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Hush Puppies Chelsea (Black & Brown) $79 & Terminal Boots $69 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hi Guys,

Was having another look after the last Hush Puppies deal posted by buoyancyfloatsmyboat as I managed to snag a pair from that in Brown.

I was looking and noticed the Black pairs had come back in stock and they are cheaper now at $79.

Black 7-11.5, 13-16
Brown 7, 8, 9, 9.5, 14, 15, 16

For the Terminal

Black 6, 7, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 16

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Looks great! If i am typically a size 9US in dress shoes, do i go with bigger, or smaller with this? I am confused by some of the reviewers suggestions! :(

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      I got these on the last sale (amazon), many ppl suggested to drop a size as they are bigger fit, so I purchased two sizes. For me it was true to size, returned the smaller size.

    • I'm a Size 10 when wearing sneakers and casual shoes. Size 10 canvas shoes meanwhile are too small for me, but when I got these from The Iconic in size 10 they were way too large.
      Probably worth going slightly smaller, but others may have a different experience.

    • I am usually a size US11 in sneakers but had to drop a size for these

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    Got these. Can recommend.

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    I remember when Hush Puppies made a decent quality shoe. After more than one bad experience I haven’t touched them for many years. Maybe someone can convince me that the quality of old has returned though at this price it may be too much to ask.

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      I've worn them for around 5 years for work, they're still comfy as but the upper doesn't last anywhere near as long as it used to. Probably only got 6 months out of the last few pairs (and that's pushing it as they look quite ratty after that time). I'm switching to something else but not sure what yet

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      The old quality has not returned. But still I'll probably buy another pair when mine of these die.

      I have a pair that are my normal daily officewear. The comfort is there, I can't fault them for that. And they are nice and light for a Chelsea (by comparison I have another brand of Chelseas that I can't wear because they are too heavy in the sole).

      Quality-wise, the 'leather' is cracking and the pull tabs at the rear have come unstitched. I've had them for maybe two to three years, and am a bit disappointed to see them come apart, but maybe it does fit the price point.

      • Totally agree, its now cheap ass split leather with a thin coating of color that peels after a very short amount of time. Shame as they do that wider fit but I've not bought a pair since my last fell to bits.

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      Similar experience. As someone with wider feet they were my 'go to' for office shoes at a reasonable price and used to last ages. Now I get < 6 months from them if worn a couple of times a week

      Reviews on the Terminal on Amazon suggest the same problem

  • Thanks, grabbed a pair of each.

  • Hey guys. This or RMW?

    • Different price range?

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      Definitely go with the Iphone 13

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        Baaad experiences from this telemarketer. Best go with a Pajero

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        I'd wait for Pixel 6.

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      RMW Williams are sick. Also the resell prices are nuts. Sold a smashed up pair I got for $350 for $200. Can’t think of many shoes that you can resell at end of life like that

      • I use to always wear hush puppies because I'm tight. I've been persuaded to get RMW boots and haven't looked back. Hush Puppies would last me 6 months before they became useless.

        • But you’d have to maintain and care for the RMW right?

          • @Hamlet: If you want your footwear to last you should be maintaining it regardless if it is RMW or not.

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            @Hamlet: You might throw some polish at them if you feel the need. Mine are 10 years old & i might have polished them less than once per year. Theyre my daily, & sometimes nightly.

            • @chalks1971: You don't use leather moisturiser? 10 years use sounds so good.

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                @imaDOOFUS: Thanks guys, @t25, @chalks1971, @imaDOOFUS. Yeah, I think my lack of knowledge in shoe care is my main reason for not investing in an expensive pair — I had thought it was one more tedious thing that I have to maintain in my life. Do you have any links to a basic resource on how to care for leather shoes?

                • @Hamlet: Check out https://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/ there is a big community there for people who love their footwear. But be warned like all forums it is addictive. So don't blame me when you eventually start going down the rabbit hole and spending more money.

              • @imaDOOFUS: I use nothing. Maybe a bit of polish if going to a wedding. I suppose it depends on how you want them to look. Mine are a little scuffed, but they look like boots.

                10 years, & I reckon theyve got another 10 at least in them

      • Kinda like Doc Martens

        People will pay you to wear Docs in because you are generally a hospital case after the first 3 months !~)

        I sold similarly after a year of wearing mine…

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        I actually bought a pair 2nd hand but when they arrived they were a half size too small so I resold them online for the same price I originally paid. The person I resold them to found some kind of manufacturing fault that I missed, thought I was trying to trick and was upset with me so I apologised, gave him a full refund. When he sent them back I took them to the RM Williams shop and pointed out to them the manufacturing fault this other guy found. They told me they would fix it under warranty for free, I also told them they were a half size too small for me so they volunteered to make them a half size bigger as part of the warranty repairs. I ended up with a near as new perfect fitting re-soled pair of boots thanks to the eBay buyer who thought I was trying to trick him. I wrote to the guy and thanked him after it was all done.

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    Extra wide fit.

    I have a pair of these gathering dust as they are utterly massive.

    • Thanks, cancelled

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      The sizing is weird because hush puppies label them as UK sizes on their shoes but on amazon it’s listed in their US sizes…

    • OP should put this in the title/desc. I got caught out last time because of my ozbargain impulses.

    • why not return/refund?

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    For those super keen, they're at myer for 101.97 https://www.myer.com.au/p/hush-puppies-chelsea-bot

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      Thanks, got the size and colour I wanted from there.

  • I just started wearing the ones from that previous deal. Is there a fast way of breaking in boots? Or should I just wear chunky socks for a while and deal with it

    • Same here - its been 3 weeks and I'm still trying to break in these boots.

      Have to wear thick socks otherwise I will get blisters for sure.

  • These are very comfortable shoes and look good. Definitely run large so I'd recommend going down a size.

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    Thanks OP: US10.5 are $119.95 for some reason.

    However, "Other Sellers on Amazon" showed Amazon AU with them for $79 delivered - cool!

    • Weird was showing for me earlier.
      Maybe stock is changing as the people of OzB get onboard.

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        Well, if it doesn't show $79, it's worth checking the "Other Sellers on Amazon" on the right-hand side of the page in case it shows $79 delivered.

        Btw - the ETA for my shoes is 12 Oct - 5 Nov, so perhaps the price difference is because they (might) have to order in more stock?

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    Hi OP, do you have steel cap boots for sell?

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    Hey just a thought, imaging running around the streets wearing these and nothing else.

    My apology in advance for those who already do this.

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      plus mask

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    Nice. Haven't put on of work or dress shoes on for a long time.

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    Perfect, I can put them on next to my bed to walk to my work desk across the hallway

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    I paid $49 for mine, have worn them occasionally for 4 years, they're decent. Not sure they're worth $79 tho.

  • Coming up at $119 for me

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      Same :(

      • I refreshed and changed every combination but no luck

  • Followed suggestions from this and the previous post and ordered a size down, definitely should have ordered my normal size.