QED 10m HDMI Cable - $39 Delivered (RRP $200) @ RIO Sound and Vision



We're clearing out all QED Cabling and have dropped the price on the QED 10m HDMI Cable to ONLY $39 each delivered Australia-wide!

Our sale is only until stocks last so don't snooze on this great deal, because once we sell out they're GONE!


  • Active Filter Technology guarantees high speed performance
  • 24 AWG 99.999% OFC copper conductors
  • Deep colour, 3D, 4K compatible
  • HDMI Ethernet and Audio Return Channel
  • Authorised Test Centre Certified High Speed HDMI cable
  • Pixel clock 340MHz, Data rate 10.2 Gb/s
  • Very Low Jitter
  • Independently tested to 15.9Gb/s
  • Designed and engineered in the UK

Can't afford to buy outright but want the product now? No problem at all! We have ZipPay and Afterpay available online now so you can have your item now and pay for it later!

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    4K compatible

    i'd f hope so

  • Caught in 4K

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    (RRP $200)

    What is your normal price though?

    We don't need misleading and deceptive price comparisons here…

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      Hi JV,
      When I state the Last Sold price it gets edited and removed. Unsure of what you would like me to do here? You seem to comment on our deals every time we do not put a last sold price with negative comments. If we have done something to upset you please let me know.

      • +24

        He's like that with everybody

      • +11

        Don't mind him, he's our special friend.

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        Don't mind JV he is just that special guy.. you know the one that invites themself to all the birthday parties and corners you in the break room to tell you all of their wacky theories.

        • This made my day haha

          • @FunkyDan: rules # 12, never argue with jv or mind his business

        • Yep. That special kid :)

    • JV the OG

  • +9

    Looks like it's been this price for quite a while now….

    More like SPAM rather than a bargain…

    • +4

      Yes we did drop the price 2 weeks ago however we thought we'd put the deal on here to let OzBargain know that we have a clearance on. Is that not the whole point of OzBargain?

      • -2

        Yes we did drop the price 2 weeks ago

        From what price?

        • -1

          they were $199.99

          • -4

            @FunkyDan: I find that hard to believe…

    • JV chill take it easy my dude

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    Ugh, capitalists are just the WORST.

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    Expensive hdmi cables are the epitomy of snake oil

    • +1

      didn't realise $39 for a 10m QED HDMI including delivery was expensive….

      • +3

        You are claiming you were selling them for $200 2 weeks ago.

      • No offense but your passive aggressive replies are only making you less likeable. I suggest you put a lid on it or risk damaging your company's reputation.

        • +5

          No offence, I think it's a fair response.

          • @justtoreply: My wording came off harsher than I intended. Given OP's replies through this post, the vibe i get is mild defensiveness / passive aggression. Which, in combination with a claim of a sudden 80% price drop on an HDMI cable, means people may not be 100% trusting.

            Edit: thanks for de-Americanising my spelling of offence, I'd lost my way.

        • +1

          I just think Rio got fed up with being trolled. Thought the responses were reasonable, though I have no idea what was said as I found the special way to block annoying comments some time ago, which makes for a much more amenable time on OzB.

      • -1

        C0mbat did not say that $39 for a 10m HDMI cable was expensive at all! Perhaps OP is a touch sensitive here.

        • By negging the deal he is essentially saying exactly that.

          • @scottb721: Fair enough, I didn't notice the neg, just the comment. Perhaps it wasn't there when I wrote this comment. Nevermind.

    • +3

      Ever tried getting a 4k 60hz HDR signal over a cheap 10m cable? i went through 4 of them ranging from $30 to a $100 active cable before i gave up. Only thing i didnt try was a fibre optic HDMI cable, but they are far more expensive than this cable's claimed RRP. I got constant sync issues with the picture dropping out. Not all HDMI cables are made to spec, even ones that claim to be 'certified' and able to transmit 18Gbps.

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    4K high speed HDMI 2.0 10M cable is about $39 in Amazon.
    Your sale price should be half then we talk :)

    • the cheapest i've found is $25


      i cant say i've ever needed more than even 3-5m but then maybe PC to projector hanging off a ceiling?

      • Yeah, I need a ~12m cable for my projector in the ceiling, sadly haven't had much luck with traditional cables being reliable over 10m, and the $80(!) fibre-optic one I bought off Amazon died after less than 2 years… Sucks that the market is small so not much competition

        • +2

          Have you tried HDMI over CAT6?

          • @ky1975: I haven't, will have a Google, thank you. Likely to be a cheaper option?

          • @ky1975: Which one did you use please?
            I tried some ebay one and didnt even work with 1m cat5e ethernet cable.

            • @JVO: We were looking at a pair of HDMI over Ethernet extenders last year for our church because the long HDMI cable that we have was not working reliably, but somehow we got it to work, we didn't end up using any extenders.

