[VIC] Stanley 2.5HP 50L Belt Drive V-Twin Air Compressor $499.99 in-Store @ Costco Moorabbin


Bought today for $499.99.
On Stanley Website this is RRP $744 https://www.stanleyproducts.com.au/air-compressors/2-5hp-50l...
Some other main automotive stores have it for $699
But I have seen it advertised elsewhere as low as $536.

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale


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    • Wrong one online. The photo you are showing is a single cylinder version

  • The single cylinder version in the link is a better model than the vtwin it's got a 90 or 95% duty cycle so it's designed for near continuous use.

    I picked one up a few years back and yeah it's fantastic I spray painted my roof using it without fault and will be doing our fences next month.

    A quick oil change is the only maintenance you need do on this.

  • The Single is 190L/min FAD vs Twin at 210L/min .

    The V Twin is Stanleys top model.

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      The single piston actually used to be more expensive $899 vs $799 but I think people just assumed 210FAD meant it was better than the 190FAD model. But one has user replaceable oil and a duty cycle of 95% the other 75% and non servicable pistons.

      • Good points, but I reckon oil-free compressors are better than oiled based ones.
        + Maintenance free, no oiling needed
        + No oil filters required
        + Cleaner, drier air
        + Can be used in cold weather
        + Quieter, more efficient
        + can use in any direction

        • The seals and other components need replacement quicker. Oil lubricated have a longer life precisely because you can change out the oil and keep the system lubricated. For majority of house hold tasks a oil lubricated compressor is fine. In fact encouraged.

          Btw oil free compressors are not more efficient. Generally they can be run at a higher RPM, meaning more flow rate at given pressure.

          Oil Lubricated (usually) are more reliable in hotter weather. Use a cold weather oil for lubrication if you need to.

          In summation unless you're using tools or a sprayer that requires oil free compressed air.. oil lubricated is better for the home garage hands down.

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            @elemindreda: Yeah I completely agree with most of what you say except you mention oil free compressed air? I mean no matter what drivers your compressor it's 2 seperate mechanical pieces the engine drives the air compressor the air which is compressed never passes through the main engine.

            Any units that have user replaceable oil are belt driven so literally the oiled motor is on the opposite side of the unit!

            Also guys we live in Australia and oil based unit short of being on the snow fields will not have a single issue in cold weather. Mine is run in winter mornings -2 at worst never without fault.

  • Noise Level?

    Weight 50kg!

    • Specifications
      Inflator SXAC2550222
      Voltage 240V AC ~ 50Hz
      Motor Electric 2.5 HP
      Wattage 2100W
      No Load Speed 1200 RPM
      Free Air Delivery (FAD) 210L per minute
      Tank Size 50L
      Duty Cycle 75%
      Max. Tank Pressure 145PSI (10 Bar)
      Outlet Pressure 1PSI - 145 PSI Adjustable
      Minimum Generator Size Pure Sine Wave 5000W
      Noise Rating [email protected]
      Motor/Pump Kicks in 115PSI
      Pressure Cycle Stops 145PSI