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Sony X90J Bravia XR Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD Smart 75 Inch TV $3250 Delivered @ Sony via Amazon AU


Sony X90J Bravia XR Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD Smart 75 Inch TV


With ShopBack up to 7%

I got the email confirming the cashback is A$162.50 so the final price will be 3087.50 AUD Delivered via Amazon AU.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    electronic is 0% cash back

    • +1

      TV's come under Home Entertainment, which is 4% currently. Not sure how OP got it tracking at 7%

    • +1

      As per Shopback Amazon Page:

      Home Entertaiment (Includes TVs, Projectors, Sound Bars, Home Theatre Systems, Amplifiers) 4%

  • +2

    $3199.99 delivered from Costco online.

  • +9

    If you have eBay Plus, it's about $50 more ($3130) direct thru Sony, which is worth it compared to waiting 3 months for the Shopback to potentially be rejected.

    • Sony will price-match almost anything (though not cash-backs), and provide free delivery.

      • Potentially work out cheaper than the OP deal with discounted gift cards

  • +2

    Good deal on a good TV. I've had the 65 inch version for about 3 weeks and love the picture, gaming is great as well. Only weird thing it's started to do is completely lose sound from the internal speakers randomly. Checked it out on the web and it's a thing apparently. Just need to do a full power cycle which brings it back but it's annoying. Hopefully a future software update will solve the problem, happy with everything else so far.

    • +3

      My son has the previous model (X9000H) in 55” and it did the same thing recently so potentially an ongoing Sony quirk.

      • +3

        Apparently it's a Sony thing in recent TVs, the X900H as well. Really weird thing to have go wrong, hopefully they sort it out.

      • We need to keep pushing Sony to fix this!

        • Thanks for that laugh…

          Judging by previous Sony purchases, expect Sony to launch a fix once the warranty has expired.
          a recall will be coming, along with the VRR firmware patch for the X9000H/X90J sets in … 2025 ?

    • +2


      I have the same issues with my X9000H!

      It is really annoying :(

      Been trying to get a warranty from Sony, but, they keep pushing it back!

      Please do lodge a ticket to them as well!

      They make a great TV, sadly, poor service and poor firmware :(

    • +2

      I didn't know sound problems were on the 2021 line up as well, as I read it was only on most 2020 lineup TVs (e.g. X9000H and X9500H and X8000H) …

      Restarting the TV seems to be the only way to fix this, it's ridiculous!

      • +2

        It is!

        I am on the point where I really want to return the TV and lodge a complaint to ACCC as they stop to responding to my inquiries!

        So sad that they messed up the firmware :(

        • Let us know how your go, as $3000-4000 isn't cheap and the sound not working is definately a defect.

          I believe consumer law would give you rights for Sony to repair, replace or refund.

          I'm going to avoid buying because of this reason alone, doesn't give me confidence.

          • +1

            @db2k: Thanks for asking :)

            Got a reply from Sony

            They told me that the Engineers made a mistake on the last firmware update and have managed to replicate the issue in Sony's lab.

            They assure me that there is nothing wrong with the hardware and trying to push them to give me an extended warranty if they are 100% sure that I am not getting a lemon. Else, I asked for new TV before my warranty runs out.

            Let's see how it goes!

  • $3295 at most retailers, would be negotiating between a few for best price

  • I'm hoping it will drop significantly before the end of the year. Maybe black Friday.

  • +1

    on the fence for next console bigscreen — seems like the LG C1 OLED 65" & this are heading for the ~$3k mark sooner or later… the X90J 75" being bigger aside, surely the LG oled is the superior quality right?

    • This has been my dilemma for a while. On one hand, 75". On the other, better picture.

      • +5

        Once you're playing in a certain tier of quality, and have the TV installed, the picture quality will impress either way but the thing you'll really notice is the size difference. Go bigger 😎

        • +1

          Haha I literally just pulled the trigger on this one.
          Our current TVs are quite old, and the one this is replacing is a 48" Sony with a fat grey stripe on the left of the screen.

          I got so caught up in reviews and fine detail of all the TVs. Finally realised what you wrote, that either will be a huge improvement but bigger=better.

  • +5

    Is this the tv with VRR promised for quite a while but maybe never?

    Edit: yes it is

    • It is, supposedly by the end of the year…

      This and the X85J also

  • +7

    I know we’re not all fans of HN here, but this is listed on their website as $3295, you’ll get a $185 HN giftcard back, and you can buy it with a 7% discounted giftcard purchased on ShopBack (up from 5%, expires tonight).
    So total price = $3295 - $185 - $230 = $2880 + $59 delivery = $2939.

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