              I suggested that because TimR31 has issues with the fiber optic solution.

              Do your extenders have proper power or USB power? I would go with ones that come with power supply.
              Sorry I couldnt be more helpful.

            • @JVO: cat5e is limited to 1Gbps isnt it?
              hdmi can require 10, 18 or 40 (roughly) depending on the standard and what res/refresh u are trying to display.
              That may have been your issue.

      • +1

        How's this, $27 for 15m? Same spec otherwise?


        Ignore the fake identical reviews.

    • Recently purchased two VCOM CG577 10M cables with better specs for $21.29 each.
      Used to be a Rio customer,AVR,speakers,etc.
      Not anymore.

      • Are you avoiding them purely on their pricing? Or was there something else?

        • Initially SPAM.Changed ISP which fixed that.
          Honestly don't trust most of their "deals" here on Ozbargain.
          Just dumping stock.
          SmellyDan's smart ass replies do not help.
          58 years AV experience.

      • I'm sure they are really going to miss you. Lol

  • +5

    RRP $200 lol

  • +2

    Can I ask how massive the scoop is? Like really massive, or just big? because its making me nervous thinking the scoop won't be big enough for all of us. Also, if I'm understanding correctly, once you sell out they are all gone. Can that really be true?

    • +2

      It's a massive dump

    • -2

      SmellyDan can't work out if they are clearing stock or have made a massive purchase.
      Plain dishonest.

  • +2

    It seem like Gerry is trying to sell us some high speed cable again.

  • +3

    Oh wow. Not sure I've seen people quite go after a store rep like this before.

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    What shouldn't I post?
    General promotions (eg new store, 40% off sale etc) tend to be poorly received on OzBargain. Listing item(s) that are cheaper than your competition is a plus.

    The following products or services are not well received and shouldn't be posted:


    Web Design
    Car sales websites
    Auto Mechanic servicing
    Discount Facebook advertising
    Photo shoots
    Wedding related items
    SEO services

    Expensive mobile phone cases
    Expensive HDMI cables

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      Haha, brilliant! The reality is that this should really extend to all types of expensive audio or video cables. All are varying forms of snake oil but expensive HDMI cables are definitely the highest quality snake oil available.

      I should know as I used to spend hundreds on cables. Like my pure silver speaker cables that make my Edifiers sound like Martin Logans

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    What makes this cable better than this from scorptec which is selling for only 25 dollars: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/cables-&-adapters/displa...

    • +2

      Postage for the scorptec cable is $14 for me in NSW

      OP price includes postage.

      So they are in fact exactly the same price.

    • Scoptec's better - 18.0 Gbp/s - for [email protected] (HDMI 2.0). RIO's worse - 10.2 Gb/s's for [email protected] (HDMI 1.3/1.4)

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    Various styles of HDMI cables, as little as $12 for a 10m cable. I saw a nicer "HDMI 2.0 with ethernet" grey braided cable for $28 in the list. $200 might have been what this cable cost before, but it wasn't a competitive price then and $39 is barely reasonable now, sorry dude.

  • +8

    Look, RRP aside, $39 for 10m delivered isn’t half bad. You guys are thirsty for rep blood today.

    • +1

      thanks cnut appreciate it ! :)

    • +1

      yep. if i was hanging a cable thru a wall to get to a $2k projector off my ceiling, the least i would pay would be $39 for a brand name cable as i'm not interested in troubleshooting a $25 kmart cable…

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    Ignoring the RRP for this product (which other retailers are selling for, quick search finds this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265222046491?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkci... and this https://www.rio.com.au/product/qe6006-1m-4k-ultra-hd-hdmi-ca...), $39 isn't a bad price for a 10m HDMI cable. There might be cheaper brands around, but this is about as cheap as I can see for this product.

    Don't go after the OP for a brand's RRP - that's their problem not his.

    • thank you pdtmathieson

  • 5M 4K $8.88 from officeworks click and collect https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/keji-high-...

    • doesn't say 4k on the listing …

      • +1

        The cable supports Ultra HD resolutions.

  • +2

    I'm just here for the comments on RRP chews popcorn

  • Okay, so the pixel clock will make it good for 4K / 30Hz only — not 4K / 60Hz or higher.


  • +1

    Will these be verifiably better in a double-blind test against the cheaper cables?

    • +1

      How come no one ever considers the reliability of shitty cables?

  • +1

    It’s not April 1st is it ?

  • How do they compare to MONSTER gold plated cables?

    • These are less monstery

  • Most of the comments on here sound as bad as a Victorian tradie.

    • We have more teeth though

  • RIO provides excellent support and customer service, irrespective of the RRP this is a good deal for this type of cable, if you also look at their other listings they do sell HDMI cables for hundreds of dollars.