately it's meant the order is not far off

  • well that sold out quick :(

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    For comparisons sake I managed to grab the evga 3070 ftw3 ultra deal from last week from PLE and it has shipped today. So I'm guessing this was stock from the same shipment?

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      It does look like they just received a big shipment of EVGA cards.

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      Waiting for this to come back in stock as it has a decent power limit for overclocking.

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    Rumours are PLE have a direct link and buy directly from EVGA, bypassing the wholesalers locally.. and hence, were able to offer EVGA graphics cards initially at MSRP and now signficantly cheaper than most other retailers..

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      yup if you want evga, buy from ple cause no middleman markup

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        Also, we must give kudos to PLE for passing on that saving to us

        • except there isn't enough GPUs for all of us :(

  • Anyone got tips on snagging a 3070, been waiting trying to snag one for the past month. Tried everything but seem to be missing it by minutes :((((
    Yours in
    Sad boy who just wants a decently priced 3070

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      i snagged one 3 weeks ago via this discord server, i got a Colorful 3070 for $1280, i was fine with that price point
      just need to be quick when they go live

      • Bloody legend, cheers mate. Don’t really know how to use discord so this will be a fun experiment.

        How quickly does it usually go out of stock (decently priced ones) from the time it gets posted on the server?

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          Just install the app on ur phone and you can set which gpu you want notifications from only, eg 3070. Just be prepared for 10+ notifications per day. You get used to it.
          Its all about luck. Depends if it gets on ozbargains or any other sale site.
          So pull the trigger asap once you find a price point your happy with

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    They have yet to ship the 3080 earlier this year. You're just giving them a loan people.

  • For anyone going for a 3070, you might as well buy a 3060ti for around 900$. The performance difference is negligible. I manage to snag a Zotac 3060ti OC Edge for 870$.

    • Where from?

      • A lot of stores were doing pre-orders for 3060ti's. I got mine from Scorptec

        • Those prices were only available on release

  • Looks like there are some movement on the 3080 queue on PLE.