Dell Pro Wireless Keyboard and Mouse US English - KM5221W $48.24 (Was $72, Save $23.76) Delivered @ Dell


Combining a discreetly powerful keyboard with an expertly designed mouse, the Dell Pro Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo enhances your productivity. Powered by one of the industry's leading battery lives of up to 36 months, this combo is built to last.

Feel free to provide feedback if this is a good deal.

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    No idea if the Dell wireless KB/mouse combo are any good, but my work keeps buying the wireless KB/mouse combo from HP and they are some of the worst peripherals I've ever used. They lag, lose connection easily and are just generally not well built but are popular with the managers because it is cheaper than anything else.

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    i have this Dell KB (via work) - its not a bad keyboard, (although i prefer my Lenovo Pro Wireless KB) similar to typing on a standard laptop keyboard.. one stupid thing with this keyboard is that the USB receiver is about the size of a normal USB thumb drive which kind of annoys me

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    logitech MK345 is better

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      Form factor is way bigger. I prefer the Dell KB for a minimalist keyboard.

    • The Dells have a unified receiver, the MK345 doesn't. The keys on the MK345 also wear very quickly and become annoyingly shiny.

      • the keys are made of abs, its always going to be shiny.
        best thing to do is to invest in a hot swappable mechanical keyboard and it will pretty much last forever. you can also customise the switches and keycaps to your liking.

        • Mechanicals and an open plan office, what could go wrong?

  • I've got one of these and the Logitech MX Keys. The keyboard for the Dell works like a charm and I find it similar to Logitech's. The mouse is too small and not ergonomic - I've yet to find a mouse that matches anything like the Logitech MX Master

  • Work game a little wireless logitech - chucked it out and now i'm RGB'ing while scrolling emails lmao

  • Purchased this for $46.79 shipped from Dell in May. Bought this because I couldn't find a competitive wireless keyboard that had good key feel, didn't have stupid special function buttons that you can't lock/unlock and didn't break the bank.

    Also have the wired version of this same keyboard at work so the feel is the same even when I'm working from home. The mouse is just ok but that didn't matter because I use an MX Master 3 anyways.

    The shipping was pretty fast through StarTrack and it arrived way before the expected date.

    At this price point, I think this is one of the best wireless keyboard-mouse combo available today. Logitech options at this price feel cheap and I miss the context menu button.

  • How does this compare to the Microsoft 900 combo kit?

  • I like mine. I don’t like gaming or mechanical ones and I’m used to wired Dell keyboards.

    I was having disconnection issues until I move the receiver usb to my monitor.

    You should be able to stack with 7% code

  • Does this randomly drop keystrokes like the KM636 that i have ?