15% off Sitewide (and until 30/9, 18%/20% off Sitewide with $106/$158 Minimum Spend) + Delivery @ Patpat


PatPat has many great sales going on atm!

$13.97 Delivery, Free with $53.87 Order.

Clearance sale - many item's starting at $1.36 (1 per person), lots of great savings to be had here.
Flash sale (ends in around 2 hours)
Birthday sale

Coupon codes for further savings:

Code Start End What
CFHPBDPAT 7/09/2021 31/10/2021 15% off sitewide. 7th Anniversary Sale
PATCFAU18 30/07/2021 30/09/2021 Sitewide 18% off of orders AU$106+, 20% off of orders AU$158+
PATCFAU15 30/07/2021 30/09/2021 Sitewide 15% off

Get those xmas gifts now!

Feel free to use lowerSpendings to find the best deals and for example see the history of prices

Happy spending everyone!

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  • -2

    Any bargains ?

  • -1

    Clothing etc for under $2 is quite the bargain (to perhaps those that have kids like myself).

    exercise band $1.36 instead of ~$20. That's a bargain.

    This store listing should surface the best bargains. We track the prices of items, and use algorithms and machine learning to determine a score for product based on it's price and it's price history. We sort the products based upon this score.

    I hope this helps.

  • No bargains, can only buy one $1.36 item per customer.

  • I have been buying stuff from patpat and this type of sale is almost there through out the year.
    Also have limit on items in cart to be Eligible for discount but placing multiple orders is a way out

    • No problems, we do not wish to promote revolving deals. We will continue to track prices, adjust our algorithms and monitor things closely to ensure that we are surfacing the true bargains.

  • So not only do I have to put up with the worst ads ever made, now this cr*p has made it to Ozb

    • I take it that you probably don’t have kids. I have bought heaps of clothing from them. The price is low and the quality is pretty good.

      • +1

        kids or no kids, have you seen their ads? its the most deprived type of advertising where they repeat over and over some crappy tune with zero imagination and flash on and off high contrast graphics to invade your mind with their junk